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Viewfruit Review: Earn Cash From Surveys? - My Real Look

Updated: Jan 25

Introduction To My Viewfruit Review

Hey everyone Vince here Welcome back to another review Today Ill be sharing my experience with the moneymaking website application called Viewfruit Ill cover everything you need to know about Viewfruit its usability rewards and the survey experience So lets dive in and see if Viewfruit is a platform worth considering.

What is Viewfruit

Viewfruit is a website and application that offers opportunities to earn money by completing surveys One of the significant benefits of Viewfruit is its availability in multiple countries making it accessible to users around the world You can check if Viewfruit works in your country using my referral link in the description below.

Is Viewfruit Free to Use

Yes Viewfruit is completely free to use You can sign up for an account without any charges and start earning money by completing surveys.

My Personal Viewfruit Experience

First off I want to highlight the user friendly design of the Viewfruit website and application Its straightforward to navigate which is crucial for a pleasant user experience.

Ways to Earn Money on Viewfruit

Viewfruit offers various ways to earn points which are the currency used on the platform You can gain points by referring friends or completing surveys Additionally Viewfruit has a rank system that rewards loyal users with better surveys and rewards over time.

Can You Earn Money on Viewfruit

Yes you can earn money on Viewfruit However the earning process might not be as smooth as expected due to the strict survey system The disqualification rate for surveys can be quite high which can be frustrating This strict system can make it challenging to accumulate enough points for a decent cash out.

How Does Viewfruit Work

Viewfruit operates on a point based system You earn points by participating in surveys and referring friends The more active you are on the platform the better your chances of accessing higher paying surveys and rewards.

Is Viewfruit Legit or a Scam

Viewfruit is a legitimate platform that has paid out to its users I've come across multiple examples of successful pay outs so there's no doubt about its legitimacy However the strict survey system might not be ideal for everyone.

Is Viewfruit Safe

As far as safety is concerned Viewfruit appears to be a secure platform Its essential to provide accurate information during signup and avoid sharing sensitive data.

Withdrawing and Cash Out Experience

Viewfruit allows you to cash out your earnings once you reach a minimum of 2500 points equivalent to 5 USD While the cash out process is genuine the challenge lies in accumulating enough points due to the high disqualification rate.


In conclusion Viewfruit is a legitimate platform that provides opportunities to earn money by completing surveys It has a user friendly interface and rewards loyal users with better surveys and rewards over time However the strict survey system coupled with a high disqualification rate can be discouraging for some users.

Final Verdict

Viewfruit can be worth your time if you are patient enough to navigate through the challenging survey experience If you're in a country with limited survey opportunities you might find it more difficult to earn significant rewards While Viewfruit pays its users there are other survey websites and applications out there that offer a more seamless earning experience.

Remember different users may have varying experiences with Viewfruit so its worth giving it a try if you're interested Just keep in mind the pros and cons I've mentioned in this review

Pro Tips

Stay consistent with your survey participation to level up and gain access to better rewards.

Be prepared for a high disqualification rate during surveys and stay patient

Thank you for reading my Viewfruit review If you've tried Viewfruit or have any questions drop a comment below I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts and experiences.



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