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Is Cashyy App Legit? A Complete Review on Earning Free PayPal Through Gaming

Updated: Jan 25

This Is My Cashyy App Review!

Welcome, everyone! I'm Vince, and I'm excited to share my review of Cashy, a money-making application. Whether you're familiar with Cashy or new to it, I hope you find this review enjoyable and informative. Cashy offers an opportunity to earn coins every minute, which can later be converted into either PayPal or iTunes money. If you're planning to use Cashy, I urge you to read this article till the end, as it's essential to have all the necessary information to ensure you get paid.

Now, let's address the initial skepticism many of us have experienced when encountering Cashy's advertisements. Like me, you might have thought it was just another scam. The advertising approach employed by Cashy may need reconsideration, as it can come across as ridiculous and potentially indistinguishable from a scam. However, in today's video, we will uncover the truth: Is Cashy a legitimate platform or just another fake app? Furthermore, I'll guide you through the process of earning money on Cashy. Although I reviewed Cashy months ago, I'm revisiting it to confirm if it still pays users as promised.

To kick things off, Cashy welcomed me with a generous 4,500 coin bonus upon signing up. It's always pleasing to see money-making applications rewarding users right from the start, and I truly appreciate this gesture.

Understanding Cashyy's Currency System:

Earning Coins and Converting them into Real Money

Let me begin by stating that I have no complaints about Cashyy but if you're new to this app you might be wondering about the purpose of these coins and how exactly you can make money with them. Here's how the currency system works on Cashyy Every time you play an application recommended by Cashyy you will be rewarded with coins. These coins are part of a mission system and on the app selection page of Cashyy you can see how many coins you will earn per minute for using a specific application.

The minimum cash out requirement means that you can convert these coins into real life money so the concept is easy to understand. It's important to note that the reward for each mission may decrease depending on the application you're playing In other words you won't earn the same amount of coins for every app.

I noticed that the applications Cashyy recommended initially tend to offer higher rewards. Therefore, personally I would suggest sticking to the highest paying applications until it becomes necessary to move on to the next one.

Day Bonuses

As I mentioned earlier these missions on Cashyy are essentially minutes played on applications, so it's important to keep that in mind. Additionally I noticed that Cashyy offers bonuses based on the duration of your application usage. These bonuses, known as day bonuses, reward you with extra coins if you have an application installed on your phone for a certain number of days. I experienced this and came across a gold event that granted me additional coins. It seems that Cashyy introduces these occasional events to incentivize users to check the application daily, which is a clever business strategy. However, it's worth noting that spending excessive amounts of time on applications can be a consequence of this pursuit of rewards.

Coins Per Minutes

One thing you'll start to notice is a significant reduction in coins per minute as you progress. To illustrate, let's say you're currently earning 100 coins per 10 minutes. The next mission might offer a slight increase, such as 105 coins for 16 minutes. In this scenario, you've only gained five additional coins but need to invest six extra minutes. This is the nature of Cashyy's system, and you can expect this trend across all the applications you play on the platform.

Here's where basic maths comes into play. You have to weigh your options: Do you want to spend 20 minutes to earn 125 coins, or dedicate 16 minutes for a mere 65 coins? Sometimes, it's worth allocating those extra 5 or 10 minutes to maximize your earnings on the original app, rather than constantly switching between applications. That's why I suggest sticking to the highest paying apps on Cashyy, as they will ultimately yield greater returns in the long run.

However, it's important to note that unless you play for an extended period, it can reach a point where it takes hours to accumulate enough coins for a payout. This is something I observed with Cashyy and other applications that claim to pay per minute played.

Not Getting Paid

One significant issue I encountered with Cashyy was that it failed to register some of my game time. This is a major concern because we don't want to invest our time into money-making applications only to be uncertain or worried about not getting paid for our efforts. Unfortunately, this situation happened to me on Cashyy as well. I spent around 30 or 40 minutes playing an application, but when I checked back, I received no reward whatsoever.

