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Is HeyPiggy Legit? My Honest Review and Payment Proof for Earning $5 in 40 Minutes

Updated: Jan 25

Intro To HeyPiggy Review

Hey everyone, Vince here! This is my review of HeyPiggy. I will be discussing if HeyPiggy is a legit way to earn money and how much money I was able to earn on average in one hour by using it so let's dive in!

Easy Sign Up Process and User Friendly Interface

Signing up for HeyPiggy is very easy since all you need to do is hit the signup button and fill in the required information. Once you are done you can start exploring the website. The interface of the website is userfriendly and easy to understand. All the available surveys are laid out for you to begin with, and you can sort them out by best rating, best compensation, and fastest survey to complete.

High Paying Surveys

HeyPiggy offers high paying surveys at least here in Australia where I live. You can see here that they pay up to 4 dollars for 15 to 24 minutes of your time. This is an excellent rate when it comes to completing surveys online as the surveys are also categorized based on their compensation so you can easily pick the ones that pay the most.

Rewards and Gift Cards

The rewards section of HeyPiggy is where you can choose which reward you'd like to cash out once you've achieved the minimum amount. The minimum cashout is represented by a little piggy bank with the amount of currency you've earned. HeyPiggy offers various gift card options and PayPal as the first option available with a $5 minimum cashout needed.

My Experience with HeyPiggy

I tested out HeyPiggy by completing a survey and cashing out with a Kohl's gift card. The process was smooth and easy. The website has a level up system, where you can level up your account by completing more surveys. As you level up you can get some bonuses, although they are not permanent.

Disqualifications are a Part of the Process

One thing to note about HeyPiggy is that you may get disqualified from some surveys. This is part of how surveys work, and you cannot really do anything about it. However, HeyPiggy's earning potential is significant, and you just have to sit through getting disqualified a few times before you find the survey that will pay you.

Use HeyPiggy Without VPNs

It is worth noting that VPNs are not allowed on HeyPiggy or any other money making platform. Survey platforms are rolling out proof of ID verification processes or KYCs which is know your customer. This means that survey platforms are starting to roll out more advanced security features to make sure you are who you say you are.

Is HeyPiggy Real or Fake?

Overall I found HeyPiggy to be a legit way to earn money online. The user interface is easy to use and the high-paying surveys make it worth your time. Although disqualifications are part of the process, HeyPiggy's earning potential is significant, and you just have to sit through getting disqualified a few times before you find the survey that will pay you.

Could I Get HeyPiggy Payment Proof?

Thankfully for today's review I was able to get HeyPiggy Payment Proof which was fantastic to see because I really didn't know what to expect going into this money making platform but now at least we know it's real.



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