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Is SurveyKing App Worth Your Time? My Review of the Cash-Out Process

Updated: Jan 25

Is SurveyKing Payment Proof and Cash Out Evidence Possible?


Hey everyone Vince here welcome to my survey King review I hope you enjoy let's kick this off this is survey King on the Google Play store survey King's concept is very simple complete surveys to earn straight up money today I'm going to show you how the application works and what you can expect when you use it so this is what survey King looks like when you first turn it on as you can see it has a very simple design and this is something I can really appreciate you have so many different survey providers available straight off the bat and at the bottom of the screen you have to earn extra points area refer and earn and the earn more tax bottom of the screen you have the wallet button here you are able to see the balance area of survey King you have your points and then you have your currency conversion for your points 237 or the points equals 24 Cent USD so that's how you can break down the currency conversion rate pretty much 10 points equals 10 cents USD at least here in Australia you then have your withdrawal money area where you can see PayPal pay year Buy Finance advance cash and perfect money now you'll notice the incredibly low minimum cash out of one dollar for PayPal and all the other currencies as well which is absolutely fantastic you also see the transaction area where you can see that I've actually had a transaction before I recorded this video but we'll get into my cash ad experience later on.

Is SurveyKing Legit Or a Fake Scam?

Next to the wallet button you have the stats button this is where you can see the earning statistics for all the members of survey King it's pretty interesting to see how much money is being thrown around here on the application like right here someone's earned almost a single dollar from one offer and here you can see that someone's cashed out five dollars worth of currency let me show you the earning potential of survey King at least here in Australia let's check out the CPX research tab so here's what the CPX research tab is offering me I have to say it's actually quite a decent amount of currency for what they're offering especially compared to some of the recent survey applications I've covered but again you definitely want to shop around and not just stick to one offer wall provider which I'll show you why now let's check out bit Labs so here's the surveys that bitlabs is offering me my country not too bad at all obviously you want to try and complete the best surveys first such as this one for nine minutes for 750 points now.

What about if we tap offers so here is where you can complete offers instead of completing surveys I know a lot of you guys out there don't really like surveys so at least now you have the opportunity to install applications and play games to earn these points what I recommend you do is obviously judge which one's the best in your own country and then go from there of course how about ethereum reach so ethereum reach is actually pretty solid here on survey King I'm getting surveys that are offering up almost a dollar or more which is quite nice to see obviously with surveys though you run the risk of disqualifications so none of this is guaranteed and this is something I want to make absolutely clear just because I've had a decent run here in Australia I can't guarantee you'll have the same in your own country not only because of your country but because of gender and age as well plus your job and other factors anyone that's ever completed a survey before knows how big some of these providers are by the way this is the in-brain survey walk now the points that I get from the in-brain wall definitely aren't as good as a CPX research and the other providers I've just shown you but at least the opportunity.

Is there now what about the earn extra points area so here we have the option to actually watch video ads or complete awful walls if we watch an ad we can get between 1 and 10 points and we can watch it up to 40 times I'm assuming that's per day by the way then we have the awful War area tapping on that brings up a whole new selection of offer walls that are available for instance this is the ah Studio off a wall now as you can see we have so many different offers available again whether or not this is actually going to be worth your time as I said earlier you're going to have to decide for yourself but at the end of the day they have multiple earning opportunities with these offer wolves which is actually fantastic for a money making application I'm not going to go through every single one of these offer walls today as I will waste time but I'm sure you guys understand the idea of it then we have the refer and earn area so this is a simple referral system whoever you refer you earn 20 bonus of what they earn completely for free of course not affecting you you can find my referral Link in the description below by the way.

Now what about that last and more tab at the bottom of the screen this is another application it looks like that they want you to download perhaps we'll look at that another time now the last area is the account area this is simply where you can find all your account settings and of course your account history here's my account history by the way I was able to complete two surveys within a 30 minute time span to earn my PayPal dollar now the big question is though is survey King legit or a scam well everyone I cashed out one single dollar to my Paypal account and I'm very happy to say within 48 hours I was paid to my account without any issues so at least at the time of this recording survey King is a solid application in my opinion but at least you should try out in your country to see what you can earn please remember to check out my website and my YouTube channel thank you so much for watching I'll see you tomorrow for another review.



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