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Bling Apps Review: 5 Different Ways To Earn Crypto Playing Games

Updated: Jan 25

Introduction To My Bling Apps Review

Welcome to my comprehensive review of Bling's cryptocurrency earning apps If you've ever wondered if you can actually earn cryptocurrency through mobile apps your in the right place I've spent a week grinding on Bling's apps to give you an in-depth look at how they work what you can earn and whether there worth your time.

What is Bling

Who Are They

Bling Financial is a company that has developed a series of mobile apps that allow users to earn cryptocurrency They've built a reputation for being a legitimate company which is a breath of fresh air in an industry filled with scams.

How Do Their Apps Work

The apps are straightforward games that require you to watch video ads to progress to the next level Each game has its own unique gameplay but follows the same basic principle play the game watch ads and earn cryptocurrency.

The Apps I Tested

Bitcoin Blast

The first app I tried was Bitcoin Blast a match3 type of game Its a simple yet addictive game where you match tiles to score points The catch You need to watch a video ad to move on to the next level.

Bitcoin Blocks

The next app on my list was Bitcoin Blocks This game involves matching coloured blocks The further you go the more challenging the levels become Its another simple game but it serves its purpose to make you watch ads in exchange for cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin Pop

Bitcoin Pop is another straightforward game where you match the colours of balls Its as simple as it sounds but its a fun way to pass the time while earning some crypto.

Bitcoin Food Fight

In Bitcoin Food Fight you throw objects at a target in the middle of the screen Its a bit like a knife throwing game and its surprisingly engaging.

Bitcoin Solitaire

Last but not least I tried Bitcoin Solitaire If your a fan of Solitaire you'll enjoy this app I'm not a big Solitaire fan but the prospect of earning cryptocurrency made it more appealing.

How Do You Get Paid

All payments are made through Coinbase a popular cryptocurrency wallet and exchange You'll need to have a Coinbase account linked to the email you use for the Bling apps The apps pay you in Bling Points which are then converted into Bitcoin.

My Earnings A Reality Check

After a week of playing I accumulated 120000 Bling Points which converted to about 20 cents worth of Bitcoin Its not a getrichquick scheme but its a legitimate way to earn a small amount of cryptocurrency.

Other Legit Moneymaking Apps

If your interested in other ways to make money through apps I'm currently using Atta Poll Its a survey app that pays real money with a minimum payout of 5 I've already accumulated 934 and the payout is instant.

Conclusion Is It Worth It

Bling's apps are not going to make you rich but they are a legitimate way to earn a small amount of cryptocurrency There simple fun and they pay out as promised If your looking to dip your toes into the world of cryptocurrency without any risk these apps are a good starting point

The Importance of a Stable Internet Connection

One crucial point to note is the necessity of a stable internet connection when using Bling's apps These apps require you to watch video ads to progress to the next level Without a reliable internet connection you wont be able to earn anything So if your planning to grind on these apps make sure your connected to Wi-Fi or have a stable data connection.

The Risk of Using VPNs

Another important aspect to consider is the use of VPNs Bling has strict policies against the use of VPNs while using their apps If your caught using one your account will be banned and you'll lose any accumulated Bling Points So its crucial to play by the rules if you want to cash out your earnings.

Daily Play Limits

Bling has implemented a daily play limit on their apps which is around 15 levels or tries per day This is an interesting feature as it prevents users from grinding endlessly However the good news is that you can hop between different Bling apps and your earnings will carry over.

The User Interface Simple but Effective

The user interface across all Bling apps is designed to be simple and user-friendly The games are straightforward with easy to understand instructions and gameplay This makes it accessible for users of all ages and levels of Tec savviness.

Community Polls What Do People Think

In a recent community poll I asked whether developers of fake money apps should face jail time A resounding 75 of the 905 votes believe they should This highlights the importance of finding legitimate apps like those developed by Bling which actually pay out as promised.

The Conversion Rate Bling Points to Bitcoin

The conversion rate of Bling Points to Bitcoin can vary depending on the app your using In my experience I earned around 1100 to 1200 Bling Points per level across different apps Its essential to keep this in mind when calculating potential earnings.

My Second Channel More Reviews and Insights

If you found this review helpful you might want to check out my second channel where I dive deeper into various moneymaking apps and platforms I aim to provide you with the most accurate and Up To Date information to help you make informed decisions.

My Referral Code for AttaPoll

For those interested in trying out AttaPoll I have a referral code that will give you a 1 head start All you need after that is 4 more to cash out Its a quick way to earn some extra cash while waiting for your daily Bling app limits to reset.

The Future of Mobile Cryptocurrency Earning

The concept of earning cryptocurrency through mobile apps is still relatively new but growing As cryptocurrencies become more mainstream we can expect to see more apps like Bling's entering the market However its crucial to approach them with a realistic expectation of earnings.

The Role of Coinbase More Than Just a Wallet

Coinbase is not just a cryptocurrency wallet its also an exchange where you can buy sell and manage your cryptocurrency portfolio If your new to the world of cryptocurrency its a good platform to start with especially since Bling pays out exclusively through Coinbase.

Final Thoughts Entertainment with Benefits

At the end of the day Bling's apps offer a unique blend of entertainment and earning potential While your not going to get rich playing these games they offer a risk-free introduction to the world of cryptocurrency Plus there fun to play making them a win win in my book.



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