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Givvy Solitaire Review: Earn Free Money Playing Cards! - App Payment Proof

Updated: 2 days ago


Hey everyone Vince here! Welcome to my Givvy Solitaire review. I'm excited to share my thoughts on this app and whether it's worth your time and can actually pay you.

What is Givvy Solitaire?

Givvy Solitaire is a new installment of the Givvy applications, It's a mobile app that allows you to earn money by playing solitaire.

User Interface and Gameplay

Givvy Solitaire has a simple and user friendly layout. The amount of coins you have is shown on the screen. To the left there's a gift icon that offers instant coin rewards by watching advertisements.

By tapping on the gift icon and watching the ad, I was able to earn an additional 3,386 coins. The balance at the top of the screen reflects the updated amount. You can boost your coin balance with this feature.

Givvy Solitaire offers two modes:

Basic solitaire is where you draw one card from the deck and advanced mode is where you have to draw three cards you can win up to 10,000 coins but you will have to watch ads regularly.

From my experience I've observed that you only earn coins by successfully completing the stages. The faster you complete a stage the more coins you'll earn.

Referral System and Offers

Givvy Solitaire has a referral system, but I must admit that it offers lower rewards compared to other apps. For each friend who cashes out on Givvy Solitaire, you'll receive 10% of their earnings without impacting their own rewards. If you join using my referral, you'll receive a bonus of two cents. However, I recommend you continue reading this review before deciding to use Givvy Solitaire.

Let's explore the Offers section. Here you can potentially win up to 10 million coins. It's crucial to understand the conversion rate of coins to real money. To do that let's tap on the Cash Out tab at the bottom of the screen.

On the Cash Out screen, you'll notice my balance shows zero dollars and zero cents. That's because 10,000 coins are equivalent to one cent in USD. So, winning a game of solitaire with up to 10,000 coins translates to earning a maximum of one cent. Keep this conversion rate in mind as we explore the different cash-out options available.

Leaderboard and Offers Section

First place receives 15 cents, second place gets 10 cents and third place is awarded five cents. Scrolling further down reveals additional rewards based on the number of games completed within 24 hours. The leaderboard is divided into "Most Games" and "Quickest Games" categories, allowing you to compete for different achievements.

Moving on to the offers section, where you supposedly have the opportunity to win up to 10 million coins. Givvy Solitaire partners with various offer wall providers. If you're interested in completing surveys or offers, you'll be familiar with this setup. However, I must emphasize that the rewards offered are disappointingly low.

Let's examine the offers from different providers. Tap Joy offers a range of options, providing thousands or tens of thousands of coins. However, remember that 10,000 coins equal just one cent in USD. Despite the large numbers, the actual value is merely a few cents.

To my surprise, the Fiber Offers section doesn't display any options for me. Similarly, Offer Toro and CPX Research offer extremely low rewards. Completing a 20-minute survey on CPX Research only earns around three cents. These amounts are unacceptable considering the time and effort required.

Bitlabs offers slightly better rewards compared to CPX Research, but they are still extremely low. Completing a 10-minute survey on Bitlabs would only earn around 6,300 coins, which is less than one cent in USD. This pattern continues across various platforms, leaving me baffled and disappointed.

Is Givvy Solitaire Legit or a Scam?

Now, the burning question: Is Givvy Solitaire a legitimate application? After investing almost four and a half hours, I managed to generate a mere 20 cents worth of currency. However, I'm happy to report that Givvy Solitaire did pay me instantly to my Coinbase crypto account.

However, considering the low rewards and conversion rates, I strongly advise you to assess the currency conversion in your country. If it's similar to mine, I recommend skipping Givvy Solitaire altogether. Even if the app pays you, the low earnings are simply not worth the time and effort. Unless you're an avid solitaire fan who's content with earning a single cent per match, I suggest exploring other legitimate money-making applications.


In conclusion, Givvy Solitaire falls short in delivering satisfactory rewards for your time and effort. The low conversion rates and disappointing offers make it difficult to recommend this app. I hope the developers take note of these concerns and consider improving the rewards system.



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