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4 Game Apps That Pay You PayPal To Play Them! (REAL Experience)

Updated: Jan 25

Introduction To 4 Game Apps That Pay You PayPal To Play Them!

Hey everyone, Vince here! Today, I'm really excited to share with you four amazing money making apps that actually pay you PayPal cash for playing games. I've explored these apps thoroughly and I'm here to break down each one showing you how they work their earning potential and how you can cash out I hope you find this guide helpful and enjoyable.

Reward Hero Play to Earn Overview

First up on our list is Reward Hero a Play to Earn app. This app caught my attention with its user friendly interface and diverse ways to earn. It's not just about playing games there are various tasks and activities that can help you rack up some earnings I've spent some time on it and I'm here to give you a detailed walkthrough of what Reward Hero offers and how you can make the most out of it.

Reward Hero's Coin Based Currency System

Reward Hero operates on a coin based currency system. In my experience, I've accumulated 2,268 coins so far. It's pretty straightforward – you earn these coins by engaging in different activities within the app, and these coins can then be converted into real money. I'll show you how this conversion works and what the earning potential looks like based on my own usage.

Withdrawal Options in Reward Hero

Now, let's talk about cashing out, because that's crucial, right? Tapping on the reward button in Reward Hero reveals a variety of withdrawal options. Whats great is that these options can vary depending on your location. Here in Australia, I found a wide range of options, which is fantastic of course, PayPal is a key option, and I'll break down how the coin to PayPal currency conversion works, including the different amounts you can withdraw.

Exploring Reward Hero's Offer Walls

Alright, let's dive into the offer walls on Reward Hero. This app has a ton of them, and I've spent quite a bit of time navigating through. At the top of the screen, you'll find these fiber offer walls, including the Playtime reward area. This is the first spot I usually check out, especially if you're into playing games.

There's a variety of offers here, each paying out different amounts of cash. I've calculated that, in total, you could be looking at around $5 or so worth of Australian currency for completing these offers. But remember, the offers and payouts could vary depending on your country.

Earning Potential with Doomsday Loan Survivor Game

Now, let's talk about a specific game on Reward Hero the Doomsday Loan Survivor offer. This one's interesting. It's willing to pay me 29 coins per minute, up to a total of 1,800 coins. So, if you do the math, that's roughly around $2 or so in Australian currency It's a good example of how you can earn by just engaging in a game, giving you a sense of the earning potential on Reward Hero.

PayPal Payout Table in Reward Hero

Moving on to the PayPal payout table in Reward Hero. For $5 worth of Australian currency, I'd need 4,450 of the coins. And as you scroll down, you'll see various amounts of coins needed for different amounts of currency, going all the way up to $100 for 65,100 coins. But what's really interesting is the $10 amount, which requires 7,850 coins. This breakdown gives a clear picture of how your coins translate into real money, at least here in Australia.

Real Experience Withdrawing from Reward Hero

Finally, let's talk about my real experience with withdrawing from Reward Hero. I've withdrawn $20 in total, and I'm happy to report that I was paid within 3 days straight to my PayPal account, without any issues.

It was a smooth process, and it definitely adds credibility to Reward Hero. My advice? Check it out and see what kind of options you can get in your own country It's always great to see an app that not only promises but also delivers on its payment!.

Introduction to Scratch Cards Pro

Alright, next up we have Scratch Cards Pro. This app caught my eye with its unique approach to earning. It's all about scratching cards and leveling up for better rewards. I've spent some time with it and I'm here to share my insights. Scratch Cards Pro stands out with its big card in the middle of the screen and a coin based system, which makes it quite engaging. Let's delve into how this app works and what it offers in terms of earning potential.

Leveling Up in Scratch Cards Pro

Now, leveling up in Scratch Cards Pro is key to increasing your earnings. You start at level one and have a set number of cards to scratch each day. As you scratch these cards, your level goes up. Each level up increases the potential top prizes you can earn. It's a progressive system where your earning potential grows as you advance. I found this leveling system quite motivating, as it directly ties your efforts to potential rewards.

Earning Strategy in Scratch Cards Pro

When it comes to earning strategy in Scratch Cards Pro, it's all about scratching cards and completing missions. Each card you scratch gets you closer to leveling up. Additionally, there are missions like spinning the wheel or using the slot machine that can help you level up faster. It's a blend of luck and persistence, but the more you engage, the higher your chances of earning. I've been scratching away, and it's a mix of excitement and anticipation with each scratch.

