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Is Royal Slice App Really Legit? My Payment Proof Revealed

Updated: Jan 25

Hey everyone its Vince Today I’m excited to bring you a review of Royal Slice an application that claims to reward you with real money by playing a game similar to Fruit Ninja In this review Ill explore how Royal Slice works its earning potential and whether it’s a legitimate way to make money.

Introducing Royal Slice

Royal Slice is a mobile application available on the Google Play Store that challenges players to slice fruits and generate virtual currency The games objective is to complete various cooking missions by slicing the fruits or vegetables that appear on the screen The gameplay is reminiscent of Fruit Ninja which many players are familiar with.

Gameplay and Objectives

When you first launch Royal Slice you’ll find different sections on the home screen The Hub is where you start and it displays your current progress The Rewards tab holds your earned rewards while the Next Meal area presents daily objectives to complete By fulfilling the objectives such as Cook a Sausage Bake a Pizza and Make an Ice Cream you can claim rewards.

Earning Currency on Royal Slice

The games currency system might not work as you expect which is an essential point to consider before diving in While slicing fruits generates in game currency it’s not directly convertible to real money Instead Royal Slice introduces a Playtime Rewards feature where you can play other games within the app to earn virtual vouchers.

Playtime Rewards The Key to Earnings

To access the Playtime Rewards tap on the Get Vouchers button at the bottom of the screen Here you can play various games that reward you with vouchers based on your country age and gender The earning potential varies depending on the applications and the length of playtime Keep in mind that the longer you play the harder it becomes to generate vouchers.

Calculating Payout Potential

The vouchers earned from playing the games can be converted into real currency The payout potential varies depending on the games available in your country Some apps may offer higher voucher rates while others might not be worth your time.

Is Royal Slice Legitimate or a Scam

While Royal Slice may not directly pay you for slicing fruits the Playtime Rewards feature provides a legitimate way to earn virtual vouchers by reaching the required voucher amount you can cash out your earnings Keep in mind that some users might not appreciate the face verification requirement for cashing out.

My Cash Out Experience

I decided to try out Royal Slice and managed to earn enough vouchers for a 125 cash out After completing the cash out process I received the payment in my PayPal account within a day However it’s worth noting that the payment was in Euro currency not USD as initially stated.

Pros and Cons of Royal Slice


Fun gameplay similar to Fruit Ninja

Playtime Rewards feature for additional earnings

Real money cashouts via PayPal


Fruit slicing doesnt directly generate real money

Face verification for cashouts may be offputting

Voucher earnings vary based on games and playtime

Conclusion Is Royal Slice for You

Royal Slice offers a unique approach to earning money through its Playtime Rewards feature While the fruit slicing aspect may not directly generate cash the app provides a legitimate opportunity to earn virtual vouchers which can be converted into real currency Keep in mind that the earning potential may vary based on the games available in your country and the time you invest.

Join Royal Slice and Give It a Try

If you’re intrigued by the concept and want to try Royal Slice you can find the app on the Google Play Store Remember to explore the Playtime Rewards feature for the best earning opportunities.

Stay Updated and Informed

Royal Slice may be an exciting way to make money but it’s always essential to stay informed about the latest updates and changes Follow the apps community and social media channels to stay up to date with new features and opportunities.



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