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Testing 3 Apps To Make Money Online In 2024! (Payment Proof)

Introduction to Rewardy: Overview and First Impressions

Hey everyone, it's Vince here! Today, I'm diving into an app called Rewardy, which I've just launched for the first time. The app operates on a coin-based currency system, and right off the bat, you can see I've accumulated 14 coins, which equates to 1 cent in currency. One thing you'll notice immediately is the variety of ways to earn coins—it's almost overwhelming, but definitely in a good way. The standout feature for me is the ability to watch videos and listen to music to earn cash, which is quite a nice touch.

Earning Opportunities with Rewardy

As I explore Rewardy further, the breadth of earning opportunities is impressive. By tapping on the "Complete Offers" button, you're taken to a page with multiple offer providers. It's astonishing how many there are, and the payout for some of these offers is remarkably high. For instance, certain offers are prepared to dish out as much as $250, which is insane when you think about it. Moreover, there's a 50% earning bonus on some tasks, like the "Grab a Toy" offer, which promises $61 worth of currency, although its previous price was around $40. The extensive variety of high-paying gaming offers also stands out, proving that Rewardy doesn't shy away from rewarding its users generously.

Cash Out Options and Process in Rewardy

Moving on to the cash-out process in Rewardy, tapping on the "Cash Out" button reveals various withdrawal options, including Litecoin, PayPal, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Virtual Visa Card, Amazon, and Roblox. Here in Australia, a minimum of $5 is needed to withdraw via PayPal, accompanied by a 5% fee. Delivery of funds is promised within one day. I also tested the Litecoin option, where only a $2 minimum cash out is required, with the same one-day delivery promise. It's great to see such a variety of options to access your earnings.

Exploring Play4Loot: Features and Cash Out Details

Switching gears to Play4Loot, this app also uses a coin-based currency system. Upon launching, I noticed I have 3,000 coins. The cash-out options here include Amazon and PayPal. For instance, to get $25 worth of cash on Amazon, you need 17,500 coins, while for PayPal, it’s significantly less at 7,850 coins for the same amount of cash. Although Play4Loot primarily incentivizes playing games to collect coins, the offers through bit labs, especially the surveys, can be quite lucrative despite the potential of being screened out. Notably, the "Grand Mafia" offer could net you a staggering 130,000 coins, pointing to the high-reward nature of some tasks within this app.

Legitimacy and Comparison of Play4Loot

Regarding Play4Loot, many of you might wonder about its legitimacy. Well, I've looked into it, and the developers behind this app are from Bit Burst—a company known for creating trustworthy apps like Poll Pay and Easy Bucks. Bit Burst is known for instant payment withdrawals, which certainly adds a layer of trust. While Play4Loot is a legitimate platform, I must say, there are better earning opportunities out there right now. The app is packed with challenging offers that might be tough to complete, and while the potential payouts are high, the effort might not always justify the time spent.

Introduction to Fitmint: Get Paid to Walk and Run

Now, let’s talk about Fitmint, an app that pays you to walk and run. When you first launch Fitmint, it introduces a fit currency system. I've already racked up 1.8 fit just starting out. The app features an avatar that you can customize, which not only makes the experience more engaging but also affects how you play and earn within the app. Every day, you set and aim to achieve a walking or running goal, which levels up your character and enhances your earning potential based on different attributes like strength and charm.

Earning and Using Fit Currency in Fitmint

Earning fit currency in Fitmint is quite innovative. Today, I managed to bank my 8,850 steps, completing my daily goal of 2,000 steps. This achievement rewarded me with a mystery box that contained new shoes, providing me with additional style points for my avatar. The challenges area in Fitmint is particularly exciting; it allows you to either join or create challenges using your fit currency. The rewards for these challenges can be substantial, involving hundreds to millions of fit, depending on the challenge’s scale. It’s a gamified way of encouraging fitness while potentially earning significant rewards.



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