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2 Apps To Make PayPal Money FREE In 2024! (Payment Proof)


Introduction to CashFlipz and Coinplix

Hi everyone, Vince here. Today, I’m excited to introduce you to two interesting money-making apps that I've been exploring: CashFlipz and Coinplix. These apps are designed to help you earn some extra cash right into your PayPal account. They both utilize a coin-based system which you can convert into real money. Each app offers unique ways to earn, from playing games to completing surveys. Stick around as I dive deeper into how these apps work and what you can expect when using them.


Earning Coins with CashFlipz

In CashFlipz, earning coins is straightforward. You can accumulate coins through a variety of activities. Whether it's playing games in the Playtime rewards area, completing offers on different offer walls, taking part in surveys, or simply claiming daily rewards, there are plenty of opportunities to build up your coin stash. It’s a flexible setup, allowing you to choose how you want to engage based on your interests or the time you have available.


Withdrawal Options and Currency Conversion

One of the practical aspects of CashFlipz is the withdrawal options it offers. When you're ready to cash out, tapping on the withdrawal button at the bottom of the screen brings up all available options. Here in Australia, these options include PayPal and several other digital and gaming currencies. The minimum withdrawal starts at $2, which equates to 2,000 coins, reflecting a direct conversion where 1,000 coins equal $1 USD. This conversion rate holds steady across different withdrawal amounts, offering a consistent value for your coins.


Playtime Rewards: How to Earn by Playing Games

Now, let's talk about one of my favorite features in CashFlipz—the Playtime rewards area. Here, you can earn coins by engaging with games. Depending on your region, this could be based on the amount of time you spend playing or completing specific levels. The beauty of the Playtime rewards is that it caters to gamers of all levels. Whether you’re playing a simple puzzle or engaging in more complex strategy games, there’s potential to earn. Each game offers a different payout, which depends largely on the complexity of tasks or the time spent playing.

Offer Walls and Earning Potential

Diving into the offer walls on CashFlipz has been an eye-opener for me. Each wall features a variety of tasks that can significantly boost your coin count. You could be looking at anything from installing apps, like TikTok, which can net nearly $4 USD, to engaging in more intensive games like Lords Mobile Kingdom Wars, which can earn you up to $33.30 USD. The tasks vary in difficulty, and some require more commitment to complete, especially those that extend over a 30-day period. What's interesting here is the diverse range of opportunities available, making it possible to pick tasks that best fit your time and effort.


Earning Through Surveys

Surveys are another avenue to earn coins in CashFlipz. Though they might not be everyone's favorite, they can add up to a decent payout, especially if the currency conversion is favorable in your country. In Australia, I find myself capped at around 84 cents per survey, which isn’t too shabby for a few minutes of my time. The key here is to navigate through surveys efficiently, making sure you’re eligible so that you don’t face too many disqualifications, which can be a common hurdle in survey platforms.


Payment Verification: Does CashFlipz Pay?

Let me address a critical question—does CashFlipz actually pay out? After testing it thoroughly, I cashed out my earned coins for $2.30 USD and received the payment in my PayPal account within 24 hours. There was a small fee associated with the transaction, which is pretty standard across such platforms. This quick turnaround and successful transaction definitely put my mind at ease about the legitimacy of CashFlipz as a reliable source to earn extra cash.


Overview of Coinplix: Features and Payouts

Switching gears to Coinplix, this app also offers a robust platform for earning through a coin-based system. Like CashFlipz, you accumulate coins that can be exchanged for PayPal cash or other digital currencies. Coinplix offers a variety of mini-games that contribute to your coin tally, and the payout structure is straightforward, with 20,000 coins equating to $2 USD. What stands out with Coinplix is the added option of using tickets to play games, which adds another layer to how you can increase your earnings. I recently withdrew $5 worth of USD currency from Coinplix, and even though there's a 3% fee, the payment process was smooth, taking just three days.



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