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Crazy Snake App Review: Earn Free Cryptocurrency Playing Snake But Worth It?

Updated: Sep 26

This Crazy Snake review for Android will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!



Is Crazy Snake Payment Proof and Cash Out Evidence Possible?


Hey everyone Vince here welcome to my crazy snake review I hope you enjoy let's kick this off so this is crazy snake on the Google Play Store crazy snake is a web 3 cryptocurrency based snake game where you have the chance to win cryptocurrency every single day by simply playing snakes you guys remember the one from when you're a little kid well it seems some developers have brought that into the crypto well let me explain my experience with it so this is what crazy snake looks like when you first turn it on it's a bit overwhelming but let me just show you how it works first of all to do anything on crazy snake you need an nft this is my nft collection so here you can see I have my own little creature that I'm able to play Snake with now as soon as I saw this system requiring an nft to play I thought that we were screwed straight off the bat here but thankfully crazy snake allows your way to actually earn a free nft on a daily basis although it's completely by chance bottom right corner of the screen you have the welfare center this opens up a prize wheel section you have chances to win pieces of an nft puzzle which will build an egg which you can then hatch into a free nft thankfully I spun the wheel 13 times and was able to win this little guy in the process I'm assuming this is a developer's way for free users to actually play their app while also getting some money back in return speaking of which it seems it's just going up to 14 as I've been talking this is my ad free Spin I've just spun the wheel.

Is Crazy Snake Legit Or a Fake Scam?

Now let's see what we can get here and there you go just like that everyone I have one gas coin and two Joy egg pieces I'll talk about the gas coins later on I'm going to add these prizes to my backpack and then I'm going to spin the wheel 13 more times and show you the prizes that I get all right second prize is two gas coins and one egg piece let's spin again all right two more egg Pieces Just got some more gas coins and some Joy egg pieces got some more egg pieces got some more gas coins and four Joy egg pieces there again got one gas coin and four Joy egg pieces four more joy egg pieces guys got a gas coin and two Joy egg pieces again got another gas coin and an egg piece got four Joy egg pieces again a lot of these Joy egg pieces got another gas coin and one egg piece got a gas coin and some feed that's a bit different and now I only have one chance left to win today all right final spin gave me three more joy egg pieces there you go so now I'm all out of chances today but I can come back tomorrow for another round of spins let's go check my inventory so at the bottom of the screen you can see all the various different icons we're gonna focus on the backpack right now so here is my backpack everyone each of these items represents different abilities in the game simply tapping on one of the items will bring up its description so you can figure out what it does let's tap on the joy egg pieces now technically I should be able to make two of the joy eggs because I have over 40 of the pieces where you need 20 pieces to make one Joy egg.

That's it guys now the egg is being created top right corner of the screen you can see like a little notepad traffic on that brings up all of your history so it states that apparently my egg has been created by the way it used 10 of my gas coins and as you can see the two eggs are now in my inventory let's open them up I want to open both the eggs up at once just tap open blockchain is confirming I now have to spend more of my coins here everyone I've just done that now okay the order has been submitted it states it's successful again let's open these eggs up here we go whoa look at this everyone we've got two new nfts all right great so now if I tap on my little creature on the left side of the screen you can see that I have three tabs now because I have three different types of nfts now here's the one I just opened and here's the other one I just opened and here's my original one now you'll notice that each type of nft will have its own little bonuses whether that be the group in general I'm not too sure but either way so let's select my donor nft now and there you go that's my character now so hopefully now you've earned your first nft by spinning that prize wheel and now you know exactly how to open the eggs let's move on now to the actual game itself so you have your endless mode and survival mode not only that you have a crazy shuffle cards game and a tournament mode plus even ranked mode let me show you some endless gameplay here so this is what the endless mode looks.

Like it literally is snakes everyone you cannot mistake it you have your length in the top left corner of the screen you have the scores of every single player you're going up against in this match on the right side of the screen and as you can see I just found miserably instantly you also have some rewards that you can earn if you do well enough or if you play for long enough you also have an endless boost feature which I find is fantastic for taking down other players not only that though you can actually move within yourself anyone out there that's ever played Snake usually if you hit your own body you end up failing but on this game you pass straight through your body at least that's a snake that I remember I could be wrong I haven't played Snake in years but I could have sworn if you hit your own body you then fail the game endless is definitely the best way to learn the game in my opinion and also avoid the walls if you hit them you end up failing straight away as well next we have survival mode survival mode allows you to actually use abilities against other players or AI depending on what you want to believe I actually believe that reversing probably AI in these modes to be honest with you if you last long enough the AI will use their abilities.

