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The Money App Review: Should You Join? (Not for All)

Updated: Jan 25

Intro To The Money App Review

In todays digital age everyone is looking for ways to make some extra cash online One such platform that has gained attention is the Money App by Givvy But is it worth your time Is it legit or just another scam In this comprehensive review Ill be diving deep into the Money App sharing my personal experience and answering all these questions.

What is The Money App

The Money App is a mobile application designed to help users earn money through various tasks like watching advertisements completing surveys and participating in offers The app uses an in game currency called coins which can be converted into USD The exchange rate is 10000 coins for one cent USD and the minimum withdrawal amount is 35 cents USD.

How Does The Money App Work

Upon opening the app you’re greeted with a main menu that offers various ways to earn coins You can watch advertisements complete surveys or engage with offer wall providers like Poll fish and Tap joy The app also has a bonus reward section where you can earn a surprise bonus by watching up to 20 ads.

Ways To Earn Money On The Money App

Watching Ads

The app allows you to watch advertisements to earn coins However the number of coins you earn can vary For example I watched a long ad expecting to earn up to 12000 coins but ended up with only 4000 coins.

Offer Walls

The app collaborates with offer wall providers like Pole fish and Tap joy However the offers are generally low paying especially when compared to other platforms.


The Money App also has a survey section but the pay is extremely low Even the highest paying survey provider CPX Research offers just 10 cents for completing surveys.


The app has a giveaway section where you can enter to win various amounts from two cents to 1000 However the chances of winning are slim given the high number of entries.

Is The Money App Free

Yes the Money App is free to download and use However they have introduced a premium system where you can pay to increase your earnings by up to 100 The plans range from 150 for 30 days to higher priced options.

My Personal Money App Experience

During my time with the Money App I found the earning potential to be quite low The offers and surveys are not worth the time invested and the new premium system feels like a way to limit earnings for free users.

Can You Earn Money On The Money App

Technically yes you can earn money But the amount you earn is so minimal that it hardly seems worth the time and effort The highest paying offers are usually casino based and are hard to complete.

Is The Money App Legit or a Scam

The Money App does pay out as evidenced by various payment proofs However the low earning potential makes it less appealing as a moneymaking platform.

Is The Money App Safe

While the app itself seems to be safe and has payment proofs the low payouts and the new premium system raise questions about its long-term viability and fairness.

Is The Money App Real or Fake

The Money App is real in the sense that it does pay out earnings However the low earning potential and the premium system make it less than ideal for those looking to make a significant amount of money online.

Withdrawing and Cash Out Experience

The app offers various cash out options including Coinbase PayPal and Amazon The minimum cash out is 35 cents USD However some options like Coinbase may not work in certain countries.

User Interface and Design

The Money App comes with a straightforward user interface that makes navigation easy even for those who are not Tec savvy The main menu is well-organized providing quick access to various earning methods However the design is quite basic and doesn't offer anything extraordinary in terms of visual appeal.

Customer Support

One aspect I didn't touch upon in my initial review is customer support The Money App doesn't provide much information about how to get in touch with their support team This could be a red flag for some users especially if they encounter issues with payments or offers.

Time Investment vs Earnings

Its crucial to consider the time your investing in the Money App versus the earnings your making In my experience the time spent did not justify the low payouts Even if you were to engage with the app for several hours the earnings would still be minimal making it a poor return on time investment.

The Premium System A Closer Look

I mentioned the premium system briefly but its worth diving deeper into this feature The premium plans range from 150 for 30 days to higher priced options promising to increase your earnings by up to 100 However this feels like a way to monetize the user base rather than genuinely offering a valuable service.

Payment Delays and Issues

While I didn't experience payment delays personally there are reports from other users about delayed payments or issues with specific cash out options These reports are worth considering if your thinking about dedicating time to this app.

Community and Social Proof

The Money App does have a presence on social media platforms like Instagram where they post payment proofs However the community engagement seems to be low which could be indicative of the apps overall popularity and trustworthiness.

Geographic Limitations

Some features like certain cash out options may not be available in all countries For instance Coinbase doesn't work for me in Australia This geographic limitation can be a significant drawback for international users.

Terms and Conditions

Before diving into any moneymaking app its essential to read the terms and conditions The Money Apps terms are quite standard but they do reserve the right to change the contours conversion rate which could affect your earnings.

The Algorithm Behind Coin Earnings

The Money App is not transparent about how they determine the number of coins you earn for each task For example the up to 12000 coins for watching an ad is vague and can be misleading A clearer explanation from the app would be beneficial for users.

Data Privacy Concerns

While the app doesn't explicitly state how they handle user data the low payouts for tasks could be seen as a way to collect valuable user data at a low cost If your concerned about data privacy this is something to consider.

The Role of Luck in Earnings

The giveaway section of the app introduces an element of luck into your potential earnings While this could be exciting for some its not a reliable way to make money If your looking for consistent earnings the Money App may not be the best choice.

Alternative Apps for Earning Money

Given the low earning potential on the Money App you might be wondering about alternatives There are other more lucrative apps and platforms available that offer better payouts for similar tasks If your serious about making money online it might be worth exploring these alternatives.

Final Verdict

While the Money App is a legitimate platform that pays out the low earning potential and the introduction of a premium system make it less appealing If your looking for a way to make a significant amount of money online there are better platforms out there Therefore based on my personal experience I cannot recommend the Money App as a worthwhile investment of your time.

So that's it for my comprehensive review of the Money App by Givvy If your interested in more legitimate ways to make money online be sure to check out other reviews on my channel Stay safe out there.



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