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Money Making Website Reviews!

Welcome To How To Earn Money With Websites By Vinsane! 

Below are all the listed money making websites I've covered!

Before Earning Money On Websites Read This!

Here is my list of all the reviews I've made on sites that promise to pay or website platforms that will reward you for completing tasks, offers or surveys. I have to say when I first discovered that you could earn legit money online just by completing surveys I was very shocked because I figured that most of these platforms were complete scams but I was very happy to see that YES there are sites that will really pay you for your opinion!

Rules of Earning Money Online From Websites (Surveys,etc)

So the main thing to understand is that everyone's experience is going to be different with this earning method and the main reason for that is because the way you get paid for completing surveys or tasks online will change dramatically depending on the following factors: 

  1. Age

  2. Gender

  3. Country

Those are just to name a few that I personally know about and the reason for that is because the actual providers that these platforms use will change the amount that they will pay the plaform owners but not only that these platform owners will take a cut of the money that you are paid for completing said tasks as a commission and for running the money making platform. 

My Experience With Money Making Websites

I have to say making money online via surveys and websites has been quite the journey and I personally think the main reason for this is because you run into something called disqualifications and being screened out. If you didn't know these platforms will actually remove you from completing a survey if you do not fit a certain criteria or rush through it. Let me expand this below.

Rules Of Earning Money Via Surveys & Offers

If you are looking to earn legit money online via completing surveys or using offers then something you must know is that making cash from surveys is actually difficult and the reason for this is because these survey providers have very strict rules on who can complete them including the 3 factors mentioned above. If you answer a survey in a way that a provider does not agree with or want to hear then you will be disqualified or screened out. Another big problem is that the speed that you complete a survey will determine if you get kicked out also. That's why it's so important not to speed through these surveys and actually pay attention to them!

When it comes to completing offers most of the time it's pretty straight forward but if you use a VPN at all for completing surveys or completing offers you will risk being banned from whatever platform you are using at the time as these are generally not allowed.

Are Surveys and Offers a Legit Way To Earn?

These methods are one hundred percent legit and a great way to earn depending if you have the time or not to do so because the big difference comparing these methods to let's say money making apps is that surveys will almost always pay at least 30 cents to 1 dollar when completion has been made depending on the provider and what country you are from. I've found a lot more success by completing surveys online to earn money compared to using money making apps. 

Final Thoughts

I enjoy using websites to earn money via surveys and offers but I feel like the amount of strictness that some of these platforms have will really put people off trying to use them to earn money online with and I think once you use some of these websites more than likely you will have the same opinion as me.

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