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Royal Dice Party App Review: How Much Can You Really Make?

Updated: Sep 26

This Royal Dice Party review for Android will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!


Is Royal Dice Party Payment Proof and Cash Out Evidence Possible?


Hey everyone Vince here welcome to my Royal dice party review can we earn hundreds of dollars by Rolling some dice on an application that's exactly what we're gonna find out strap yourselves in it's going to be a bumpy ride we're on the road to 100K subscribers by the way so thank you so much for your support let's kick this off so this is what royal dice party looks like on the Google Play Store it's sitting on over 500 000 downloads everywhere I have no idea what to expect with this one guys okay I'm assuming we're going to get blown away with the stuff we're gonna see I think it's really going to be a fun episode today so this is what you agree to do when you first turn on Royal dice party instantly we can win an iWatch everyone worth 449 all you need to do is check in three days in a row and then you can win this watch apparently let me tap sign in now by the way they can't even spell sign properly just an FYI we are off to a ripping start all right now that we're signed in we can now actually play the application.

Is Royal Dice Party Legit Or a Fake Scam?

At the top of the screen you have your PayPal currency to the right of that we have the giveaway area a lucky spin wheel and of course the iWatch to the left of that at the top of the screen we have the in-game currency we then have the settings some sort of safe and PayPal cash out area it seems we also have some sort of jackpot at the top of the screen as well we then of course have the dice creatures themselves I mean it's pretty weird they have these dice built into the top of their heads and at the bottom of the screen we have the roll feature now this has a limit of 10 rolls it looks like at a time it's a pretty straightforward setup and I have to say it does look pretty neat which is nice to see let's check out the giveaway area and the right side of the screen so here's one of these situations where we gifted a whole bunch of these free giveaways right but the thing is you need to collect the puzzle pieces now I'll give this app some credit there are a lot of different items here where it goes wrong though in my opinion is that the puzzle piece system is a complete joke not just for this application but for all money making applications in general okay every single one I've seen has been a complete waste of time think about it everyone a one thousand dollar PlayStation 5 right you need 30 puzzle pieces to claim it and it has the exact same puzzle limit for every single item on the list now in my view that's completely unrealistic and pretty much can never be achieved let's check out the Lucky Spin area now so the Lucky Spin area is one of these straightforward Spinning Wheel Systems.

Okay you have the spin button at the bottom of the screen there very easy to understand then you have these little presents there as well saying that if we spin to this area we'll get a big reward it looks like the spinning wheel also has a whole bunch of PayPal and in-game currency on it so let's tap spin now all right the wheel is spinning let's see if we get anything of use for us I'm hoping some sort of PayPal currency and lucky enough with apparently just won 71 dollars just like that everyone of PayPal currency so let's tap on the free button now usually I'm used to some advertisement hearing so let's see if they're going to put us behind an advertisement wall to spin the wheel by the way our balance is now 71 let's tap spin again to spin the wheel again let's see what comes up hopefully something of interest and some in-game currency 86 000 of the coins let's tap free now at least my coin balance has been updated going to tap spin again fingers crossed we can get some big PayPal here hopefully and more in-game currency and here we go there is the ad so just like every single out of one of these money making apps the advertisement prompt appeared now these systems are very predictable at this point it seems like they give you one or two free spins and then they give you the ad straight after so I'm going to press no thanks but I did unlock a present which apparently has just allowed me to earn 77 worth of the PayPal currency.

I will claim that for the video's sake all right so now we're sitting on 148 PayPal currency and 86 000 of the in-game currency let's go back to the home page this save on the left hand corner of this screen is now saying I can claim it claiming the safe brings up some sort of a lucky gift area where you have to watch advertisements to unlock the gifts now for video's sake I'm going to watch the advertisement and open the gear apparently if I watch all four boxes I get a big reward I'm only going to open the top one for today's video because I have a feeling I know how this system works the ad has been watched and I only earned about a hundred and ten thousand of the in-game currency now I'm going to open the next one because I really want to see if it gives us any PayPal and there we go everyone 33 dollars worth of PayPal let's continue on here now shall we now tapping on this cash out button brings us to the crazy cash area this is apparently where we can earn a thousand dollars worth of PayPal currency and at the bottom of the screen you can see that you only have about 24 hours to collect it interesting I'm going to start rolling the dice here and see what happens so just tap roll here we go I have to say guys this is pretty well made like for what I think this is it actually looks pretty decent.

