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Is the Purple Circle App Legit? My True Experience of Earning $20 Answering Quiz Questions

Updated: Jan 25

Welcome To My Purple Circle App Review!

Hey everyone it's Vince here! Welcome to my blog where I share my experiences with different apps and websites that claim to help you make money. Today I'll be reviewing the Purple Circle app, which promises to reward users with free cash for answering quiz questions. In this review I'll share my honest opinion about the app, discuss its features and tell you whether it's worth your time or just another scam.

App Overview and Concerns

When you launch the Purple Circle app you'll notice its clean and user friendly interface. However I have some initial concerns. It's important to be cautious when an app asks for a 5 rating on the Google Play Store in exchange for monetary rewards. Purple Circle currently has a rating of 4.5 stars with 5,000+ ratings but it's uncertain how many of these reviews are genuine and how many were motivated by the desire to earn a quick 25 cents.At the top of the screen you'll find your account details including the number of lives you have per day, your account balance in coins and your real money balance. I already have 53 cents in my balance because I tested the app for this review which I'll explain how I earned that amount shortly.

How to Earn Money with Purple Circle

Purple Circle offers various ways to earn money within the app. Let's go through them together here: How to Play Purple Circle: In this quiz game instead of choosing a specific answer you drag a ball to indicate the range you believe is correct. The player closest to the correct answer wins. This unique approach adds an interesting twist to the gameplay. Survival Mode: This mode is more intense, offering a 1v1 gameplay experience. True or False Mode: In this mode you simply need to determine whether a statement is true or false. It's a straightforward and familiar format.

Purple Circle also mentions that after giving five correct answers you will receive two wins instead of one in certain game modes such as Survival Mode. This becomes significant once you understand how the payment system works.

How Does Purple Circle Pay Users?

Purple Circle claims to share 50% of its advertising revenue with users. However the app doesn't provide clear information about how much money you can earn by playing the games. They describe it as a guessing game which can be concerning. For instance if the total daily earnings are $100 and there are 100 wins in total with you having 10 wins you would receive a portion of the $50 distributed among the winners resulting in an estimated $5 per day. Earnings are distributed daily according to the GMT time zone. It's important to note that there is a limit of winning 101 games per day adding a level of restriction to the gameplay.

Withdrawing Money and Minimum Limit

To withdraw money from Purple Circle you need to ensure that you have entered your TRX (Tron) wallet address correctly in the settings page. The app transfers your money as soon as possible once you initiate the withdrawal process. However there is a minimum balance requirement of $20 to initiate a withdrawal.

It's worth mentioning that Purple Circle pays users in TRX cryptocurrency rather than traditional payment methods like PayPal. Therefore you'll need a TRX wallet to withdraw your earnings.

Purple Circle Payment Proof and Final Thoughts

While I haven't reached the minimum withdrawal limit myself I believe that Purple Circle pays its users based on the information provided. However due to the $20 withdrawal limit I can't wholeheartedly recommend it to everyone. If you're interested you can try it out using my referral code (available in the description below) to earn a free 25 cents as a starting bonus. I appreciate the app's design and simplicity which makes it easy to navigate. However it's always important to exercise caution when using apps that promise monetary rewards. In conclusion Purple Circle offers a unique quiz game format with the potential to earn cash. If you're comfortable with the withdrawal limit and interested in exploring different money making apps Purple Circle could be worth a try. For more legitimate app reviews and ways to earn money online make sure to continue to visit my website where you'll find a wide range of options.



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