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Givvy Domino App Review: Really Earn $0.20+ Per Game? - Is Payment Proof Possible?

Updated: 7 days ago


Hey everyone, it's Vince here, and welcome to my Givvy Domino review. If you've never heard of Givvy Domino's it's a new money making app that allows you to earn money simply by playing but with a catch you will have to watch advertisements in-between each rounds.

Givvy Domino - A Straightforward Setup

At first glance, Givvy Domino offers a simple and user-friendly interface. You can find your balance at the top of screen with the number of coins you've earned through gameplay. The app provides two options single player and multiplayer. Single player mode is where you can win up to 1k coins and with multiplayer mode it offers the chance to win up to 10k and compete against other players you can also invite your friends to join and earn bonuses.

Is It Legit or a Scam?

Now, the big question is whether Givvy Domino is a legitimate app or just another scam. Based on my experience, I can say that Givvy Domino is a legitimate app developed by a reputable company. They do pay out the earned coins, but the real issue lies in the time investment required to make substantial earnings. While Givvy Domino does pay, the return on investment may not be worth the effort.

Exploring Givvy Domino Features

Within the app, you'll find different tabs offering various functions. The controller tab is the main screen where you can start your matches. Tapping on the trophy takes you to the tournaments page where you can enter tournaments to win a bulk load of coins by competing against other players keep in mind that some tournaments require an entry fee which means you'll have to sacrifice some of your earned coins to participate.

Gameplay and Earning Potential

During gameplay, you'll face either an AI player or real opponents. The goal is to be the first to run out of dominoes. The app includes a graveyard where you can obtain additional domino pieces. Even if you lose a match against the AI, you still earn coins. However, the number of coins earned is significantly lower compared to watching advertisements. The app incentivizes watching ads to generate a larger amount of coins. Multiplayer battles can be enjoyable, but there are occasional issues with finding opponents and experiencing delays.

Givvy Domino Payment Proof

To cash out your earnings, you can tap on your profile picture and select the withdrawal option. Givvy Domino offers various cash-out methods, including PayPal and cryptocurrency. However, the conversion rate is unfavorable, with 10,000 coins required for just one cent. This means that it will take a substantial amount of time and effort to accumulate enough coins for a meaningful cash-out.

The Offer Wall and Issues

Givvy Domino also provides an "offers" tab where you can complete surveys for additional coins. However, I encountered some problems with this feature. After completing surveys from different providers, I did not receive the promised coins. I reached out to support but received no response after two days. This issue, coupled with the low conversion rate, makes the offer wall unappealing and unreliable.


In conclusion, Givvy Domino is a legitimate app developed by a reputable company. They do pay out the earned coins, but the app's overall earning potential is quite low. The conversion rate for coins to real-world money is unfavorable, and the time investment required to accumulate a significant amount of coins may not be worth it. Additionally, issues with the offer wall and delayed matchmaking in multiplayer battles can hinder the overall experience. While Givvy Domino may have potential, it needs significant improvements to provide a more rewarding and enjoyable user experience.




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