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The Ultimate Tree Garden App Review for Earning Money Doing Nothing

Updated: Jan 25


Hey there fellow money makers Vince here and today I'm excited to share my experience with the Tree Garden app Can we really earn real money just by tapping on a virtual tree I put it to the test for you all so lets dive into this Tree Garden review If you find this post helpful don't forget to show your support by hitting that like button Now lets get started.

What is Tree Garden

Tree Garden also known as Grow Your Tree is a mobile application that claims to reward users with coins for growing virtual trees The concept is simple the bigger the tree grows the more coins you earn and these coins can be exchanged for real USD currency.

How Does Tree Garden Work

The app offers a straightforward gameplay mechanic As you grow your tree you earn in game currency and this currency can be converted into real money The app provides four different abilities to aid in growing your tree.


This ability helps your tree grow faster but requires ingame currency to use.

Auto Clicker

A little man hovers around the tree automatically collecting ingame currency for you at regular intervals.

Booster Tab

Allows you to activate certain abilities after a specific amount of time such as doubling your click power or money for a limited duration.

Click Power

This ability increases the tapping power of your Gardener and yourself boosting the rate of currency generation.

Ways To Earn Money On Tree Garden

Earning money on Tree Garden primarily involves growing your virtual tree and utilizing the various abilities provided in the app Additionally you can access the offer page where you can find various offers and surveys to earn more coins However its essential to note that the pay rates for these offers may be disappointingly low.

Is Tree Garden Free to Use

Yes Tree Garden is free to download and use The app allows you to start earning coins without any initial investment.

Can You Earn Money on Tree Garden

Yes you can earn money on Tree Garden The app offers a cash out feature that allows you to convert your earned coins into real USD currency However the conversion rate is quite low with 10000 coins equalling just one cent So be prepared for a significant grind if you want to make substantial earnings.

Is Tree Garden Legit or a Scam

Having tested the app and successfully cashed out a small amount I can confirm that Tree Garden is a legitimate app that pays its users However the low pay rates and drop in earnings compared to previous years are concerning aspects to consider.

Is Tree Garden Safe

Tree Garden seems to be safe to use in terms of not posing any apparent security risks However as with any app its crucial to exercise caution while using it and avoid sharing personal or sensitive information.

Withdrawing and Cash Out Experience

Withdrawing from Tree Garden is relatively straightforward Once you accumulate enough coins you can access the Cash Out options and choose your preferred method of payment such as PayPal Amazon or Coinbase However its essential to consider the low conversion rate and the effort required to accumulate a significant amount.


In conclusion Tree Garden offers a fun and engaging way to earn money by growing virtual trees and using various abilities to boost your earnings The app is legitimate and pays its users but the low pay rates and the grind involved might make it less appealing to some If you're looking for more efficient and rewarding moneymaking apps I recommend exploring other alternatives that offer higher pay rates and faster cashouts.



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