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Cointiply App Review: Is It Real or Fake? (Full Guide & Rating)

Updated: Jan 25

Welcome To My Cointiply App Review

In the world of online moneymaking opportunities its crucial to separate the wheat from the chaff Today I'm diving deep into Cointiply an application that promises to reward you with real cryptocurrency for completing tasks surveys and playing games Is it a scam or can you genuinely make some crypto on the side Lets find out

What is Cointiply

Cointiply is a mobile application that offers users a chance to earn cryptocurrency by completing various tasks Unlike many other similar platforms Cointiply doesn't limit its offerings to just Bitcoin It also includes other cryptocurrencies like Dogecoin LTC and Dash The app uses a coin system where you earn coins that can later be converted into cryptocurrency.

How Does Cointiply Work

The application is pretty straightforward Once you sign up you can start earning coins through various activities These coins are the internal currency of Cointiply and can be exchanged for real cryptocurrencies The app offers a balance area where you can keep track of your earnings Approximately 10000 coins equate to around one USD although this can fluctuate due to market conditions.

Ways To Earn Money On Cointiply

Cointiply offers multiple avenues for earning coins

Playing Games

The app has a variety of games that reward you for the time spent playing.

Completing Tasks

These can range from installing other apps to performing specific actions within those apps.


Various survey providers are integrated into the app offering a wide range of topics and reward amounts.

Is Cointiply Free

Yes Cointiply is free to use There are no upfront costs or subscriptions However like many free platforms your time and effort are the real investments here.

My Personal Cointiply Experience

I spent around three hours completing surveys and managed to accumulate 50000 coins equivalent to about 5 USD While the games were tempting I found that the time investment didn't quite match the rewards so I stuck mainly to surveys I also tried completing tasks but faced some issues with reward payouts which was a bit disappointing.

Can You Earn Money On Cointiply

Absolutely yes But the amount you earn depends on the time and effort your willing to invest Surveys offer the best contortive ratio but they come with their own set of challenges like frequent disqualifications.

Is Cointiply Legit or a Scam

After spending hours on the app and successfully cashing out my earnings into my Coinbase account I can confidently say that Cointiply is legit Its not a getrichquick scheme but it does offer a legitimate way to earn some cryptocurrency.

Is Cointiply Safe

The app seems to be safe and I didn't encounter any security issues during my time using it However as with any online platform its essential to exercise caution and not share any sensitive information.

Is Cointiply Real or Fake

Cointiply is real and pays out as promised I received my Bitcoin within 12 hours of cashing out which is quite impressive.

Withdrawing and Cash Out Experience

Cointiply doesn't offer PayPal cash outs you'll need a cryptocurrency wallet to withdraw your earnings I used my Coinbase wallet and the transaction was smooth However the value of your cash out can fluctuate due to market conditions something to keep in mind.

Additional Features Global Chat and Friends

One unique aspect of Cointiply that sets it apart from other moneymaking apps is its global chat feature This built-in chat room allows users to interact share tips and discuss the best ways to earn coins Its a great way to build a community and learn from others who are also navigating the app You can even add friends making the experience more social and engaging.

Time Investment vs Rewards

While Cointiply offers multiple ways to earn its essential to consider the time investment required for each task For example some games may require hours of playtime for a relatively small reward On the other hand surveys despite their frequent disqualifications can offer a better contortive ratio Balancing your time effectively can help you maximize your earnings.

Customer Support and Reporting Issues

During my time using the app I encountered a problem where I wasn't rewarded coins for completing a task Fortunately Cointiply has a report button that allows you to notify the developers of any issues While I didn't pursue this route its good to know that there's a mechanism for resolving problems.

Geographic Limitations

I noticed that some features were not available to me possibly due to my geographic location Australia If your outside the United States you might find that some tasks or games are restricted Its something to keep in mind when considering the apps earning potential.

Market Fluctuations and Earnings

One of the intriguing aspects of earning in cryptocurrency is that your earnings can fluctuate with the market While I initially cashed out an amount equivalent to around 7 AUD the value dropped due to market conditions If your savvy about market trends you could potentially maximize your earnings by timing your cash outs.

Survey Disqualifications A Common Hurdle

While surveys offer the best earning potential they also come with the challenge of frequent disqualifications It can be frustrating to spend time on a survey only to be disqualified partway through However this is a common issue across many survey platforms not just Cointiply.

User Interface and Usability

The Cointiply app is user-friendly with a clean and straightforward interface Navigating through the various earning options is easy and the app runs smoothly without any glitches This enhances the overall user experience making it more likely that you'll return to the app to continue earning.

Payment Delays What to Expect

While I received my Bitcoin payout within 12 hours its worth noting that payment processing times can vary Depending on various factors like network congestion or maintenance your cash out might take longer than expected.

Multiple Cryptocurrency Options

Cointiply stands out for offering multiple cryptocurrency options for cash out not just Bitcoin This flexibility allows you to diversify your crypto portfolio without having to use multiple platforms.

Minimum Cash out Requirements

Cointiply has a minimum cash out requirement which is 50000 coins for Bitcoin and 30000 for Dogecoin While this might seem high its relatively easy to reach this threshold if your active on the app However its something to consider if your looking for quick cash outs.

Task Variety and Choices

The app offers a wide range of tasks from installing applications to watching videos and clicking ads This variety ensures that there's something for everyone regardless of your interests or skills However the rewards for these tasks can vary significantly so its essential to choose wisely.

Final Thoughts on Strategy

To maximize your earnings on Cointiply its crucial to have a strategy Whether you focus on surveys diversify your tasks or engage in the community through the global chat having a plan can help you earn more efficiently Keep an eye on the time your investing and the rewards your receiving to ensure your getting the most out of the app.

Final Verdict

Cointiply offers a genuine opportunity to earn cryptocurrency through simple tasks and surveys While its not going to make you rich overnight its a legit and safe way to accumulate some crypto If your looking to dip your toes into the world of digital currency without any financial investment Cointiply might just be the app for you.



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