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Givvy Social App Review: Earn Cash Uploading Photos? (My Real Look)

Updated: Jan 25

Introduction To Givvy Social App Review

Hey everyone it's Vince here! I'm excited to share my thoughts on Givvy Social a unique money making application that combines social media and earning real life money.

What is Givvy Social?

Givvy Social is a social media platform that allows you to upload photos and interact with other users while earning money. The concept is simple by browsing the platform liking and commenting on posts and engaging with other members you can accumulate Givvy coins that can be converted into real life currency.

User Interface and Features

The user interface of Givvy Social is intuitive and easy to navigate you can follow other members on the platform which ensures that you receive notifications and see their latest posts. Interacting with other users by liking their photos and engaging in conversations gives you a chance to earn Givvy coins.

To cash out your earnings you can check the withdrawal tab, which offers various options including Coinbase and PayPal. The conversion rate is set at 10,000 Givvy coins equaling one cent in USD or the equivalent in your local currency. The minimum withdrawal amount for PayPal is one dollar while for Coinbase, it's only 19 cents.

How to Earn on Givvy Social

On Givvy Social you can upload one photo per day and each time you post it becomes visible to other users on the platform. Every like you receive on your post earns you a certain number of Givvy coins. From my experience each of my photos received around 10 to 20 likes generating approximately 400 to 500 Givvy coins per post.

It's important to note that there is a daily limit of 40 likes that you can give to other creators on Givvy Social. You get fifty Givvy coins for each photo you like and when you start chats with other members can also earn you Givvy coins. There might be a limit to how many times you can earn through conversations per day it's still a simple earning option.

Givvy Social provides a free top up of two followers and two likes every one to two hours ensuring that your likes and follower count regenerate throughout the day.

Surveys and Offers

If you're not a fan of completing surveys or offers Givvy Social might be a bit limited in terms of earning potential for you. If you don't mind participating in surveys you can earn Givvy coins by completing them. The platform offers surveys and various offers as additional ways to accumulate coins.

During my time using Givvy Social I dedicated approximately three hours to completing surveys which allowed me to reach the minimum withdrawal amount for Coinbase which was 19 cents. While this method requires some effort it can be a reliable way to earn on the platform if you're willing to invest the time.

Is Givvy Social Legit or a Scam?

let's address the big question Is Givvy Social a legitimate platform? After verifying my account I was able to cash out the 19 cents worth of Bitcoin to my Coinbase account. Based on my experience I can confidently say that Givvy Social is a legitimate platform that pays its users.

Givvy Social has many opportunities to earn money so If you're looking for a social media platform that allows you to interact with others and earn a little revenue on the side Givvy Social is worth considering.


Givvy Social is a unique platform that combines social media engagement with earning money and by liking, commenting and chatting with other members you can accumulate Givvy coins that can be converted into real life currency. While the earnings may be relatively small the platform offers a legitimate way to monetize your social media activity.

Please keep in mind that Givvy Social's earnings may vary depending on your level of engagement and the number of posts you upload so if you're actually willing to put in the time and effort Givvy Social can provide a fun and rewarding experience.



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