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Earn PayPal Money Every 3 Hours Playing Games! - MoneyTime Review

Introduction to MoneyTime App

Hey everyone, it's Vince here! Today, I'm diving into a new app called MoneyTime, where you can play games to earn PayPal money. This app operates on a unique system where you collect something called 'monies' by playing games. I've been testing this out for today's review, and I'm here to share everything you need to know before jumping into it. So, let's get into it!

How MoneyTime Works: Gameplay and Earnings

So, how does MoneyTime work? Well, it's pretty straightforward yet intriguing. Once you launch the app, you're greeted with your games area, showing the games I've installed to earn 'monies'. You play these games and earn points based on your gameplay, which is similar to other apps I've reviewed. Every three hours, the points you've accumulated are converted into real cash based on the app’s conversion system. It's quite a setup that keeps you engaged and constantly checking back.

Earning Monies Through Gameplay

Let's talk about how you actually earn 'monies' through gameplay on MoneyTime. Each game you play contributes to your 'monies' total, generally offering the same amount per level or progress point you reach within the game. For instance, when I played Idle Tower Rush, just by tapping on the 'Play Now' button, I was taken to the game's page on the Google Play Store, played the game, and earned 'monies' based on my progress. This system is consistent across all the games offered by the app, making it a predictable way to accumulate points.

Frequency and Impact of Coffee Breaks

Now, let's discuss the coffee breaks within MoneyTime, which are quite unique. These breaks occur periodically and play a significant role in how you accumulate 'monies'. During a coffee break, your 'monies' balance updates, and this happens every three hours or after every few game levels, depending on the game. These breaks are crucial because they not only allow the system to update your earnings but also add a natural pause in your gameplay, giving you a quick breather before you dive back into earning more 'monies'.

Comparison with JustPlay App

In comparing MoneyTime with JustPlay, it’s evident they run on almost identical systems. Both apps have you install games, play them, and earn points that convert to cash based on a set schedule. In MoneyTime, just like JustPlay, the more you play, the more points you generate. The conversion of gameplay into money happens every three hours, exactly how JustPlay manages its point system. I suspect the same developers might be behind both apps, or perhaps MoneyTime took heavy inspiration from JustPlay's setup.

Offer Wall System and Currency Transparency

Now, let’s talk about the offer wall system in MoneyTime. This part is a bit tricky because the system lacks direct currency transparency. You see, when you look at the offers available, they promise huge amounts of 'monies' for completing tasks, but what does that really translate to in actual dollars? It's hard to say. The app doesn't clearly indicate the real dollar value of the 'monies' earned, which can be frustrating if you're trying to gauge the worth of your time and effort. Just like with JustPlay, the actual payout seems to be a bit of a gamble, determined at the discretion of the app based on various factors like ad rates or fraud checks.

Cashing Out: Requirements and Real-World Experience

Cashing out on MoneyTime requires you to hit a minimum threshold, which, here in Australia, is $4 for a PayPal cash-out. My personal experience was surprisingly positive. After a rigorous few days of gameplay, I reached my cash-out threshold and requested my earnings through PayPal. I was genuinely impressed that the payment came through within just 30 minutes. Despite the grind, it was reassuring to see that MoneyTime was legitimate in its payout process, even requiring face identification for security during the cash-out phase.

Final Verdict: Is MoneyTime Worth Your Time?

So, is MoneyTime worth your time? Well, if you're in it purely for the money, you might find the effort disproportionate to the earnings. For me, it took about 16 to 20 hours of gameplay over several days to meet the cash-out minimum, which is a considerable amount of time for a relatively small payout. However, if you enjoy casual gaming and are playing games anyway, MoneyTime could add a little extra to your pocket. But as for serious earning, it might not meet your expectations unless you're okay with the grind and the uncertainty of what those 'monies' really translate to in hard cash. Always consider how much your time is worth to you!



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