In survival mode you get abilities including Fireballs electric Fields invincibility it's actually a very fun little mode in my opinion something I did notice though is that when you do eventually fail that little experience barely moves in these modes to get your free prizes I'm not too sure how many games you'd actually have to play to earn anything through these little modes let's talk about how you can actually make money and how the money system works on this application at the top of the screen you have two in-game currencies you also have an energy meter that refills on a daily basis from what I've seen every time you use an endless mode or a survival mode you use one of the energies let's check out the crazy token so this is the crazy token ladies and gentlemen which is the official cryptocurrency token of crazy snakes you can see here that 50 diamonds equals 76 crazy and tapping on the diamonds will show you the real world value of these said diamonds with the cheapest pack being two dollars for 80 diamonds if you run out of energy you can either use your diamonds or your crazy tokens to refill if you don't want to wait at the bottom of the screen you can see the swap button here you can see the conversion rate of what one tether equals for one crazy token.

So essentially one dollar USD currency equals 81 crazy tokens whereas one crazy token equals one cent worth a tether AKA USD here are the current gas fees as well for people that will find that relevant this is the crazy Shuffle area and this is where you Converse other players from what I can see to win nfts each of these chests will contain a certain Rarity of nft keep that in mind let's tap start and here we go so now I just simply match the little tiles in order here which I'm pretty sure you guys have played these type of and match three games before done and now the difficulty is increasing look at that it seems like I failed already so now I actually either have to revive Myself by watching an ad or I use one of my revive tokens but I'll go no thank you then you have the tournament mode this is where you have snakes that will verse each other that you can actually vote on to win a certain amount of currency the only thing is you actually have to put in your crazy tokens which I don't have right now also known as The Daily Quest area at the bottom of the screen here's where it says that you can get gifts for competing in the tournaments but there's a free gift right here so I'm going to claim that now there is also the ranked mode here is where you can see that every single day you can actually win certain amounts of the crazy tokens depending on your score that you get within either endless mode or survival mode.

You have a day ranking where it seems that you get rewarded every single day depending on your score and you have a weekly ranking as well if you manage to hold the best score for the week so at the moment for Endless mode I'm not going to win anything as you can see at the bottom of the screen but then on survival mode apparently for the day ranking I actually have a chance if I can hold this score to win 1.25 of the crazy token which is one cent worth of real life money so obviously the more higher score you get on either survival or endless mode it will enter you in for bigger prizes on the leaderboards every single day and week is the actual prize pools for every single day and every single week with the crazy tokens that's how you can actually make money with this application it seems you just have to keep playing and do better and better with your score you have an events area at the bottom of the screen as well this is simply the in-game store where they want you to spend more money on certain packs whether that be nft packs or gem packs or whatever have you guys you know how these systems work I'm not too sure how many of you guys are actually going to spend any real money on this game I'm personally only going to play it for free then at the bottom of the screen you have the wallet here is the wallet for crazy snake see all your statistics including your wallet ID if anyone wants to send me any crazy tokens you do what you want another way you can make monies with the nft marketplace itself here is the nft marketplace and you'll notice that a whole bunch of these nfts are selling for a certain amount of crazy tokens let's just say that you watch the advertisements right and you manage to get some good nfts with some high Rarity you can then sell them on the actual crazy snake nft Marketplace for crazy tokens which then you can convert into tether currency and then send off to your wallet if I tap sell now you can see here that I can actually start selling my nft you can also incubate and evolve your nfts essentially incubation means that you make I think a stronger nft if I'm correct.

Evolving is the exact same concept you upgrade your nft which I should be able to do right now so there's my donor nft and I have feed packs here so I can apply the feed packs to turn my nft into a level 2 nft let's go speed up and now I've request that from the blockchain it says confirming this is what the default snake looks like by the way that you will have when you first join okay it says nft upgrade successful let's go check and there you go level two everyone so now I should be able to get a better score I'm fairly sure you can also stake on this app as well and do a lucky draw so I can actually stake my nfts to generate I'm fairly sure crazy tokens if I read that correctly so I'm going to stake this nft right here I'm gonna grant them access just stay as successful now it's saying that I have to use my gas coins which I'll confirm now and that's done okay so now I'm staking an nft now you can see it's generating me the crazy token obviously the higher the nft the better staking power it's going to have which is called the hash track so I can come back to this in a few days and see what kind of crazy tokens I can claim eventually let's check out the Lucky Draw sadly I don't have any of the tokens what I can do though is recycle my nfts to get the tokens which I don't want to do obviously but you do have the choice then you can win some rare items it looks like alright so now you know everything you pretty much need to know about crazy snake my honest opinion of it is that I love the idea the whole concept of playing snake and earning real life money through the cryptocurrency is fantastic to me I personally believe though it's not going to be for everyone because cryptocurrency these days is definitely a touchy subject for a lot of people but if you're willing to give it a shot I feel like you could actually have some decent fun compared to a majority of the crypto games I've covered on this channel so far I'm going to continue to monitor crazy snake to see how it goes in the future and I might even come back to it in another video but for now I hope that this opens your eyes to Crazy snake and what you can expect from it please remember to check out my website and my YouTube channel thank you so much for watching I'll see you tomorrow for another review.

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