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Testing 4 NEW Money Making Apps In 2024! (Are They Worth It?)

Introduction and Overview

Hey everyone, Vince here! Hope you're having a good day. Today we're checking out some moneymaking apps never seen on this channel before to see if they're actually worth it. I hope you enjoy!

Bitcoin Runner

First up, we have Bitcoin Runner. This is what it looks like when you first launch it. You have your in-game currency at the top and your real Bitcoin value that you can cash out. You earn Bitcoin by spinning the prize wheel or running down a road, avoiding hazards. Upgrading your character is essential to earning Bitcoin. Watching ads helps with upgrades, and you’ll see a lot of them. You pick up coins while running, but the glowing coins are the real Bitcoin currency. I just earned some Satoshi there.

Most of these apps are scammy, but Bitcoin Runner does pay out. I cashed out 13 Satoshi, which converted to almost 1 cent of USD. Bitcoin Runner is legitimate but gives a tiny amount of pocket change. Now, let's move on to the next app.

Cash Adda - Earn Money and Gifts

Next up, we have Cash Add. This app runs on a coinbase currency system. I had 120 coins when I started. Cash Add is a get-paid-to platform with various offer walls and playtime rewards. However, I was disappointed with it. They have a scratch card system and a street challenge for extra coins. For rewards, you can get PayPal currency or Flipkart gift cards. The payout rates are low; 60,000 coins for $5, for example.

I tried their surveys, but the payout was disappointing. CPX Research and BitLabs had low-paying surveys, and I wasn't credited for completing them. I contacted support and heard nothing back. While Cash Add may be legitimate, I had a bad experience and wouldn't recommend it right now.

CashGains - Earn Money and Rewards

Next, we have CashGains. This app also uses a coinbase currency system. I had some coins when I started, but the offer walls were not available in my country. They had surveys and quizzes for earning coins. The minimum cash out is 36,000 coins, which converts to $50, a very high minimum.

The highest paying surveys offered 2,000 coins, making it difficult to reach the cash out minimum. This app may be legitimate, but with such a high cash out minimum, I don't think it's worth anyone's time right now.

BlockGames - Rewarding Play

Next, we have BlockGames. This app is a get-paid-to platform where you play games for cash. They have a coinbase currency system and offer cash outs in Amazon gift cards, PayPal, and USDC. You earn coins by entering contests, converting credits into tickets, or playing games.

The offers vary; some games have better payouts than others. For example, Raid Shadow Legends offers high rewards due to its difficulty. While it's not an app for me, it has a thriving community, and some might find it useful. You can learn more about their block token on their website.

Rock Paper Scissors Rewards

Last up, we have my own app, Rock Paper Scissors Rewards. This is a personal project I've been building with my Discord community. The goal is to beat the bot in Rock Paper Scissors three times in a row to earn tokens. These tokens can be shown off in our Discord community.

The ultimate goal is to reach 2 million tokens. Beating the bot three times in a row gives you almost 10,000 tokens. You can also earn instant tokens through a bonus gift. While the app doesn't directly make money, we have community events and monthly giveaways on Discord, unrelated to the app. Join us and be part of the fun!


Alright everyone, that wraps it up for today. Hopefully, this year brings us better applications. Check out my channel for almost 1,000 moneymaking reviews. Stay safe out there, and hopefully, see you in the Discord community!



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