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COIN App Review: My XYO Payment Proof (But Is It Worth It?)

Updated: Jan 25

Intro To My COIN App Review

The world of cryptocurrency is everchanging and the COIN app is a testament to that This mobile application allows you to earn XYO tokens by literally mining from your mobile phone based on your real-life location Intrigued So was I Here’s my comprehensive review of the COIN app where Ill answer all your burning questions.

What is COIN

COIN is a mobile application that allows you to earn XYO cryptocurrency tokens The app uses your phones GPS to mine tokens based on your real-life location At the time of my review each XYO token was worth around two cents but the price has been fluctuating quite a bit.

How Does COIN Work

Once you download the COIN app you’ll need to grant it access to your GPS The app presents a map filled with tiles that represent different geographical locations You can mine these tiles to earn COINs which can later be converted into XYO tokens Mining takes just 23 seconds and you can do it as you move around or even while sitting at home.

Is COIN Free

Yes the COIN app is free to download and use There are premium plans available that offer more features and higher earning potential but for the purpose of this review I stuck with the free plan.

Ways To Earn Money On COIN

The COIN app offers multiple ways to earn


tiles based on your location.


Buy parts of locations and earn coins from them.


Complete tasks or offers to earn coins.

Daily Bonuses

Log in daily for bonus drops.

In-App Offers

Complete surveys or play games to earn coins.

Can You Earn Money On COIN

Absolutely While the amount you earn per tile may not be much it adds up over time especially if you’re using the app consistently You can also earn through various other methods like completing tasks surveys and more.

My Personal COIN Experience

I spent around 89 hours on the app and managed to accumulate over 10000 coins primarily by playing games I found the experience to be quite rewarding and straightforward The app even has a feature that allows you to earn coins passively in the background although at a slower rate.

Is COIN Legit or a Scam

Based on my experience the COIN app is legitimate I was able to cash out my earnings to my Coinbase account after waiting for the mandatory two-week account age requirement The transaction was smooth and I received my XYO tokens within a few hours.

Is COIN Safe

The app does require GPS access but other than that I didn't encounter any security issues However be cautious about sharing your location data and read the apps privacy policy to understand how your data is used.

Is COIN Real or Fake

The COIN app is real and does pay out as promised I received my XYO tokens in my Coinbase account and the value was consistent with the current market rate for XYO tokens.

Withdrawing and Cash Out Experience

Cashing out was a breeze I had multiple options for withdrawal including XYO tokens and other real-world options The only catch is that your account needs to be at least two weeks old to cash out.

User Interface and Experience

The COIN app boasts a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate The map layout the mining button and the various modes are all intuitively designed This makes it easy for anyone even those new to the world of cryptocurrency to start using the app right away.

Premium Plans Are They Worth It

While I focused on the free version for this review the COIN app does offer premium plans that promise higher earning potential These plans range from around 20 to 40 a month If you're serious about maximizing your earnings it might be worth considering one of these plans.

Battery and Data Usage

One thing to note is the apps consumption of battery and data Because it uses GPS and runs in the background it can be a drain on your phones resources Make sure you're aware of this if you plan to use the app extensively.

Geminin Modes

The COIN app offers different geminin modes like Active Geminin and Mental Exercise Mode These modes encourage different types of interaction with the app whether you're someone who likes to be on the move or someone who prefers mental challenges like minigames.

Redrops A Community Feature

Gumdrops are an interesting feature that adds a community aspect to the COIN app You can drop your own gumdrops for others to find making it a fun way to interact with other users These gumdrops can contain various amounts of coins and can be a pleasant surprise when you come across them.

Home Base A Unique Feature

The Home Base feature rewards you for mining consistently in the same location Its a fun addition that adds a layer of strategy to your mining activities Its almost like claiming your territory in the digital world.

Extension Devices for Enhanced Earnings

The COIN app also supports the use of extension devices like Bluetooth gadgets that help confirm your location more accurately These devices are geared towards the more serious users and fall under the premium category.

Task and Offer Variety

The tasks and offers available for earning coins can vary depending on your location For instance my experience is based in Australia and the offers available to me might differ from those available in other countries.

Video Ads for Quick Earnings

If you're looking for a quick way to earn some extra coins the app also offers the option to watch video ads Its a straightforward way to boost your earnings without too much effort.

Witnessing Goemins

Another unique feature is the ability to witness other peoples goemins If you're one of the first to witness a significant goemin discovery you can earn bonus coins It adds an element of excitement and competition to the app.

Security Measures

While the app requires GPS access it does take measures to protect your privacy For instance in this review I had to blur out certain parts of the screen to maintain privacy Always read the privacy policy and understand what data you're sharing.

Customer Support and Community

Last but not least the COIN app has a responsive customer support team and an active community of users Whether you have a query or run into an issue help is just a message away The community also offers tips and tricks on how to maximize your earnings.

Final Verdict

The COIN app offers a unique and fun way to earn cryptocurrency With multiple earning methods and a user-friendly interface its a legitimate way to earn some extra income I plan to continue using the COIN app and am excited to see how much I can earn in the long run.

If you're interested in trying out the COIN app look for my referral code in the description below Happy mining.



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