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This Game PAYS For Doing Nothing! - AFK Forest App Review (Real Experience)

Updated: Jan 25

Introduction to AFK Forest App Review

Hey everyone, Vince here. Today, I'm diving into an intriguing app called AFK Forest. Its a unique concept where you grow virtual trees and supposedly earn real rewards I'm all set to put this app through its paces and see if it lives up to the claims.

Stick with me as I navigate through its features and functionalities in this detailed review It's going to be an interesting journey, exploring how virtual forestry can potentially translate into actual earnings.

Coin-Based Currency and Charity Points

So, let's talk about the currency system in AFK Forest. It operates on a coin-based currency, but there's more to it. The app also incorporates something called charity points. Intriguingly, AFK Forest asserts that they contribute to charity as you play.

This dual-currency system adds an interesting layer to the gaming experience, blending entertainment with a sense of social responsibility. I'm keen to see how this plays out in terms of actual charity work and user benefits.

Variety of Trees and Growth Stages

Now, diving deeper into the app, I noticed a fascinating aspect - the variety of trees you can grow. You've got choices ranging from maple and cherry blossom to willow trees. Each tree type has different stages of growth, and progressing through these stages promises to yield increasingly higher rewards.

But here's the catch: you need to spend your charity points to purchase these trees. It's a strategic element that makes the game more engaging. I'm curious to see how these different trees and their growth stages will impact the overall earning potential within the app.

Purchasing Trees with Charity Points

Alright, moving on to how we actually get these trees in AFK Forest. So, I've racked up about 32,000 charity points, and I decided to go for the bamboo plant.

It's interesting how the app makes you spend these charity points to acquire trees. Tapping the buy button, I was faced with a choice: plant the tree or invite friends to potentially earn extra rewards. I opted to plant alone. It's a simple process, but it adds a layer of strategy, deciding which tree to invest in with the charity points you've collected.

Currency System and Cash Out Options

Now, let's delve into the currency system and cash out options in AFK Forest. The app operates in United States dollars, and the conversion rate is something like 10,000 coins for 1 cent USD.

What caught my attention is the variety of cash-out options available - it's quite impressive. From PayPal to Amazon and even crypto options like CoinBase, the choices are diverse. The minimum payouts vary, with PayPal at $14 and Amazon around $70. This variety and flexibility in cashing out is a big plus in my book, offering multiple avenues to access any earnings.

Growing the Bamboo Plant and Advertisements

So, I went ahead and bought the bamboo plant. Immediately after that, an advertisement popped up. Watching ads seems to be a part of the process here. Once the ad was over, the app moved on to the next stage.

It’s pretty straightforward: you grow the tree and ads play intermittently. This is how the developers monetize the app. What's interesting is watching the coins accumulate as the tree grows. The app estimated I'd earn nearly 300,000 coins for a 5-hour growth period. It's a waiting game, watching the tree grow and the coins increase, balanced with the occasional ad interruption.

Earnings and Time Requirements for Growth

Now, let's talk about the actual earnings and time requirements for growing these trees. The app initially stated a 3-hour growth period, but I noticed it was actually a 5-hour session for the bamboo plant.

Its interesting because the reward for this duration is around 300000 coins which translates to roughly 30 cents in USD You might think its a substantial amount but when you break it down its not much especially for a 5hour growth period It's crucial to understand these time and reward dynamics to set realistic expectations about what you can earn.

Automatic Progression to New Levels

One aspect of AFK Forest that grabbed my attention is the automatic progression to new levels. I didn't have to do anything; the app just moved on to the next stage by itself.

The tree in the middle of the screen changed its appearance, and a new timer kicked off. In about 5 minutes, my coin count increased noticeably. This auto-progression feature keeps the game moving and adds a sense of passive involvement, which is pretty neat for a game where the main premise is to be 'away from keyboard.'

Overview of Earnings and Gameplay Time

Reflecting on my experience with AFK Forest, I’ve put in about 13 hours into this app. It's been an interesting journey watching the coins add up and seeing the growth of different trees although the earnings might seem impressive at first glance when you break it down it amounts to only a few cents for several hours of gameplay.

This puts things into perspective about the time invested versus the actual rewards. It’s a critical aspect to consider for anyone thinking about diving into this app – it’s more about the experience than substantial earnings.

Charity Contributions and Donation Details

Looking into the charity aspect of AFK Forest, it's quite fascinating. The app shows how much you've contributed to charity through your gameplay. For instance, there's a counter showing how many plants are left before a real tree is donated to a forest charity.

It’s a cool concept, making you feel like you're part of something bigger. You can also see the total number of trees planted by all users, which was at 129 when I checked. The app breaks down this charity information nicely, and you can find more details about these donations at the bottom of the screen. It's a unique feature that adds an extra layer of purpose to the game.

Alternative Earning Options: Watching Ads

Aside from growing trees, another way to earn in AFK Forest is by watching ads. There’s an option where you can click to watch a rewarded ad. It's straightforward – you watch a video ad, and you get compensated with coins.

In my case, I earned around 1,000 coins from an ad. Comparatively, I personally find growing trees a more engaging and better option than just watching these ads. It’s a matter of preference, but the option to earn through ads adds variety to the gameplay.

AFK Forest's Offer Wall and Survey Rates

Now, let's talk about the offer wall in AFK Forest, which is a common feature in many similar apps. My experience with these offer walls, particularly in Gibby applications, is that the survey rates are incredibly low.

In AFK Forest, for example, you might get 300,000 coins for a survey, which is roughly 30 cents USD. It's significantly lower than what you might expect or get in other apps. Even the tasks on the offer wall, while seemingly offering better rewards, are often quite challenging and unlikely to be completed fully. These huge numbers can be deceiving; it's essential to remember that 1 million coins equal about one dollar in USD. So, the survey rates and task rewards in AFK Forest are, frankly, quite disappointing.

Is AFK Forest Real or Fake?

So, the big question on everyone's mind: Is AFK Forest legit or a scam? Well, after spending a considerable amount of time on this app, I've got some insights. I managed to withdraw $3 worth of United States currency, which took me about 13 hours to accumulate.

It's crucial to note here that while the app did pay out initially, there's always the concern with these types of applications that they might only pay once and then stop. Another issue I've noticed is the sudden banning of accounts for no apparent reason.

I've experienced this myself and had to contact support to get my account unbanned. Additionally, there's a daily earning limit, which in my case was about a dollar per day before getting limited for 24 hours. This can be quite frustrating. Given these experiences, I'd suggest using AFK Forest cautiously. It seems to be legitimate in terms of paying out, but there are several issues that you should be aware of.

Did I Get Payment Proof For AFK Forest?

Regarding payment proof for AFK Forest, yes, I did receive a payment. I withdrew the $3 I earned, and to my surprise, the payment was processed instantly to my Payeer account, which was a positive sign.

However, it's essential to keep in mind that many apps tend to pay out initially to gain trust. The real test of legitimacy is consistent payouts over time and how the app behaves in the long run. So, while I did receive payment this time, it's too early to give a definitive verdict on the app's overall reliability in terms of consistent payouts.



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