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2 NEW Apps To Make Money Playing Games In 2024! (Payment Proof)

Introduction to Make Money Earn Cash App

Hey everyone, Vince here! Today, I’m excited to introduce a cool app I've been using called "Make Money Earn Cash." This app is all about earning some extra cash simply by playing games. It’s pretty straightforward to use and available right here in Australia, which is great for folks like me. So, let’s dive right in and see how this app can help you make a bit of money on the side.

Earning Potential and Credit System

Now, let's talk about how you can earn with the Make Money app. The app uses a points system where you collect what they call 'point points'. Here’s the deal: for every 3.5 million of these points, you earn $5 USD. It sounds like a lot, but many activities on the app offer generous point payouts. For example, I currently have 123,000 points in my balance which equates to about 18 cents USD. It's all about accumulating these points to reach the payout threshold, which for me in Australia is just $5 USD.

Featured Offers and High-Paying Opportunities

Moving on to some of the juicier parts of the app — the featured offers. These are where you can really rack up points fast. There are offers that pay millions of points for completing specific tasks or playing games. For instance, there’s an offer from AFK Arena that could net you a whopping 265 million credits! And it doesn’t stop there; other offers, like Battle Knight and others, are also paying out tens of millions of points. These high-paying offers are what make the app particularly enticing.

Playtime Rewards and Game-Specific Earnings

One of my favorite features of the Make Money app is the Playtime Rewards. This section is golden because it pays you per minute of gameplay. In Australia, I get paid on a per-minute basis, which I find to be very straightforward and rewarding. For instance, playing games like Lords Mobile or Empires and Puzzles has each brought me close to or over a million points just by playing. The more you play, the more you earn, and this per minute payout system can really add up if you're into gaming.

Overview of CPX Research and Tapjoy Offer Walls

Alright, let’s talk about CPX Research and Tapjoy offer walls on the Make Money app. Here in Australia, CPX Research is actually a great spot for taking surveys. They offer some of the highest rates, which is fantastic for survey enthusiasts like me. However, keep in mind that there's no guarantee of passing these surveys due to potential screen outs and disqualifications. It's a bit of a gamble but can be worth it when you hit the jackpot with surveys offering almost a million credits each.

Tapjoy, on the other hand, surprised me quite a bit. They operate on a per-level reward basis for games, rewarding you each time you hit a new level. Scrolling through Tapjoy's list, I saw offers for millions of credits which translate into substantial USD amounts. It’s pretty intense, and some of the offers are genuinely lucrative, like the High Roller Vegas, offering almost a billion credits!

Digital Turbine and Make Money Offer Wall Evaluation

Now, shifting gears to Digital Turbine — I'll be honest, the offers here in Australia are not that great. The rewards are quite low compared to other platforms, so I wouldn’t recommend spending too much time here. However, the Make Money app’s own offer wall is a different story. This one typically has the best rates for offers, with opportunities to earn millions of credits through various games and activities. It's these high-paying game offers that really boost your earnings, making it an attractive option for gamers looking to make some cash.

Introduction to Cash Wolf App and Initial Impressions

Now, let’s switch over to another app I’ve been testing called Cash Wolf. This app is quite similar in concept to Make Money Earn Cash but operates on a Coinbase currency system. When I first launched Cash Wolf, it felt pretty user-friendly and straightforward. The app greeted me with a welcome bonus, which was a nice touch, offering $1 just for joining and playing a game for a few minutes. This introductory offer definitely set a positive tone for my experience.

Cash Wolf Earning Opportunities and Payout Options

In Cash Wolf, the playtime rewards section caught my attention. Depending on the country, the payment could be per minute or per level. Here in Australia, the rates are decent but not the highest I’ve seen. Yet, there are plenty of games to choose from, which means more opportunities to earn. For example, playing Doomsday Last Survivors got me almost 16,000 coins in total.

When it comes to cashing out, the options are straightforward with PayPal being the main cash-out option, and the conversion rates are fair. You need 33,750 coins for $5, which is achievable with consistent play. The super offers, where you watch ads for bonus offers, and the task area where most of the earning happens, are also parts of the app that add to its appeal, allowing for a varied earning experience.



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