I'm sure you guys can agree with that as well all right here we go four of a kind okay and 38 just like that for rolling the dice and now I have to claim it and of course watch an advertisement so this is where it really starts to unravel itself straight away but let's keep playing their game going to hit roll again pretty much it gets to the point where you're just gonna keep on rolling that dice over and over again and to watch these little bobble heads jump around now I have to say I'm shocked because usually these apps are pretty badly designed but it looks good and I think it would have been a solid game but it's promising real money this is where things start to get really messy just got some in-game currency here I'm gonna say no to it though we'll keep on rolling because all I'm after really is that PayPal currency at this point it seems like you can land on nothing by the way so your role pretty much goes to waste luckily I just land on something there though now I just won thirty seven dollars and I'm going to claim that I'll be back in a second everyone I'm gonna watch some ads and keep rolling that dice so this is pretty interesting.

It seems I've just won a big win of in-game game currency and it seems there's even boosts available where you can actually increase the amount of rewards you get here it says I can triple my money for the next three wins so now I've actually unlocked some puzzle pieces as well in fact there's about what nine of them there that's pretty intense everyone one puzzle piece for like each of the items almost just like that for rolling a dice there's even a slot machine element to this application if you get a Full House look at this everyone three times right there as well the reward so technically I'm about to win 303 dollars let's claim it now all right just like that the slot machine element is over but look at this everyone it says for me to keep fever I have to watch an advertisement so this slot machine element just keeps on going essentially all right look at this everyone it just keeps on spinning and spinning and spinning here just endless loop because I'm watching the ads obviously while it's supposedly giving me some PayPal currency I'm not really complaining because I'm almost at a thousand dollars already somehow all right the slot machine is over officially apparently my total win was 362. let's tap on the PayPal currency.

Now in the top right corner of the screen this takes you to the same crazy cash area I showed you before now tapping on the in-game currency brings up another area here of cash out options you can see you have many many options available here but sadly no PayPal for the in-game coin but if you have a look here 500 Google Play cards 600 Google Play card 800 Google Play card a thousand dollar Google Play card fifteen hundred dollar Google Play car and you need millions of the in-game currency by the way I've been playing for about 40 minutes and I've only clocked up about 200 000 coins like seriously everyone you can imagine how many coins you need dude and how long it's gonna take I'm gonna try and get to a thousand PayPal currency for you all to see what happens when we cash out the PayPal so apparently I've just won some sort of jackpot now everyone for the in-game currency so I'm gonna tap claim and see what happens next even with that jackpot.

I'm still nowhere near close to actually cashing out one of the minimum gift cards here alright so something I've noticed everyone the closer I'm getting to that one thousand dollars worth of PayPal the less and less PayPal I'm receiving from the dice game starting to look like we're getting diminishing returns ladies and gentlemen because I keep getting 15 now over and over again I'm at 914 dollars now and my mega win has only giving me ten dollars everyone I've easily watched about 50 advertisements so far by the way this is insane it's literally flick the switch at the start it was all good now it's painful alright everyone the time has come after another 20 advertisements I kid you not do we have one thousand and four dollars out of the one thousand dollars needed let's enter in our PayPal account I would be very cautious about entering in any real information on these type of applications by the way but I'm a reviewer so it's my job but you guys should be very careful and under believably it puts us behind an ad wall I kid you not you must watch 30 videos to activate the order and you only have 24 hours to do so tapping on instantly complete brings up a window stating that they have 50 off of giving your real money of up to 3.29 USD to activate the order this is unbelievable Brian how is Google allowing something like this I just don't understand it might have a nice design but Royal dice party is a pathetic scam application in my opinion and needs to be avoided at all costs if you actually want apps that will pay you PayPal check out my video here and also check out my website and of course my YouTube channel we're on the road to 100K subscribers guys so don't forget to leave your support thank you for watching see you tomorrow.

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