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GAIN.GG Review: Is it Worth Your Time? Everything You Need to Know About Earning Crypto and Cash

Updated: Jan 25


Hey everyone Vince here! Welcome to my GAIN.GG review where I'll explore this new application for earning crypto and cash. I'll provide you with an in depth analysis of GAIN.GG and share my experience using the platform. If you're interested in making money online this review is for you.

What is GAIN.GG?

GAIN.GG is an online platform that offers various opportunities to earn money, including offer walls, survey walls, and a watch videos section. When you launch the GAIN.GG application, you'll find a user-friendly interface with easy navigation, making it convenient for anyone looking to make money online.

Currency System and Cash-Out Options

Understanding the currency system and available cash-out options is crucial. On GAIN.GG, you can access the menu on the left side of the screen, which presents multiple options, including the earn tab, withdraw tab, leaders area, roulette mini-game, and your account balance.

In terms of cash-out options, GAIN.GG offers a PayPal withdrawal option with a minimum requirement of 7,500 coins, equivalent to $7.50. The platform also supports various cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin, Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Dash, and BitSkins. Additionally, Visa virtual cards are available for a minimum cash-out of 50 cents.

Earning Opportunities on GAIN.GG

Now, let's explore the different ways you can earn coins on GAIN.GG.

Offer Walls

GAIN.GG provides offer walls where you can complete offers and earn coins. I found that the available offers may vary based on factors such as country, age, and gender. Some offers offer low payouts, while others can be more rewarding. It's worth mentioning that during my review, 8 Studios was running a 50% bonus for earnings on GAIN.GG.


One of the ways I tested GAIN.GG was through the CPX research surveys. Surprisingly, these surveys had decent payouts, averaging around $1 per completion. However, it's important to note that disqualifications from surveys are common and may require multiple attempts before successfully completing one.


OfferToro provides better rates compared to 8 Studios. It offers various offers with different payout amounts. For example, I found the Almighty offer, which rewards 169 coins, the Mafia City offer with 93 coins, and the Vegas Casino and Slots offer with 88 coins. OfferToro appears to be a more promising option for earning on GAIN.GG.

GAIN.GG Offer Wall

GAIN.GG also has its own offer wall, where you can claim three coins daily. Additionally, joining their social media platforms can provide you with extra coins. Keep in mind that to claim these coins, you need to generate at least one dollar within 30 days on the platform.

Watch Videos

Although I encountered technical issues accessing the watch videos area through the mobile app, GAIN.GG offers a website version called Hideout TV. By linking your GAIN.GG account to Hideout TV, you can earn points for watching videos, with a conversion rate of 27.8 points equaling 24 coins.

GAIN.GG Features and Referral Program


Similar to other get-paid-to platforms, GAIN.GG has a leaderboard system that rewards users on a daily or monthly basis. The top users receive varying amounts of coins or cash prizes based on their rankings. The leaderboard competition adds an extra incentive for users to strive for higher earnings.

Roulette Mini-Game

For those feeling adventurous, GAIN.GG offers a roulette mini-game where you can bet your coins. However, keep in mind that gambling carries risks, and the chances of winning are low.

Account Levels and Referral Program

GAIN.GG incorporates an account leveling system and provides statistics to track your progress. Additionally, there is a referral program where you can share your referral link and earn a 5% commission on your referred users' completed offers. Note that this does not apply to video watching earnings.

Is GAIN.GG Legit or a Scam? My Cash-Out Experience

Now, let's address the crucial question: Is GAIN.GG a legitimate platform?

During my review I encountered a minor issue when my account was temporarily blocked due to an anti-cheat system. However after contacting support, the issue was resolved and I successfully cashed out my earnings. Based on this experience I can confirm that GAIN.GG is a legitimate platform.


In conclusion, GAIN.GG offers multiple earning opportunities through its offer walls, surveys, and watch videos section. While the available offers and payouts may vary based on your country, age, and gender, the platform provides a user-friendly interface and a range of cash-out options.

GAIN.GG is a legitimate platform that pays its users promptly, as evident from my cash-out experience. However, individual results may vary, and it's essential to consider factors such as country-specific offers and the availability of earning opportunities.

Overall, GAIN.GG can be a viable option for those looking to earn crypto and cash online. Remember to check the platform regularly for new opportunities and make the most of the referral program to maximize your earnings.



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