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StormGain Mining & Trading Review


Here's what we know about mining and trading on Stormgain so far!

Hey everyone it's vince here welcome back to another review ladies and gentlemen on today's video i'll be reviewing a money making application called stormgain now this money making application is a little bit different to what i cover here in the channel usually in fact stormgain is a cryptocurrency trading platform ladies and gentlemen where you can actually mine crypto as well for free every four hours now i've been bombarded with these guys advertisements every single day almost for the last like three months okay and i thought you know what let's give this application a try finally and see what it's all about i do hope you enjoyed the video.


please remember to hit like and subscribe if you did now i do hope my terminology is correct throughout this video as i am still a beginner in the crypto world but i have to start somewhere so i hope you guys do understand let's kick off this review now the whole appeal to me about Stormgain of course is the free crypto so my job on today's video was to actually mine enough crypto to be able to withdraw it because yes everyone you do need 10 worth of tether currency to be able to actually withdraw and then use that money for investments on stormgain this is something you might not understand or know so even though when you download and install storm game you can mine your cryptocurrency pretty much straight away it actually only works every four hours so essentially you have to wait every four hours and activate that minor now the thing is with the minor on stormgain.


it literally takes so long to mine up to ten dollars worth of tether one month to earn ten dollars worth of tether for me to use on stormgain now the good thing is the crypto mining system is cloud-based so it doesn't use up any of your phone resources all you need to do is literally turn on stormgain and hit the mining button and then you can turn it off again it's pretty straightforward the thing was though one month to earn ten dollars of free cryptocurrency now i don't want to complain though because it's free money either way once you think about it the thing is though you cannot actually withdraw that ten dollars because that is the bonus money what you can withdraw is the money that you earn on stormgain this is where the fun comes into the application and this is where you really have to decide are you gambling this money or are you going to make smart investments the thing is everyone what you're going to find on this video as well is my personal adventure into the crypto world with stormgain because yes i did use that money for investments and it went as good as you can imagine okay.


with someone that doesn't really have knowledge into crypto now before i start talking about my adventure into trading on stormgain i want to say something about the app itself okay i absolutely love the layout of stormgain i think that it has the best layouts at least one of the best that i've seen for a cryptocurrency trading application or a you know investing application Stormgain has such a vast variety of tokens to choose from or you know coins to choose from it's crazy to me it's actually quite overwhelming for someone that doesn't really understand crypto too much the thing is though if you're an experienced crypto investor or if you're someone that follows crypto or really really is passionate about it you could probably do really really well on storm game so it's not like i'm discrediting the application or what it does or what it stands for the thing is though if you don't know what you're doing you really have to be careful where you throw your money around thankfully that's why i guess they give you only ten dollars to mine on there.


because i have to say everyone that ten dollars actually did work a little bit for me and then it went a little bit downhill when i made a bad investment and you're gonna find this is probably what happens to a lot of people that start investing without proper research on these type of applications keep in mind everyone as well you will need to verify your phone number on Stormgain so if you think that you can maybe trade on here without any verification that's not correct especially when real life money is involved they're going to be strict on identification everyone so i wasn't asked for any license photo or anything like that but i was asked for my mobile number but i'm assuming you probably want to sign up to these type of applications that control money with your real details okay so that's just my warning for you and my piece of advice something that i really can appreciate about stormgain as well is the fact of when you actually log on to the application it gives you an overview of the market for the day so essentially you can see all the movements for a majority of the coins or at least the top gainers and the top losses everyone okay.


so please keep that in mind this is where you really have to pay attention to what way the market's moving for each of these individual coins the thing is though with trading signals like stormgain actually features on it you have to be careful as well to see what way these are really going because if you do nothing but follow the trading signals you might actually end up getting screwed over in the long run at the end of the day unless you do actual research into these coins you're really running the risk of just blindly following these trading signals that stormgain offers you i can't stress it enough everyone especially with my own experience here you gotta really be careful what you're doing with your money on Stormgain that being said though i can definitely appreciate stormgain's effort to make new traders feel welcomed on their platform with the setup and the layout of the application to give you different statistics of each coin now i wish i could come on camera and say how well stormgain worked out for me the thing is everyone this isn't a fantasy this is real life and i went into storm gang without really doing my research into cryptocurrency.


so what do you think happened okay i ended up mining the cryptocurrency for one month and i got the ten dollars worth of tether now i invested my ten dollars all into dogecoin at i think around 21 cents or so around that mark i ended up getting around i think 2.80 worth of profit out of those investments for two days okay which was not bad at all at this point i thought i was a superstar and i thought that everything was going to go my way but sadly as i said this is real life alright so the next trade i went on ethereum to go up okay again another win in my book so i was happy i ended up checking out something called bitcoin cash and i thought you know what everyone bitcoin cash it has a signal that it's going to be on the rally now i'm going to buy into it with all my money okay and the thing is stormgain gives you leverage so even if you don't have heaps of money you can still trade on storm game thanks to their leverage system the way i think they get their money back or at least they are able to run their platform is from the commissions they make every day on your trade i did notice that i was getting a funding fee from what i saw okay so essentially the longer you have a trade on the more of a funding fee you get from what i've seen either way i followed the signal of bitcoin cash that i was going to rally well everyone it didn't rally ended up falling it fell terribly.


and even though on the real graph it doesn't seem like that big of a drop because i'm leveraging money here and i only have ten dollars in my balance it's pretty much wiped me out completely right now all that one month of mining has essentially been flushed down the toilet i only had two days really to play around with that ten dollars that i mined everyone and of course i have no one to blame but myself really at the current time of this recording i'm in the red in bitcoin cash by about nearly 9.80 so Stormgain is telling me they're going to cancel my trade soon.


because i'm going to be liquidated so that's always nice to see now this could have all been avoided if i had just set a stop loss marker everyone the thing is with a stop loss marker this pretty much guarantees a safety net on your trade so you will not lose more than what you want to lose or you're willing to actually invest on a coin now there is also a take profit marker as well which i don't really use at the current time because i'm not necessarily aiming for a certain price there is also a whole bunch of different wallets that you can actually deposit into on stormgain i can show you the wallets that are available but what you do with that knowledge is up to you the minimum deposit limit here in australia is a hundred dollars by the way.


so keep that in mind but there you go everyone that's my trading experience on stormgain i mean i actually really love this system it's very easy to understand and very straightforward but you really have to do research to make stormgain earn money for you but it is possible from what i can see so please don't take my bad experience and think you're going to have a bad experience as well i just advise you to do your research before you start trading if you want try and mine that free currency and you can only withdraw the profit that you make again keep that in mind with all the professional traders that stormgain actually has i truly believe you just have to be smart with your investments and understand the leverage system.


you can actually really make a profit if you work hard enough at picking your trades correctly so i think that this app is definitely worth it you're just going to know what you're getting yourself into and a warning again to anyone that takes that month to earn the free currency please make sure you invest it properly or you risk losing it completely like i have i mean technically my trade is still active as we speak but i feel like i'm going to get liquidated very soon either way thank you all so much for watching i hope you enjoyed this video again new crypto video here on the channel it's very exciting for me i just hope you guys enjoyed it if you did i'll make more please stay safe out there see you next time.

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