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winwalk App Review: How To Get Paid For Walking (True Look)

Updated: Jan 25

Introduction To My winwalk App Review

Hey everyone Vince here Today I am excited to share my review of Winwalk an application that rewards you with real life money for simply walking and completing tasks on your mobile phone As an active user I wanted to dive deep into Winwalks features and explore how it works its earning potential safety and legitimacy So lets kick this off.

What is Winwalk

Winwalk is a unique mobile application that not only rewards you for walking but also offers additional ways to earn money such as completing surveys playing games and engaging in various offers The currency used within the app is called coins which you can accumulate by completing tasks.

Is Winwalk Free

Yes Winwalk is free to download and use You can start earning coins without any initial investment However you may encounter optional in app purchases or offers within the games and applications you play to earn coins These purchases are not mandatory for earning rewards.

How Does Winwalk Work

Winwalk tracks your steps and converts them into coins For every 100 steps you earn one coin While earning coins through walking alone may take time Winwalk also offers other options such as completing surveys and playing games which provide a more rapid accumulation of coins Additionally you can enter free lotteries for a chance to win coins although I did not use this feature much.

Ways to Earn Money on Winwalk

Walking Rewards Earn coins by simply walking While it may take time its a steady way to accumulate coins.

Completing Surveys

Participate in surveys to earn thousands of coins Keep in mind that you may get disqualified occasionally but the opportunity for substantial rewards is there.

Playing Games

Play selected games to earn significant amounts of coins This option saved me time as many games offered thousands of coins for playtime.

Completing Offers

Similar to games some offers provide generous coin rewards but they may require additional actions like reaching a certain level or signing up for products.

Referral Program

Use the invite referral code system to invite friends You can earn up to 3000 coins when your friend collects 100 coins.

Can You Earn Money on Winwalk

Yes you can earn real money through Winwalk in the form of gift cards The cashout options and gift card availability depend on your country In Australia for instance you can cash out approximately 12000 coins for one gift card The gift cards offered were extensive and mostly from local Australian stores but there were online cashout options like Amazon eBay Bitcoin cryptocurrency and the Google Play Store.

My Personal Winwalk Experience

I found Winwalk to be an enjoyable and practical way to earn some extra money To optimize my earnings I took a mixed approach combining walking rewards with completing surveys and playing games This allowed me to have more control over the coins I generated and reach the cash out point faster.

Is Winwalk Legit or a Scam

Based on my experience in Australia I can confidently say that Winwalk is 100 legit When I cashed out my gift card I received it instantly to my email address and I was able to use it instore without any issues However I recommend checking if Winwalk is available and active in your country before using it.

Is Winwalk Safe

Winwalk appears to be safe to use It doesn't require any sensitive information like credit card details for earning coins However I always suggest being cautious and not sharing personal information with third party survey or offer providers.

Withdrawing and Cash Out Experience

Withdrawing from Winwalk was straightforward for me The cash out process was smooth and the gift card was delivered promptly to my email address Remember to check the specific cash out rules for your country as they may differ based on the region.


In conclusion Winwalk is a legitimate and rewarding application that offers you real life money for staying active and completing various tasks Whether you prefer walking playing games or participating in surveys there are multiple ways to earn coins Just remember to check the cash out options available in your country and keep an eye on your coins as they need to be collected by 12 am each night Stay safe and have fun earning with Winwalk.



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