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Is Coin Pop App Worth Your Time? My Honest Review with Payment Proof

Updated: Jan 25

Here Is My Coin Pop App Review!

Hey there welcome to my Coin Pop review! Today we're going to explore whether or not the Coin Pop app is legit or fake and I'm really excited to share my thoughts with you and hopefully give you a better idea of what Coin Pop is all about.

This money making application rewards users with real life money when they complete levels in various games. The app uses a coin based system where every time you finish a level, you receive coins that can eventually be converted into actual cash if enough are accumulated.

Earning Money with Coin Pop:

Personal Experience, Cash Out Options, and Verification Process

Coin Pop is an application that offers a straightforward approach to earning money. To get started you simply need to install the application and set up your profile and once done Coin Pop automatically assigns games for you to play allowing you to start earning money.

It's important to note that each game pays a different amount of coins per level so the earning potential varies across games also your experience on Coin Pop may differ based on factors such as your country of residence, gender and age.

In my personal experience with Coin Pop I found it to be relatively basic and to the point. I installed an idle game, a racing game and a cat game. Each of these apps rewarded me with different amounts of coins per level. After approximately three hours of continuous play I managed to accumulate enough points to cash out 24,000 coins equivalent to around $3.33.

I have a warning for those considering using Coin Pop. Make sure that the application actually rewards you for completing levels. I encountered an issue with an idle game called "Idle Construction" where I completed 17 levels but Coin Pop did not acknowledge or reward me for any of them. This discrepancy is a significant problem that needs to be addressed promptly since investing considerable time into these applications without receiving the promised rewards can be quite frustrating.

Coin Pop Cash Out & Payment Proof

Always double check your Coin Pop application to ensure that you are being compensated for the levels you complete. Let's discuss the available cash out options and it's important to note that these options may vary depending on your country of residence. I was able to cash out approximately $1.34 for 9,900 coins. However the cash out options range from as low as 69 cents for 10,000 coins to as high as 26 dollars for 182,000 coins with several other options in between. There is also an iTunes cash out option available for iPhone users or those with an iTunes account ranging from 69,000 coins for 10 dollars to 103,000 coins for 15 dollars.

For my Payment Proof I chose the 24,000 coin PayPal option. It's worth noting that Coin Pop is a Just Dice application and based on previous experiences with their apps I expected a prompt payment. However before receiving the payment I had to go through a face verification process and verify my email address.

Keep in mind that Coin Pop has a face verification system in place and you need to have a legitimate email address. Once I submitted my cash out request it took approximately 24 hours for Coin Pop to transfer the money to my PayPal account which was impressive. It seems that Just Dice has once again delivered on their reputation.



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