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Is the Money Maker App Legit? A Review on Trying To Make $20 in 3 Hours

Updated: Jan 25

Introduction to Money Maker App Review

Vince here welcome to my review of the Money Maker app In todays video I'll be diving into this app that's all about earning by playing games With its 4.5 star rating and over a hundred thousand downloads its caught my attention and Im eager to share my thoughts and experiences with you. They're making a bold claim of cashing out within three hours and I'm here to test that out personally so lets get started and see what Money Maker has in store.

Ratings Downloads and Cash Out Claims

Jumping into the Money Maker app the first thing that stands out is its impressive 4.5star rating alongside a substantial number of downloads over a hundred thousand Its an intriguing start. What really piques my interest though is their promise of cashing out within three hours thats quite a statement and it sets high expectations right off the bat. Its these claims that Im looking forward to putting to the test in todays exploration.

Currency Types and Game Offerings

Upon launching the Money Maker app you are greeted with a pretty straightforward interface At the top of the screen there are two types of currencies one being the in game currency and the other real life cash. The app also advertises a whopping 4350 to be given away within two days moving on there's a section for new arrivals which are the games that you can play to earn both in game money and real currency At least here in Australia there are about eight different games available though the selection might vary in other countries. Below this the app has various tabs each offering different aspects of the app to explore.

Exploring the Raffles and Scratch Card Features

The Raffles feature of the Money Maker app Its a pretty straight forward setup theres a simple scratch game where you need to match three symbols to win Interestingly it says I have zero out of 38 cards remaining. Theres also a daily lottery seemingly with daily winners but it looks like I need more tickets to participate. The weekly lottery works similarly but I have no tickets however if I watch an advertisement I can get one free ticket When I try to scratch the card all I need to do is match three symbols to win an apparent five dollars I was given 38 chances at this After scratching a card I won 42 cents which could double to 84 cents if I watch an ad the in game coin rewards are significantly less valuable than the real currency which is typical for these apps.

Advertisements and Reduced Reward Trends

I'm starting to notice a trend with the rewards and advertisements in the app. Initially the rewards were around 40 or 30 cents but they've now dropped to about nine cents though I can double this by watching an ad. This decline in reward value is odd and slightly concerning additionally after scratching about 28 cards the app locked me out for an hour In about 20 minutes of nonstop scratching I generated 680 and 81000 coins This seems abnormally high for an app of this nature Its making me a bit wary especially with the frequent ad interruptions and declining rewards.

Lottery Systems and User Participation

Looking at the daily and weekly lottery systems in Money Maker the rule is clear more tickets equal a higher chance of winning The winners are chosen randomly at midnight each night. Theres a list of participants whove bought tickets and its pretty extensive The weekly lottery offers a chance to win fifty dollars with a similar ticket based system These lotteries seem more like a sweepstakes setup than a genuine play and earn system Its making me question the overall focus of the app  is it really about playing games to earn money or is it more about participating in lotteries and sweepstakes?

Cash Out Options and Minimum Requirements

In the Money Maker app the cash out options are a bit of a mix theres a minimum cash out of 20 USD and as of now Ive earned 680 But for a 10 USD PayPal cash out you need a staggering 27 million coins Other options like a 5 Amazon Cash Out require 14 million coins and the list goes on reaching absurdly high numbers. For larger rewards like an iPhone 13 Pro Whats more each cash out option seems to have a significantly different coin requirement which raises some questions about the apps reward structure.

Investigating the Referral and Leaderboards

Delving into the referral and leaderboard systems I'm starting to see more red flags The app has a referral screen but when I tap on the rules it shows up empty this lack of transparency is worrisome theres also a leaderboard claiming people have won over 28000 however I noticed that the same winners appear with different profile pictures which doesnt add up. The gold tab and referral leaderboards show people supposedly earning over 13000 each just from referrals These numbers and inconsistencies are making me skeptical about the entire system.

Is Money Maker Real or Fake?

After spending time with Money Maker I have to question its legitimacy from the diminishing returns in rewards to the high cash out requirements and the various red flags in its referral and leaderboard systems there are too many concerns to ignore despite its promises and appealing interface the app seems more focused on getting users to watch ads and participate in sweepstakes rather than genuinely rewarding them for playing games In my opinion while I cant outright label it as a scam it certainly exhibits many characteristics of one Its up to you to decide if you want to try it but I would advise caution and suggest exploring more legitimate options for making money through apps.



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