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Is Grindbux App Worth It? My Payment Proof Review

Updated: Jan 25

Grindbux Review: Is it Legit or a Scam?

Hey, everyone! My name is Vince, and I'm excited to share my thoughts on Grindbux with you all. Today I'll be exploring if Grindbux is a legitimate way to earn money or just another scam. Let's dive into it because things are going to get indepth!

Getting Started with Grindbux

To get started with Grindbux I simply searched for it on Google and it was the first result that came up for When I launched the platform. I saw that I could earn money by completing surveys, offers, playing games, and watching videos. The setup is quite simple, with different icons representing different areas of the platform because it's critical information.

Payment Options

In Australia, the PayPal cashout area is temporarily disabled but I have the option of using Litecoin, Solana, Bitcoin cash, and Visa. The platform also offers gift cards for Roblox, Discord Nitro, Amazon, and Steam. However it seems that Grindbux isn't as large as other money making platforms out there. But, the resemblance to Free Cash is pretty uncanny in my opinion.

Leaderboard and Currency System

Grindbux has a leaderboard system that offers daily rewards of 2.50 and monthly rewards of thirty dollars. The currency on Grindbux is diamonds, with first place getting the most diamonds, second place getting a dollar, and third place getting 50 cents. Even if you're below that, such as fourth, fifth, or sixth, you still get a decent reward. The lower we go, the lower the reward for the monthly leaderboard.

The currency system is simple: 1,000 diamonds equal one dollar worth of real currency. For instance, the Litecoin cash-out has a 25 cent minimum cash-out, while the Amazon cash-out of five dollars requires 5,000 diamonds.

Earning Opportunities

To earn diamonds on Grindbux, you can check out the various offer wall providers available. There are about 15 different providers to choose from, which is excellent news. I checked out the 8 Studios offer wall, and though they usually have promotions that increase the percentage of rewards, they're not running any at the moment.

I found a great offer for a bingo holiday game that pays 55 dollars for completing it. However, it's a multi-level offer, and I'll get paid 50 cents for each level I reach. The payouts increase as I reach higher levels. Interestingly, if I spend money on the game, I'll get some money back.

I also found Mafia City offers on Grindbux, with one paying almost 135 dollars. The payouts vary based on the offer and the provider.


Grindbux offers surveys through CPX Research, which pays about a dollar and ten cents for ten minutes of my time. Though surveys don't pay as much as other earning opportunities, it's nice that Grindbux has them. However, some surveys only pay 40 cents for 16 minutes, which is not worth my time. I prefer surveys that pay at least a dollar for my time.

Is Grindbux Real Or Fake?

Grindbux is a legitimate platform to earn money. While it may not be as large as other platforms it has several earning opportunities, a simple currency system, and a decent leaderboard system. However some earning opportunities pay better than others, so it's essential to shop around to find the best ones. If you're looking for a legitimate way to earn money in my view.

Did I Get Grindbux Payment Proof?

Yes I was able to get Grindbux Payment Proof which was great to see especially since it is a newer platform so that gives me more confidence that we may be seeing a new wave of legit money making methods in 2023.



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