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Givvy Coffey App Review: Run A Virtual Cafe & Earn? (My Real Test)

Updated: Jan 25

Here Is My Givvy Coffey App Review!

Hello everyone, Vince here, and today I'll be sharing my review of Coffey by Givvy, a unique money-making application that caught my attention. I must say, this app stands out due to its low cash-out threshold and the amusing tasks it presents to users. I'm using Coffey on my Android phone but I'm uncertain if it's available on iOS and the concept behind this app is something I truly appreciate.

Is Coffey Legit or a Scam?

Before delving into the details, it's important to address the legitimacy of Coffey. With numerous online money-making applications out there, it's crucial to verify their authenticity. I can confidently say that Coffey is a legitimate application developed by Givvy. During my experience, I received payments directly to my Coinbase wallet without any issues. However, the decision to use Coffey ultimately rests with you.

How Does Coffey Work?

Coffey operates on a unique premise. Users are rewarded with real-life money for serving virtual customers coffee. It's quite entertaining, and the tasks assigned by the app are engaging. One thing to note about money-making applications is that they require time and dedication before substantial earnings can be made. Unlike fake money-making apps, Coffey necessitates a certain amount of usage before earning a dollar or two.

Is Coffey Free?

You might be wondering if Coffey is a free application. Yes, Coffey is free to download and use it's important to mention that advertisements are a common aspect of these types of apps and Coffey is no exception. Watching ads is a part of the experience, as developers rely on ad revenue. While some users might find the frequency of ads annoying, it's understandable considering the nature of the app.

Ways To Earn Money On Coffey

Coffey offers various avenues to earn money. The app incorporates an idle aspect, meaning you don't have to actively use it at all times. Tasks in Coffey are time-based, including customer waiting times and food consumption rates. You'll also be responsible for selecting ingredients for each customer's meal. Additionally, completing surveys and offers is an option to earn rewards faster. However, offer availability may vary depending on your location.

Can You Earn Money On Coffey?

The burning question on everyone's mind is whether or not Coffey is a viable source of income. It's essential to set realistic expectations. While Coffey allows you to earn money, the amount generated may not be substantial initially. The app employs a unique reward system where customers reward you with Givvy coins for good service. It takes approximately 120 GBE coins to earn one cent in USD. Customers typically provide around 5 to 10 coins, and you can clear tables every few hours. Generating a minimum cash-out value may require days or even weeks of regular usage.

Is Coffey Safe?

When using any money-making application, safety is a crucial concern. As for Coffey, it appears to be a safe application developed by Givvy. During my usage, I encountered no security issues or suspicious activities. However, it's always advisable to exercise caution when sharing personal information or engaging in financial transactions online.

Withdrawing and Cash Out Experience

Now, let's discuss the withdrawal and cash-out process on Coffey. The app offers different cash-out methods, including cryptocurrency and PayPal. For cryptocurrency withdrawals, such as to a Coinbase wallet, payments are instant. On the other hand, PayPal withdrawals may take up to three days to reflect in your account. I opted for the cryptocurrency option and received instant payment to my Coinbase wallet without any complications.

The Unique Aspects of Coffey

Coffey distinguishes itself from other money-making apps through several unique features. The idle aspect of the app allows you to earn rewards without constant interaction. The rating system for your coffee shop and the ingredient selection process for customer meals contribute to an engaging experience. The variety of food options on the menu is also commendable.

The Importance of Time Investment

As mentioned earlier, money-making apps like Coffey require time and dedication. Earning a substantial amount may take a while, and it's essential to consider if the time investment aligns with your expectations and goals. If you're seeking faster earnings, completing surveys and offers might be a viable option, although availability may vary.


In conclusion, Coffey by Givvy offers a unique and entertaining way to earn money. The app's low cash-out threshold and engaging tasks make it an interesting choice. While it may take time to generate substantial earnings, Coffey's payment system is legitimate, as evidenced by my personal experience. Remember to manage your expectations and consider if Coffey aligns with your time and financial goals.



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