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Watch and Earn App Review: Legit or Scam Way to Make Money?

Updated: Jan 25

Earning money while watching advertisements seems like a dream come true. That's what Horizon Studios Corporation promises with their app Watch and Make Money. But is it too good to be true I decided to dig deep into this application to provide you with everything you need to know.

What is Watch and Make Money

Watch and Make Money is an Android application by Horizon Studios Corporation that claims to offer users the opportunity to earn real currency by simply watching advertisements. The company appears to have multiple apps on the Google Play Store centered around this theme now how exactly does it deliver on its promises That's what I set out to find.

How Does Watch and Make Money Work

The app is built on the Unity platform upon launching the app you'll see your balance displayed at the top of the screen and a clickable eye icon that you can tap to start watching an advertisement. After you've watched the ad you'll earn money which gets added to your account balance. The interface is pretty straightforward and seems user friendly at first glance.

Is Watch and Make Money Free

Yes the app is free to download and use. There are no in app purchases or hidden fees. However I did wonder if "free" came at another cost.

Ways to Earn Money On Watch and Make Money

The only way to earn money on this application is by watching advertisements. For each ad view you earn one cent in real currency. Once you accumulate enough to cash out you can do so via PayPal.

My Personal Watch and Make Money Experience

I decided to try the app myself and spent time watching 100 advertisements. After accumulating a dollar I chose to cash out through PayPal expecting to receive my money within a few days as per their promise.

Withdrawing and Cash Out Experience

The cashing out process seemed straightforward but there was no history report or any other feature that allows you to track your cash out status. After a week of waiting my PayPal account still showed no signs of the money.

Can You Earn Money On Watch and Make Money

Technically yes. The app does give you money for watching ads. However the money isn't much and the bigger problem is that it doesn't seem to actually pay out when you try to cash out.

Is Watch and Make Money Legit or a Scam

After waiting for over a week and receiving no payment I attempted to contact the developer via the email provided on their Google Play Store page. Unfortunately I received no response. This lack of communication makes me question the app's legitimacy.

Is Watch and Make Money Safe

Although the app doesn't appear to pose any immediate risks like malware the absence of a payout and no response from the developers raises questions about its trustworthiness.

Is Watch and Make Money Real or Fake

While the app does exist and functions as described failing to pay out users puts it in the "fake" category for me.

Customer Support and Response Time

I tried reaching out to Horizon Studios Corporation the developers of the Watch and Make Money app via the email listed on their Google Play Store page. Unfortunately my email was met with silence. The lack of a response from their side further raises questions about the app's legitimacy and commitment to customer support.

User Reviews and Ratings

If you take a glance at the Google Play Store you'll notice the app has received varying ratings. Some users seem satisfied while many have similar complaints about not receiving their payments. This mix of reviews made me wonder if anyone had actually successfully cashed out from the app.

Technical Issues and Bugs

During my experience I didn't notice any technical glitches or bugs. The ads loaded quickly and my account balance updated in real time. While this might be seen as a positive the smooth experience contrasts sharply with the glaring issue of not receiving my cashout.

How Much Time Does It Take

To give you an idea of the time investment I watched 100 ads which was sufficient to reach the cashout threshold. Depending on the length of each ad this could easily consume a few hours of your time and this might not seem like much but when you consider that your effort may go unpaid it becomes a significant commitment.

Horizon Studios Corporation What Else Do They Offer

Horizon Studios Corporation has multiple apps listed on the Google Play Store many of which revolve around the same concept of earning money by watching advertisements. This raised a question in my mind are their other apps any different or do they also fall short in fulfilling their promises?

Alternative Ways to Earn Money Online

Since my experience with the Watch and Make Money app was not positive I decided to look for alternative ways to earn money online. I found several other apps and platforms that are not only legitimate but also have a track record of paying their users so If you're interested you can find a link in the description of this post.

Transparency and User Trust

The lack of transparency in the cashout process is a big red flag. With no history report or tracking features available users are essentially left in the dark about their earnings and payouts. In today's digital age transparency is crucial for building user trust something this app sorely lacks.

Final Verdict

The concept behind Watch and Make Money is innovative and could have been a great way for users to earn a bit of extra cash. However with no payment received and zero communication from Horizon Studios Corporation I can't recommend using this app. If you're looking for ways to earn money by watching ads or videos there are better more reliable options out there.



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