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Is TT Tube App Legit? My Honest Review on Earning $5.73 per Short Video Watched

Updated: Jan 25

Here Is My TT Tube App Review!

Are you tired of mindlessly scrolling through YouTube and TikTok, only to feel guilty about wasting hours of your precious time? Well, what if I told you that there's a way actually to earn money while watching those addictive short videos? Yes, you read it right! In this blog post, we'll be diving deep into the world of TT tube and finding out whether it's really possible to make some extra cash by simply enjoying yourself. So sit back, relax, and let's explore together.

How it Works

TT Tube offers users the opportunity to earn cash by watching videos, with a redemption option of $1,000 in PayPal dollars once they reach a balance of $10,000. When you start the application, you are required to agree to the terms and services. Next, you can select your preferred cash-out method, either PayPal or Cash, by entering your PayPal account or mobile number. It is important to be cautious while entering personal information on such applications.

After signing up, the interface displays a redemption option of 1,000 PayPal dollars for reaching 10,000 in cash. To accumulate the required cash, users are encouraged to watch short videos, resembling the format of both TikTok and YouTube shorts. Users can access their cash balance and encounter a floating advertisement button by tapping on a small money symbol. Upon tapping the cash button, a screen appears, indicating that the user has won 1,000 dollars.

This amount can be multiplied by hitting the "collect" button, resulting in an increased balance of 2,000 dollars. The money symbol also begins to grow in size, allowing users to tap on it again. By doing so, an additional 447 dollars can be collected. Alternatively, users are prompted to watch an advertisement to double their reward. However, tapping on the "collect" button always leads to an advertisement, as developers employ a strategy to increase the likelihood of users viewing longer-format ads that generate higher revenue. It is essential to recognize that these tactics are intentionally designed to exploit users who may be unfamiliar with the workings of such applications.

When it comes to earning on TT Tube, there are various methods available. Currently, my balance stands at 2,447 units of currency. I have the option to watch another advertisement to claim additional rewards. By tapping on the chess symbol, an advertisement starts playing, and I'm eager to find out the reward. After watching the ad, I collected 965 units of cash, bringing my total to 3,412. While watching a show, a random ad prompt appeared, offering me the chance to double my reward for 401 units, resulting in 802 units. Upon completing this, my balance increased to 4,214.

TT Tube features a bottom bar with different tabs, including video, game, gift, cash-out, and me. These tabs offer additional earning methods apart from watching ads. However, in my opinion, the tabs on the shorts page, such as Hot, News, and Game, seem like distractions created by the developers to encourage more ad views. The inclusion of flash games may give the impression of earning through gameplay, but it is more of a ploy.

News tab

Even as I explore the News tab, I realize it is filled with advertisements from various sources. While these might be genuine job advertisements, I personally wouldn't trust them or apply through this application. The primary purpose seems to be generating ad views. The constant appearance of ad prompts, such as the floating chest icon and money symbol, further solidifies the notion that these distractions are part of the app's strategy.

Now with a balance of 4,700 units, I encounter another ad. The News tab and the game tab on the Shorts page both feature flash games, which I find puzzling. These games often need to be fixed, making them a waste of time. The money symbol persists on every page, highlighting the cohesive plan behind these distractions. Tapping on the game tab at the bottom of the screen leads to a replica of the Shorts game tab, further reinforcing its lack of value.

Gift tab

The Gift tab raises concerns about data harvesting. Applications like these raise red flags, as they often have alternative motives beyond their advertised purpose. This particular tab requests personal information such as name, address, and telephone number. Skipping that part for now, I discovered a mystery box system, where watching two videos increases the box count by five. I currently have 13 unopened boxes. The rewards displayed at the bottom of the screen include coveted items like PS5s, iPhones, Samsung Galaxies, and MacBooks. However, it's important to note that Google is not associated with these promotions or the app itself, indicating a questionable giveaway system. It is either a means of data harvesting or a way to keep users engaged within the app's grand scheme.

Could I Get TT Tube Payment Proof?

Interestingly, I will collect as many of these rewards as possible to see how TT Tube's diminishing returns work. We had 1,100 dollars before the cash out but only 108. We went down to 66, then 26, and finally 10,000, where we can see what is happening with this app. To redeem the $1,000 PayPal card, you need to watch thirty videos within two days. This kind of tactic is very cheap, and scam apps use it to get people to watch even more ads. Now my balance is zero again, and it states I won 432 dollars — that's where TT Tube comes in: nothing but a complete scam application that needs deleting from the Google Play Store. It's in early access mode, so the developer can hide reviews. I want to clarify that Legitimate money-making apps never force you to watch ads like this. Hopefully, this has helped someone out there!



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