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4 REAL Fiverr Jobs To Make BIG Money In Right Now! - 2023 Updated

Updated: 2 days ago

Vince here and in today's post I'm excited to share Four high paying Fiverr jobs that can help you earn real money. If you're not familiar with Fiverr it's an fantastic online platform where you can offer your skills and services to clients in exchange for real cash and keep in mind that success on Fiverr requires dedication and hard work but with a competitive and appealing store you can increase your chances of making a substantial income.

Content Writing: Craft Engaging Words

As a content writer on Fiverr your job is to create captivating written content for websites, blogs, articles and various other platforms. Your main objective is to engage readers and meet your clients goals whether that's achieving higher rankings on Google search or providing them with compelling scripts.

Tools of the Trade:

For content writing, you can utilize various free software such as Google Docs, which provides basic formatting options and cloud storage for easy access. The Hemingway Editor is another handy tool that enhances readability and helps you write more clearly and concisely. Of course, there's ChatGPT, which generates full-length articles on any subject, although you may need to refine the AI-generated content to sound more human.





On average, content writers charge between $5 and $10 per project on Fiverr, with pricing tiers based on word count and additional services like faster delivery options and revisions. Setting your prices fairly and keeping an eye on competitors' rates can help you attract more clients.

2. Video Editing: Bring Stories to Life

In the age of online content creation, being a video editor is in high demand on Fiverr. Your role involves editing and enhancing videos for various purposes, from YouTube and social media to diverse projects. This includes cutting and rearranging footage, adding transitions, effects, graphics, and adjusting audio.

Popular Software Choices:

Some of the free software options for video editing on Fiverr are DaVinci Resolve, a professional-grade video editing software, and Shotcut, an open-source video editor.



Setting Your Rates:

Video editors on Fiverr typically charge between $10 to $200 per project, depending on experience. If you're just starting, it's best to avoid high rates to manage client expectations. As you gain expertise, you can command higher prices and earn a significant income in this competitive field.

3. AI Artist: Create Stunning Art with AI

Becoming an AI artist on Fiverr is a growing trend, thanks to the increasing popularity of AI-generated art in various industries. Clients seek AI art for character design, product design, logos, and backgrounds due to its impressive realism.

Free Platforms for AI Art:

Platforms like NightCafe AI, Starry AI, and Pixra are popular choices for transforming text into AI artwork with a high level of customization.




Pricing and Competition:

AI artists on Fiverr start at around $20 per project, and rates can go up to $200 or more. While the earning potential is substantial, the field is competitive. As an entry-level AI artist, you may want to offer attractive prices to build your portfolio and gain traction on the platform.

4. Thumbnail Designer: Catch Eyes with Stunning Thumbnails

If you're skilled in graphic design being a thumbnail designer for YouTube videos can be a lucrative Fiverr job. Your goal is to create high quality and attention grabbing thumbnails that entice viewers to click on videos.

Free Design Tools:

Canva is a widely used design tool that offers templates and customization options specifically for thumbnails. Pixlr is another web-based editing platform with familiar photo editing tools.



Pricing Strategy:

Thumbnail designers on Fiverr generally charge between $5 to $50 or more per project. To attract clients, you might want to offer competitive prices, especially if you're starting. An appealing portfolio and competitive pricing can help you secure more orders and build a successful Fiverr store.

In Conclusion

Fiverr offers a wealth of opportunities to showcase your skills and earn a substantial income online whether you're a talented content writer, skilled video editor, AI enthusiast or a creative graphic designer there's a place for you on the platform. But keep in mind building an attractive Fiverr store setting competitive prices and delivering excellent results are key to standing out from the competition and making the most of these high-paying Fiverr jobs.


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