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winQuiz App Review: Make Money Answering Questions? - My Experience

Updated: Jan 25

Introduction To My winQuiz App Review

Hey everyone its Vince here Today I'm excited to share my experience with winQuiz an application promising real money rewards for answering quiz questions In this blog post Ill walk you through how the app works ways to earn money on winQuiz my personal experience and whether its a legitimate opportunity So lets dive in.

What is winQuiz

winQuiz is an application that allows you to earn credits by answering quiz questions These credits can be converted into real life rewards such as gift cards for popular retailers like Amazon Coles JB HiFi and more Keep in mind that the available features and rewards may vary depending on your country.

Is winQuiz Free

Yes winQuiz is free to download and use You can start earning credits without any upfront costs However keep in mind that some offers or tasks within the app may require additional actions or purchases but its entirely optional.

Is winQuiz Legit or a Scam

Based on my experience and knowledge of the developers winQuiz appears to be a legitimate app It is created by the same people who developed winWalk a moneymaking application that paid out without any issues So I have confidence that winQuiz will also deliver on its promises.

Is winQuiz Safe

winQuiz appears to be safe to use I didn't encounter any security concerns during my time with the app However as with any online platform its essential to exercise caution and not share sensitive information with unknown parties.

My Personal winQuiz Experience

Upon launching the app I was greeted with a clean and straightforward interface The main attraction is the daily quiz where you answer questions and earn credits I found the questions to cover a wide range of topics making the quiz enjoyable and engaging.

Ways to Earn Money on winQuiz

Daily Quiz

Answer quiz questions and earn credits Each correct answer typically rewards you with five credits.

Playtime Rewards

Play specific games to earn credits This feature offered lucrative rewards for me making it an excellent way to accumulate credits quickly.

Survey Area

Complete surveys for credits While some users may not prefer surveys I found them to be an effective way to boost my earnings.

Offer Walls

Explore various offer walls for additional earning opportunities These walls contain tasks like downloading apps signing up for services and more.

Referral Program

Invite friends to join winQuiz using your referral code and receive 300 credits when they collect 100 coins.

Can You Earn Money on winQuiz

Yes you can earn money on winQuiz but its essential to set realistic expectations While the daily quiz provides a fun way to earn the primary earning potential lies in completing tasks in the missions area By exploring the Playtime Rewards and Offer Walls you can maximize your earnings

How Does winQuiz Pay

winQuiz offers a variety of cash out options including gift cards for popular retailers like Amazon Google Play Store PlayStation Xbox and more Each gift cards credit value varies but as an example a 10 Amazon gift card requires 12000 credits.

Withdrawing and Cash Out Experience

I haven't yet reached the cash out threshold but based on my experience with the developers previous app I'm optimistic that winQuiz will pay out as promised The withdrawal process y take some time and credits are typically credited daily at midnight.


In conclusion winQuiz is a promising application that allows users to earn real money by answering quiz questions and completing tasks While the daily quiz is fun the most significant earning potential lies in exploring the Playtime Rewards and Offer Walls Based on my experience winQuiz appears to be a legitimate and safe opportunity to earn money However its essential to manage your time wisely and choose the most rewarding tasks to maximize your earnings So if youre looking for a fun way to earn some extra cash give winQuiz a try.



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