The Voucher System in Scratch Cards Pro

The voucher system in Scratch Cards Pro is another interesting aspect. You earn vouchers, which are key to getting PayPal cash. For instance, you need about 27,000 vouchers for 25 cents worth of PayPal currency.

You can earn these vouchers by playing games through the Scratch Cards Pro app. The rate at which you earn vouchers varies depending on the game. For example, playing Empires and Puzzles can yield up to 321,000 vouchers in total. It's a unique system that adds an extra layer to the earning process in the app.

Overview of Money RAWR Rewards App

Next up, we have Money RAWR, the rewards app. When I first launched Money RAWR, I noticed it has a pretty straightforward interface. Depending on where you live, you'll either get paid on a per minute or per level basis for playing games. In my account, I've almost hit 40,000 coins, which is pretty exciting. Money RAWR seems a bit different from the other apps I've tried, especially in how you accumulate coins. Let's dive deeper into how you can earn with Money RAWR and what makes it stand out.

Earning Coins in Money RAWR

Earning coins in Money RAWR is primarily based on how long you play games. For instance, there's a Solitaire game offering 112 coins per minute I've noticed that the pay rates seem to have dropped a bit, which is a bit disappointing.

The rates vary, with some games offering as low as 28 coins per minute and others a bit higher. Despite this, accumulating coins is still feasible, especially if you're playing games you enjoy. It's all about balancing the fun with the earning potential here.

Withdrawal Options in Money RAWR

When it comes to withdrawing your earnings from Money RAWR, there are several options. Tapping the payouts button takes you to the withdrawal area, where you'll find a variety of cash out options, including Amazon Prime and Teemu, which is quite interesting.

But, of course, most of you are probably interested in PayPal, which is under the 'more payouts' tab. The minimum cash out for PayPal is quite reasonable, and I'm close to hitting the $6.68 cash out myself. It's good to see an app offering a range of options to suit different preferences.

Gaining Rewards on Gain.GG

Finally, let's talk about Gain.GG. This platform is a bit different as it's a 'get paid to' platform, offering not just games but also surveys and video watching as earning options. Gain.GG operates on a coin based system where 1,000 coins equal $1 USD. The cash out options are diverse, including PayPal, cryptocurrency, and virtual Visa cards. What's great about Gain.GG is the variety of offer walls with significant bonuses.

For example, some offers go over $100, which is impressive. Surveys can also add up, offering around $1.40 USD for your time. Plus, there's a daily and monthly leaderboard rewarding top users, adding an extra incentive to be active on the platform. My last withdrawal with Gain.GG was instant to my PayPal, which was a great experience.

Offer Walls and Earning Potential on Gain.GG

Diving into Gain.GG, the offer walls really stand out. They're a major part of the earning potential on this platform. I've personally navigated through these walls and found them to be quite lucrative. For instance, the Torox offer wall has some really high paying offers, like the Chief Almighty offer for $25 USD and Mafia City for $126 USD. It's impressive to see offers paying over $100.

This is what you want from an offer wall – high pay rates that actually reflect your time and effort. From my experience, Gain.GG seems to have a fair system that doesn't cut too much from the user's earnings, which is a big plus in these kinds of platforms.

Gain.GG's Payment and Withdrawal Process

Now, let's talk about the payment and withdrawal process on Gain.GG. This platform offers a variety of cash out options, which is always a good sign. You've got PayPal, cryptocurrency, and even virtual Visa cards. The minimum cash out for PayPal is 7,500 coins, which is $7.50, quite achievable with the variety of tasks available. My experience with withdrawing from Gain.GG was really smooth.

I was paid out instantly to my PayPal account, which is always reassuring. It's great when a platform not only offers multiple ways to earn but also ensures a hassle free withdrawal process.

The Wind Down!

So, there you have it, folks – a rundown of four money making apps that actually pay you PayPal cash for playing games. Each app has its unique features and earning potential, and I've shared my real experiences with each.

The effectiveness of these apps can vary based on your location and the effort you put in my advice is to try them out for yourself and see which one works best for you.



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