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Maximizing Your Earnings on Fiverr with Your Typing Prowess

Updated: Jan 25

Introduction To How to Turn Your Typing Skills into Profit on Fiverr

Hey everyone it's Vince here, and welcome to my video where I'll show you how to earn money by typing up YouTube subtitles. In this guide I'll walk you through the steps of creating your own Fiverr business and monetizing your typing skills. If you're unfamiliar with Fiverr think of it as an online marketplace where freelancers, like myself, can sell their services globally. So let's dive in and start selling our services on Fiverr!

Signing Up on Fiverr

To get started, head over to by either searching on Google or using the affiliate link in the description below. Click on "Join" at the top right corner of the screen if you don't have a Fiverr account yet. When signing up make sure to provide accurate and legitimate information since we're entering the realm of earning money online seriously.

Selling Subtitling Services

Our focus here is to sell services related to writing subtitles for YouTube videos. YouTube creators will eventually reach out to us for their subtitle needs. Don't worry, I'll also guide you through the process of writing subtitles and share the website I use. Now that you've created your Fiverr account, sign out and return to the Fiverr homepage.

Becoming a Seller

In the top right corner, click on "Become a Seller." This will take you to a page where you can review Fiverr's terms of service. Familiarize yourself with these expectations, and once you're ready, click "Continue." Next, you'll reach the profile page where you can start creating your seller account.

Creating Your Seller Account

On the profile page, provide your first and last name (remember, these won't be visible to others). Choose a relevant profile picture, either a copyright-free image from Google or a personal photo. Craft a compelling description of your services, mentioning your ability to convert YouTube videos into subtitles and highlighting your fluency in English. If you speak additional languages, include them as well since it can be a valuable asset on Fiverr.

Selecting Occupations and Skills

Choose your occupations based on what you're comfortable with. For example, select "Transcripts" and "Proofreading and Editing." Indicate the duration you've been engaged in each occupation. In the skills section, add "YouTube Subtitles" as an intermediate-level skill. You can also include "Typing Video Subtitles" and "Subtitling" to further enhance your skill set.

Education, Typing Test, and Certificates

Leave the education area blank unless you have relevant credentials. To showcase your typing proficiency, take an online typing test on websites like RataType. Sign up with your Google account or email address, complete the test, and obtain a typing speed and accuracy certificate. Save the certificate to your computer as an image file. This certificate will add credibility to your profile and demonstrate your typing abilities to potential buyers.

Building Your Fiverr Business

Complete the remaining sections such as linked accounts, personal website (if applicable), and Fiverr security. Provide the necessary information based on your country's requirements for verification. Once verified, you'll reach the business creation page, where you can set the title, services, and pricing for your Fiverr gig.

Crafting Your Gig

Create an appealing title for your gig, such as "I Will Write Subtitles for YouTube Videos." Choose the appropriate category, such as "Video and Animation" and "Subtitles and Captions." Specify the language as English. Use relevant search tags that potential buyers might use when searching for subtitling services on Fiverr.



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