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Is Cash'Em All App Worth Your Time? My Honest Review

Updated: Jan 25

This Is My Cash'Em All App Review!

Hey there money making enthusiasts! Are you tired of trying out countless applications that promise to earn you some extra cash but end up being a huge disappointment? Well today's post might be the answer to your prayers. Cash'Em All has been around in the world of money making apps for some time now and we're here to give it another test run is it legit or is it just another scam waiting to happen?

Factors Influencing Earnings

One important factor to consider with Cash'Em All is that your earnings greatly depend on your country, age, and gender. While I dislike applications that implement such a system I understand it may be necessary for certain countries. However it's important to note that your experience with Cash'Em All and the amount of money you earn may vary significantly based on these factors your earnings could be higher or lower than mine depending on your circumstances so please keep this in mind if you decide to use Cash'Em All. Consider this as a pre warning and understand the role these factors play in your potential earnings.

In-Game Currency System

Cash'Em All operates on an in game currency system, where the longer you play games the more coins you can earn. The amount of coins earned per game or application can vary greatly depending on your country. Therefore, it's essential to be aware that the minimum cashout amounts and available cashout options shown on my screen might differ based on your location. For instance, in Australia, it takes around 5,000 coins to cash out approximately 67 cents. However, this amount can go up to 26 for 182,000 in-game coins. Some applications and games within Cash'Em All reward players with around 200 to 300 in game coins for reaching certain time thresholds. This is a common mechanism across many similar applications, where you are rewarded based on the time you spend playing. However, it's worth mentioning that the difficulty increases with each payout threshold, making it challenging to reach the minimum cashout for actual payout methods.

Cashout Options

Cash'Em All offers both PayPal and iTunes as cashout options. While I personally haven't tested the iTunes method as I don't own an Apple product, it may be useful for those who do. However, I primarily stick to PayPal for cashing out.

Earning Money on Cash'Em All

Now let's discuss the process of earning money on Cash'Em All and what you can expect. Essentially all you need to do is navigate to the homepage of Cash'Em All select an application or game you want to install and install it through the Cash'Em All app. Then you can simply play the game or use the application. The key thing to remember is that some applications within Cash'Em All offer better earnings than others. However during my recent experience with Cash'Em All I noticed that some of the applications they recommend playing resemble fake money making apps.

It's essential to exercise caution in this regard. While Cash'Em All serves as a platform for developers to showcase their games Cash'Em All must investigate and vet the applications they feature to ensure their legitimacy. Be mindful when engaging with these apps. Focus on earning the in game currency and avoid getting too invested in them. Some of them might be outright fake money making apps. Keep this in mind as a precautionary measure. Despite these concerns apart from the questionable apps my overall experience with Cash'Em All was smooth and enjoyable. I had fun playing with the legitimate and entertaining applications available.

Wallet System

Cash'Em All has a wallet system that I recommend regularly checking to ensure the application updates your playtime accurately. It has been reported by numerous users that some applications fail to record playtime correctly. Even one of my fellow YouTubers who review the survey and money-making apps, Mike, encountered an issue with playtime accuracy on a similar app. It's unfortunate that such discrepancies occur, considering the time and effort users invest in these applications just to earn a small amount of money. Developers should address these issues promptly, as it wastes users' time.

Invite-A-Friend System

Cash'Em All features an invite-a-friend system where you can invite friends to join, and they receive around 250 coins worth of in-game currency. Additionally, you may earn 25% of their earnings permanently. While this system exists, it's worth noting that the rewards for referring friends are relatively low compared to the minimum cashout requirement. In Australia, for example, where the minimum cashout is 5,000 coins, inviting a friend only grants you 250 coins. It would be beneficial if these applications provided more significant incentives to involve friends, considering the required time commitment.

Time Investment vs. Earnings

To put things into perspective, it took me around seven hours of gameplay to reach the cashout point of three dollars and 37 cents in Australian currency. During this time, I encountered numerous advertisements. Is this an application you would recommend to your friends if they have limited time? While I was able to allocate time for this during my day, for some individuals, it may not be an acceptable investment. In reality, dedicating seven hours to playing games or using apps to earn only three dollars and 37 cents may not be worth it. So, keep this in mind when deciding whether or not to use Cash'Em All. Ultimately, this factor will determine if the potential earnings align with your expectations.

Cash'Em All Payment Proof

Now, let's move on to the payment proof section. It's time to address whether Cash'Em All is actually legitimate or if it's a fake app. As I mentioned earlier, my goal was to reach the minimum cashout as quickly as possible. However, I decided to go a step further and accumulate approximately 24,000 coins to cash out three dollars and 37 cents in Australian currency. Overall, my experience with Cash'Em All was smooth, with no major issues. However, I want to highlight my concerns regarding some of the applications they prompt us to play, as they resemble fake money-making apps. Despite this, Cash'Em All did pay me as expected, and the PayPal payment took around one and a half days to reach my account. It's reassuring to see that Cash'Em All and its developers, Dice, are still honoring their commitment to paying their player base. Based on my experience, Cash'Em All appears to be a legitimate platform. I hope this review has been helpful to some of you.



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