To avoid such frustrations, I advise you to always launch your applications through Cashyy directly. Avoid launching them from your phone's home screen. Instead, open Cashyy first and then launch the desired application. This way, Cashyy attaches itself to the app, ensuring accurate time recording. Trust me when I say that this is one of the most valuable tips I can offer for any money making app as It's disheartening to spend nearly an hour on an application only to realize that you won't be rewarded for it.

Variety of Apps

I gotta say, cashy has been a lifesaver for me lately. I was getting so tired of all those money-making apps that only had one or two games to play and barely paid out anything. But now, thankfully cashy offers us a huge variety of applications to use and play which is a great change of scenery compared to the same old stuff I've been playing for the last few months. I mean, we're talking easily over 10 different applications to play guys! And if I really wanted to, I'm sure I could have found even more than that. Of course, each application started paying me less and less as I went on, but eventually, I found my top 10 best paying apps on cashy and stuck with them directly. It's just nice knowing there are options out there that actually pay you back for your time instead of wasting it on pointless games that don't go anywhere.

Casual Games

These apps are pretty diverse. I mean, you've got everything from casino games and idol games to the most casual games like farm and puzzle ones. And get this - there's even a bitcoin trading app for all you crypto lovers out there! But personally, I find that the really casual games are the best when it comes to earning money on Cashyy. With those types of games all I had to do was leave my phone idle and still reap rewards for playing! It's funny how easy it is to make money with them that's why I'm thinking about farm and puzzle games you don't have to put in much effort at all which is great if you're short on time or just feeling lazy. All in all though there truly is something for everyone with these apps no matter what your interests may be!

Cashyy Cashout Options

Now let's delve into the cash out options which can get a bit complicated since they vary depending on the country you're in. Personally I opted for the PayPal cash out route as that is the platform I am accustomed to using. If you have iTunes it would be more suitable for you to choose the iTunes cash out option. I've noticed in the comments that many of you are interested in GCash money making apps. However since I don't personally use GCash I am not familiar with how that system works. I plan to bring you some GCash paying applications in the near future so please stay tuned for that on the channel.

9.9k coins for 64 cents of PayPal cash all the way up to 180k for $26.50.

Regarding the iTunes options I came across 70,000 coins for $10 and 104,000 coins for $15. If any of you have an iPhone or an iTunes account please test this and let me know in the comments below if the iTunes cash out is legitimate or not, as I don't have access to such a platform.

Cashyy Wallet

Another notable feature of Cashyy is its wallet system, which allows you to easily track your earnings within the application. This feature proved to be quite useful for me, as I tend to be cautious about my progress and earnings. However, after dedicating five consecutive days to grinding on Cashyy, I was only able to accumulate enough coins to cash out three dollars and thirty cents in Australian currency, which amounted to 24,000 coins. I want to emphasize that I truly put in a significant amount of time and effort, spending approximately eight to nine hours each day to gather the necessary footage for this review.

Cashyy Payment Proof

Let's consider the trade off of spending five days to earn just three dollars and thirty cents. Does that genuinely seem like a fair deal to you? Honestly unless you're simply leaving your phone untouched on a table that's the only scenario where I can see it as acceptable. However if they expect you to actively play these games and dedicate such a significant amount of time to earn such a meagre amount of money I can't really endorse it. It feels like a rip off considering the effort you're investing in this application and going back to the beginning of this video the advertisements create the impression that you can make tens or even hundreds of dollars by playing Cashyy. Unfortunately the reality is quite different. It could be due to my country's settings, as they might have changed the reward rates for missions compared to other countries.

Is Cashyy Legit or a Scam?

Now for the moment of truth: Did Cashyy actually pay me? Well everyone after completing the face and email verification I received the $3.30 in my PayPal account within 24 hours. This outcome brings me great satisfaction because it's always rewarding to receive compensation for the time invested in an application like Cashyy especially considering how long it takes to accumulate the coins.



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