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Easy Bucks App Review: Earn $15 In 3 Hours! - (Payment Proof)

Updated: 2 days ago

Hey everyone it's Vince here and welcome back to another review. Today I'll be sharing my review of Easy Bucks a money making application that allows you to earn cash by completing surveys, offers and playing games. In this review I'll cover all these topics and provide payment proof.

Is Easy Bucks Legit or a Scam?

Before we explore the different ways to earn money on Easy Bucks, let's address the legitimacy of the app. After thorough research and testing I can confidently say that Easy Bucks is a legit application however it's important to note that the rewards and cash out options may vary depending on your country. In my case residing in Australia I had access to cash out through PayPal, Amazon, and iTunes. It's crucial to check the available options in your country.

Earning Coins and Cash-Out Options

Easy Bucks utilizes a coin based system for earnings. Each activity you complete such as surveys, offers, or playing games rewards you with a specific number of coins. The cash out options on Easy Bucks require a certain amount of coins to be accumulated before you can withdraw your earnings. Keep in mind that the coin requirements for cashing out may differ based on the selected option.

In Australia the minimum cash out amount on Easy Bucks is $5 which I aimed to achieve in the fastest way possible. It's important to acknowledge that earning substantial amounts of money through money making apps requires time and effort. If you come into these applications with the expectation of earning significant sums quickly you'll likely be disappointed. The key is to view these apps as a way to help your income rather than a primary source of revenue.

User Friendly Design and Money-Making System

One aspect I really appreciate about Easy Bucks is its user friendly design and intuitive money making system. The application's layout is simple and easy to navigate with earning categories listed at the top of the screen. Unlike some other money making apps that overcomplicate the process Easy Bucks keeps it streamlined and efficient.

Easy Bucks stands out from other apps with its wide range of offers, providing users with ample opportunities to earn cash. This diversity is a breath of fresh air in the money making app space. It's clear that Easy Bucks aims to provide users with various ways to earn money which is commendable.

Surveys, Offers, and Games

Now, let's delve into the different avenues for earning money on Easy Bucks:


Completing surveys is a popular way to earn coins on Easy Bucks. The application offers surveys with decent rewards, considering the time investment required. Iit's important to note that disqualifications from surveys may occur which can be frustrating. You won't get the full reward or any reward at all. If you persist and complete surveys that are a good fit for you they can be a reliable source of income within the app.


Another way to earn coins on Easy Bucks is by completing various offers. These offers may include signing up for services, downloading apps, or engaging with specific websites. Some offers provide higher coin rewards, but they often require more time and effort to complete. It's crucial to evaluate the rewards against the time investment and choose offers that align with your interests and preferences.


Easy Bucks also allows you to earn coins by playing games. The application offers a selection of games that reward you with coins based on the time played. Initially, the coin rewards may be higher, but as you continue playing a specific game, the rewards decrease. This approach encourages users to explore different games and diversify their earning opportunities. It's important to manage your time effectively while playing games to maximize your earnings.

Easy Bucks Payment Proof

To provide transparency and reassurance, I decided to cash out $5 to my PayPal account, which was the minimum withdrawal amount in Australia. I'm pleased to share that Easy Bucks processed my payment promptly. However, I encountered a delay in payment verification as I initially overlooked the requirement to verify my phone number. I recommend verifying your phone number early on to avoid any delays in payment.


In conclusion, Easy Bucks is a legitimate money-making application that offers multiple ways to earn cash. While the earning potential may vary depending on your country and the available offers, it's possible to accumulate coins and reach the minimum withdrawal limit. Surveys, offers, and games provide opportunities for earning, but they require time and effort.

Easy Bucks features a user-friendly design and a diverse range of earning options, setting it apart from other money-making apps. However, it's essential to approach these apps as supplementary income sources and manage your time effectively.




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