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6 Apps To Make Money Playing MOBILE GAMES! (Legit & Tested)

Overview of Crypto Civ: Bitcoin's Rise

Hi everyone, Vince here. Today, I'm going to show you some apps that allow you to make money by playing games. Let's start with a new app on the block called Crypto Civ: Bitcoin's Rise. First off, there's a daily reward system which is pretty neat. You can see that on day three, day five, and day seven, you earn free Bitcoin along with a bunch of in-game credits.

The game itself is about expanding your town. You control a little character that runs around completing quests. In the top right corner, there's a quest log where you can see what you need to collect. For example, I had to find magic scarabs. The game also has a market where you can sell resources you gather, like thatch, for in-game currency. Selling items sometimes triggers an ad, and watching these ads is how you earn cryptocurrency.

At the top of the screen, you can see your in-game items and Bitcoin currency. There's also a daily prize wheel where you can win real cryptocurrency. Crypto Civ has an instant cash-out system, and I used the Zebedee wallet to cash out. I got paid 22 cents worth of Bitcoin instantly. It's not going to make you rich, but it's legitimate and pays you for playing.

InstaGC: Get Paid to Play Games

Next up is InstaGC, a platform you can find by Googling it from your mobile phone. Once signed up, you'll see it's a get-paid-to platform with various offer walls, many of which include games. InstaGC uses a currency system where you earn points. You can redeem these points for various gift cards like Amazon, iTunes, and Nintendo. Unfortunately, PayPal is currently disabled but should be coming back soon.

InstaGC features offers from different walls, like Torox, which has some of the highest-paying offers in Australia. For example, offers can pay between 10,000 to 20,000 points. These points can be converted into real currency, like $65 for 4,300 points. The offers usually have multiple tiers, so the more you complete, the more you earn. I last cashed out $130 to PayPal and was paid within a day. It's a solid platform with many options for earning by playing games.

MISTPLAY: Play to Earn Rewards

Moving on to MISTPLAY, another great app for earning money by playing games. When you first launch it, you'll see a variety of games you can play to earn rewards. Many of these games are currently boosted, meaning you can earn more. MISTPLAY has a large selection of games, making it one of the top ways to earn money in 2024.

The app uses a unit system where you earn units by playing games. You can level up your account, maintain daily streaks, and participate in sweepstakes. Although there's no PayPal cash-out option in Australia, you can redeem your units for gift cards from Amazon, Airbnb, and more. I earned almost 4,000 units in total by playing for about 12 hours. MISTPLAY is legitimate and paid me instantly when I last cashed out. It's beginner-friendly and worth checking out if you enjoy playing games.

RewardZ: Earn Cash Rewards

Now, let's talk about RewardZ, an app that runs on a coin-based currency system. In Australia, I have the option to withdraw PayPal currency, with $2 worth of PayPal cash costing 27,000 coins. RewardZ features offer walls, surveys, and playtime rewards. The playtime rewards area works on a per-minute system, which I prefer over per-level rewards.

For example, Lords Mobile can earn you 12,000 coins, while other games offer various amounts. The offer walls have high-paying offers, with some willing to pay millions of coins. Remember, 135,000 coins equals $10 USD, so these offers can be quite rewarding. I last cashed out within a day without any issues, making RewardZ a solid app for earning extra cash by playing games.

Cash Prizes: Earn Money App

Cash Prizes is another app that runs on a coin-based currency system with various cash-out options like PayPal, Walmart, and Amazon. In this app, $1 equals 10,000 coins. Cash Prizes has multiple offer walls and daily missions.

The offer walls include offers that pay between $1 to $50 for completing tasks. For example, one offer can pay $100 worth of USD currency. Each offer wall has different rates, so it's worth comparing them to get the best rewards. I was paid within a day the last time I cashed out. Cash Prizes is a legitimate app and a fun way to earn some extra cash by playing games.

Idle-Empire: Diverse Withdrawal Methods

Idle-Empire is a get-paid-to platform accessible by Googling it on your mobile phone. It features various offer walls, many of which include games. Idle-Empire runs on a coin-based currency system and has over 50 withdrawal methods in Australia, ranging from gift cards to cryptocurrency.

Although it doesn't currently support PayPal, it offers plenty of other options. For example, 70,000 coins equal $10 worth of currency. The offer walls have high-paying offers, with some worth up to 1.5 million points. Each offer wall has different rates, so comparing them is essential. Idle-Empire is legitimate, and I was paid within one to two days the last time I withdrew. It's a comprehensive platform with many earning opportunities.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

In conclusion, these apps provide various ways to earn money by playing games. Whether you're expanding your town in Crypto Civ, completing offers on InstaGC, or exploring the extensive game library on MISTPLAY, there's something for everyone. RewardZ and Cash Prizes offer solid earning potential through offer walls and playtime rewards, while Idle-Empire provides diverse withdrawal methods.

Each app has its pros and cons, but they all paid me for my time and effort. While you won't get rich using these apps, they can provide some extra pocket change and make your gaming time more rewarding. Thanks for watching, and happy gaming! Stay safe, and I'll see you all in a few days.



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