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Color Block Puzzle App Review: Earn Cash Per Minute? - Payment Proof Testing

Updated: Sep 13

In this blog post we delve into the widely debated world of moneymaking applications The specific app under our lens today is Color Block Puzzle Through this review we aim to provide readers with a clear understanding of whether its a legitimate moneymaking application or not.

What is Color Block Puzzle

Color Block Puzzle is a gaming application that rewards users with in game currency as they play Available on mobile platforms the game is currently under an Early Access title meaning the reviews are not visible to the users.

The gameplay involves dragging and merging blocks akin to the classic game of Tetris With each successful merge the players score increases and the game rewards with both chests and supposed real world cash.

How Does Color Block Puzzle Work

Upon launching Color Block Puzzle you'll see several icons representing in game currency lives and potential real world rewards Your task is to drag blocks into the middle of the screen earning rewards in the process.

Successfully merging blocks will generate a higher score which in turn leads to earning more in game currency and potential PayPal cash You can multiply these earnings by watching advertisements However the number of ads can become excessive even randomly appearing without user prompts.

Does Color Block Puzzle Pay

In the early stages merging blocks can generate a substantial amount of PayPal currency around eight dollars per level However this reward sharply diminishes as you progress further into the game Eventually the amount earned per level drops down to cents.

The minimum cash out is 50 dollars making it difficult to reach the threshold when the games rewards rapidly decrease.

Ways To Earn Money On Color Block Puzzle

In addition to merging blocks you can earn extra lives to continue your gameplay by watching advertisements Also the application gives you an extra life every hour But the most potent earning method is by merging the blocks and reaching higher scores.

Is Color Block Puzzle Free

Yes Color Block Puzzle is free to download and play However the frequent unprompted ads can significantly hinder the gaming experience.

My Personal Color Block Puzzle Experience

Throughout my experience with Color Block Puzzle the frequency of ads was noticeable Ads are typically used in free applications for monetization but their prevalence was excessive here often popping up without any prompts.

The reward system was initially promising but the rapid drop in pay out was disappointing A sudden plunge from eight dollars per level to cents makes the prospect of reaching the cash out threshold of 50 dollars a challenge.

Can You Earn Money On Color Block Puzzle

While the prospect of earning money is there the rapidly decreasing rewards make it almost impossible to reach the 50 dollars cash out threshold This design can make it feel more like an uphill battle than a rewarding experience.

Is Color Block Puzzle Legit or a Scam

From my personal experience Color Block Puzzle while entertaining as a game fails to deliver on its promise as a viable moneymaking application The quick drop from high to low rewards is a significant red flag and could be seen as deceptive to players looking to earn real world money.

Is Color Block Puzzle Safe

As far as safety is concerned there haven't been any reported security concerns with Color Block Puzzle However the frequent unrequested ads can be annoying and disruptive to the user experience.

Withdrawing and Cash Out Experience

As mentioned the minimum cash out is 50 dollars Given the diminishing returns on rewards reaching this amount can become an increasingly difficult task My experience of withdrawing funds from Color Block Puzzle has thus been quite frustrating.

To summarize while Color Block Puzzle can offer some entertainment value as a mobile game its promise as a viable moneymaking application is questionable at best Its essential to approach such applications with a healthy dose of scepticism and keep in mind that your time is precious Always prioritize applications that respect your time and deliver on their promises.


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