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Scratch App Review: Can You Really Make Money by Scratching Cards?

Updated: Jan 25


Hey everyone its Vince here and today I’m excited to share my review of Scratch App Money Rewards Scratch App claims to be a legitimate way to make money online by scratching cards and I’m here to put it to the test Join me as I explore the platform its features and whether it’s worth your time If you enjoy this review don’t forget to hit like subscribe and leave a comment to support my channel Lets dive into the world of Scratch App.

What is Scratch App

Scratch App Money Rewards is an application that allows users to earn currency by scratching virtual cards with various categories and prizes the app entices users with the chance to win cash gift cards and more.

My Personal Scratch App Experience

Upon launching Scratch App I was greeted with daily reward opportunities giving me a glimpse of potential earnings The app offers various categories to scratch cards each with different prize possibilities As I started with 33 cents I set out to see how much I could earn through the scratch and win games.

Does Scratch App Pay

Yes Scratch App does pay its users The platform operates on a point system where 10000 coins equal one cent in US currency I successfully withdrew a 10 Amazon gift card after earning enough coins While the rewards may not be substantial the app does pay its users.

Ways to Earn Money on Scratch App

Scratch and Win

The primary method of earning on Scratch App is by scratching cards The app offers various categories and each scratch can win you a specific number of coins.

Scratch App Currency and Rewards

Scratch App operates on a currency system where users accumulate coins through various activities These coins can be redeemed for rewards such as Amazon gift cards PayPal cash or other options depending on your country.

Scratch Games and Earnings

I tested several scratch categories and found that each scratch card requires watching an advertisement before revealing the prize The earnings can vary and winning is not guaranteed However after scratching 20 cards I earned nearly 40 cents.

Scratch App Giveaways

The app also hosts giveaways where users can enter by using their earned tickets for a chance to win real currency While the odds of winning may be low due to a large number of participants it adds an extra element of excitement.

Offer Walls and Prizes

Scratch App offers users the chance to earn coins through offer walls which include completing tasks surveys and watching videos However the payout rates for these offers are quite low making it less attractive as a main earning method.

Cash Out and Withdrawal Process

To withdraw earnings users can choose from various cash out options such as PayPal Coinbase or Amazon gift cards The withdrawal process is straight forward and I received my earnings within a day after requesting the cash out.


Scratch App Money Rewards provides a simple and fun way to earn a few extra cents in your spare time While the earnings may not be substantial the app does pay its users making it a legitimate platform The scratch and win games offer an enjoyable experience and the withdrawal process is reliable However its essential to manage expectations as the earning potential is limited If you’re looking for a fun way to pass the time and earn a few extra cents Scratch App Money Rewards could be worth a try.



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