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PLAYTIME App Review: Paid Per Minute Playing Games? - Is It Legit or a Scam

Updated: Sep 13

Every gamers dream is to earn while playing I've embarked on a journey to find out if its feasible with the PLAYTIME app Is it just another glitzy app or does it genuinely reward its users Lets dive right into it.


PLAYTIME is a mobile application available on the Google Play Store that claims to pay users for the time they spend playing games The app boasts a 4.6star rating and has surpassed 100000 downloads This sounds like an ideal gig for those who love gaming but does it live up to the hype.

How Does PLAYTIME Work?

Upon installation the application interface shows you a list of games you can install to earn coins which serve as the applications currency The number of coins you can earn varies from game to game Some games might offer as low as three coins per minute while others promise up to 77 coins per minute Interestingly PLAYTIME even rewards users for playing certain games like Mistplay for a hefty 70 coins per minute.

Ways To Earn Money On PLAYTIME

Besides playing games, PLAYTIME offers a referral program where both the referrer and the referee get a starting bonus of 3,600 coins. Moreover there are tabs at the bottom of the screen including the new tab my games tab and the payout tab The my games tab keeps track of the games youve played and the coins you've earned from them.


Absolutely. PLAYTIME doesn't charge you anything for downloading or playing. They even start you off with a bonus of around 3,000 coins upon joining.

My Personal PLAYTIME Experience

I had high hopes when I began my PLAYTIME journey, given its promising premise. However, despite playing a game for more than an hour, the app's playtime counter recorded only a fraction of my actual playing time. This raised concerns about the application's accuracy and efficiency.

Can You Earn Money On PLAYTIME?

Technically, yes. You can exchange coins for gift cards or even PayPal cash. For instance, a $5 Amazon card goes for 10,999 coins, while a $50 PayPal cash out requires a whopping 200,000 coins. But with the discrepancies I faced in coin accrual, it seems like it might take a while to accumulate enough coins.

Is PLAYTIME Legit or a Scam?

This is a tricky one While the app has several positive reviews there are also users who've had experiences similar to mine where their playtime wasn't accurately tracked While I wont outright label PLAYTIME as a scam it seems there are issues they need to address.


From a security standpoint, I didn't encounter any issues or suspicious activities during my usage. However, the efficiency of coin accrual remains a concern.

Is PLAYTIME Real or Fake?

The application is real and it genuinely offers games to play and coins as rewards But the real question is does it offer a fair reward system Based on my experience and several other user reviews the jury is still out.

Withdrawing and Cash Out Experience

With such vast discrepancies in the playtime counter, reaching the minimum cash out seemed like an uphill task. Therefore, I couldn't personally test the withdrawal process. However, various user reviews on the Play Store indicate mixed experiences, with some successfully cashing out and others facing challenges.

Understanding the PLAYTIME Currency System

The in-app currency is represented in coins. Games are listed with a specific coin-per-minute rate, making the earning potential transparent right from the start. Some games even offer as much as 77 coins per minute.

The Unique Referral Bonus System

One intriguing feature is the app's referral system. By referring a friend, both participants receive a generous bonus of 3,600 coins. This kick-start can be beneficial for new users to get a feel for the platform's potential.

Navigating PLAYTIME's User Interface

The app's interface is relatively user-friendly. With tabs like 'new tab,' 'my games tab,' and 'payout tab,' users can easily navigate their way through the app, keeping track of the games they play and the coins they earn.

The Real Potential to Earn

While PLAYTIME offers various ways to accumulate coins, converting these coins into tangible rewards or cash is the real goal. Gift cards and PayPal cash are among the options, but the rate of coin exchange does vary considerably.

Addressing the Playtime Counter Issue

A significant challenge I encountered was the discrepancy in the app's playtime counter. Even though I played games for extended periods, PLAYTIME often recorded only a fraction of the actual duration.

Public Perception and Mixed Reviews

Although there are numerous positive reviews praising PLAYTIME's rewards, a fair number of users share concerns similar to mine. The playtime tracking system, for some, seems inconsistent, leading to questions about the app's overall reliability.

In conclusion while PLAYTIME offers a unique proposition for gamers its essential to approach it with caution Do share your experiences in the comments and dont forget to check out my YouTube channel for more in depth reviews heres to reaching 100K subscribers and Ill be back with more reviews soon.



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