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Find Out If The Color Block Puzzle App Is Worth It! (My Review)

Updated: Jan 25

This Is My Color Block Puzzle App Review

Hey everyone Vince here today I am giving you a firsthand review of Color Block Puzzle! Do you think this is a legitimate money making application or a complete fake scam? Let's find out together.

First Impressions of Color Block Puzzle

Upon launching Color Block Puzzle I noticed its Early Access title this means we as users cant see the reviews yet but no worries lets explore this app together. The interface is straightforward with icons for ingame currency life and supposed real world rewards Intrigued I tapped on the cashout button which offered options to cash out via PayPal or other means For this review I chose PayPal.

Gameplay and Earning Mechanics

The gameplay is simple drag blocks to the center of the screen and merge them reminiscent of a Tetris style setup. As I played I noticed my score and potential earnings increase however the experience was frequently interrupted by unannounced advertisements a significant red flag in my book.

The Reality of Earnings and Advertisements

Initially merging blocks seemed to generate a decent amount of PayPal currency however as I progressed the rewards diminished significantly from 8 per level to a mere 80 cents. This pattern of diminishing returns continued with the reward dropping to as low as 36 cents per level.

Moreover the app bombarded me with ads often without any prompt this not only disrupted the gameplay experience but also raised questions about the apps legitimacy and user respect.

Hitting the Wall of Diminishing Returns

As I delved deeper into the game the earnings decreased drastically what started as a promising 8 per level quickly dwindled to cents. This steep decline in rewards coupled with the constant ad interruptions was disheartening It became clear that reaching the minimum cashout threshold of 50 would be a tedious if not impossible task.

The Deceptive Allure of High Initial Rewards

One of the most enticing aspects of Color Block Puzzle which initially caught my attention was the promise of high rewards at the beginning of the game. The game cleverly hooks players by showing that they can earn significant amounts like 8 just by merging blocks. This strategy is a common tactic used by many apps to draw players in giving them a taste of high earnings that unfortunately dont last.

As I progressed through the levels this initial promise of high rewards quickly faded. The stark contrast between the initial earnings and the later diminished returns was jarring Its a psychological trick playing on the hope and excitement of the players only to lead them into a loop of endless gameplay with minimal rewards. This tactic not only raises questions about the apps integrity but also about the overall satisfaction and experience of the player.

Final Verdict: Is Color Block Puzzle Worth Your Time

Ladies and gentlemen based on my experience I advise against playing Color Block Puzzle. Any game that punishes progression with reduced rewards and excessive ads is not worth your precious time and while it could be a fun game in its essence its definitely not a viable option for making money.



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