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Royal Dice Party App Review: Is It Legit or a Scam? (Full Truth Revealed)

Updated: Jan 25

Introduction to Royal Dice Party App Review

Hey everyone, Vince here. Today I'm diving into a review of the Royal Dice Party app a game that's been making some waves with its bold claims of earning real money. With over 500,000 downloads this app has certainly caught the attention of many including myself.

First Impressions of Royal Dice Party

Jumping right into Royal Dice Party, the first thing that strikes me is its neat setup. The app has a clean and appealing interface, which is always a good sign. At the top of the screen, there's a display of your PayPal balance and various other features like the giveaway area, a lucky spin wheel, and an intriguing iWatch offer.

The dice creatures, with dice on their heads, add a quirky touch to the game. It's a straightforward layout, but it's the underlying promises of big rewards that really pique my interest. Let's see if the app can hold up to these initial impressions.

Initial Offers and Promises in Royal Dice Party

Right off the bat, Royal Dice Party hits you with some pretty enticing offers. The most eye catching one is the chance to win an iWatch, valued at $449, just by checking in for three consecutive days. However, the spelling errors in the app, like 'sign in' misspelled, raise a bit of a red flag for me.

But, the promise of easy rewards is hard to ignore. The app seems to be setting high expectations with its offers, so I'm curious to see how achievable these rewards really are.

Exploring the Gameplay and Features

As I delve deeper into the gameplay, the setup remains pretty straightforward the main feature of course is rolling the dice, which is limited to 10 rolls at a time. The app also includes a jackpot feature at the top of the screen, adding to the excitement. In the giveaway area, there's a catch the puzzle piece system.

It's a common feature in many money making apps, but in my experience, it's often unrealistic to complete. The Lucky Spin area is another key feature, offering a mix of PayPal cash and in game currency. It's a simple spinning wheel mechanism, but it's the potential rewards that keep you engaged. Let's see if these features are as rewarding as they promise to be.

The Puzzle Piece System in Royal Dice Party

Now, let's talk about the puzzle piece system in Royal Dice Party. This is a feature I've seen in many money making apps, and honestly, it's always been a bit of a letdown. The concept is simple collect puzzle pieces to claim big ticket items like a PlayStation 5. Sounds easy, right? But here's the catch you need 30 pieces for each item, and from what I've seen, that's a tall order.

In my view, it's an unrealistic goal, a bit of a tease really. Every item no matter its value requires the same number of pieces It's a system that in my experience ends up being more frustrating than rewarding.

Experiencing the Lucky Spin Feature

Moving on to the Lucky Spin feature, this was an interesting part of the Royal Dice Party experience. It's a straightforward spinning wheel system, where you can win either PayPal cash or in game currency.

My first spin landed me a surprising $71 in PayPal currency. It seemed too good to be true, and typically, these kinds of rewards come with a catch, like an ad wall. But initially, the app allowed a couple of free spins before hitting me with ads. It's a common tactic in these apps – lure you in with the promise of easy money, then gradually increase the ad frequency.

Earning PayPal Currency and In Game Coins

Earning PayPal currency and in game coins in Royal Dice Party seemed promising at first. The app started off generously, with significant PayPal rewards from the Lucky Spin and dice rolls. My balance quickly grew, which was exciting. However, as I delved deeper, the returns started diminishing.

The more I played, the less PayPal currency I seemed to earn, with rewards dropping to as low as $10 or $15 per win. This pattern is typical of many similar apps – a strong start, followed by a slow grind as you approach the cash out threshold.

Advertisement Frequency and Impact

Now, let's talk about the elephant in the room – advertisements. At first, Royal Dice Party was pretty mild with its ads, giving me a few free spins and rewards before introducing them. But as I progressed, the frequency of ads increased significantly.

It became a predictable cycle roll the dice or spin the wheel, then watch an ad. The more I played, the more ads I had to watch, especially as the PayPal rewards decreased. This heavy ad presence is a common strategy in these types of apps, where the real profit seems to be in ad revenue rather than user payouts.

The Cash Out Process in Royal Dice Party

When it came to the cash out process in Royal Dice Party, things took a turn for the worse. After grinding to reach that $1,000 mark in PayPal currency, the moment of truth arrived. But here's the kicker – cashing out wasn't straightforward. The app required me to watch 30 videos within 24 hours to activate the order.

And if that wasn't enough, they even offered a 'shortcut' to bypass this by paying real money. This was a huge red flag for me. It's a tactic I've seen before making the cash out process so tedious that it either forces you to watch an excessive number of ads or tempts you to spend real money.

Is Royal Dice Party Legit or a Scam?

Based on my experience, I'm leaning towards calling Royal Dice Party a scam. The unrealistic puzzle piece system, diminishing PayPal rewards, and a cash out process riddled with ads and paywalls all point to a model that benefits the app more than its users.

The initial promises and easy earnings seem to be a facade, with the end goal being to push ads or encourage in app purchases. It's a classic case of too good to be true.

Did I Get Royal Dice Party Payment Proof?

As for payment proof from Royal Dice Party, the answer is no. Despite reaching the supposed cash out threshold, the hurdles placed in the final step made it impractical, if not impossible, to actually receive any money.

The requirement to watch a massive number of ads or pay real money to complete the cash out process is a major deterrent. This lack of tangible payout proof only adds to my skepticism about the app's legitimacy.

My Final Verdict on Royal Dice Party

In conclusion, my verdict on Royal Dice Party is pretty clear it's a no go for me. While the app presents itself with a neat design and the allure of easy money, the reality is far from it. The gameplay is overshadowed by an overwhelming number of ads, and the promised rewards seem unattainable.

The cash out process is designed to be so cumbersome that it discourages users from actually receiving any money. In my opinion, Royal Dice Party is more about generating ad revenue and less about rewarding its players. If you're looking for genuine money making apps, I'd recommend steering clear of this one and looking elsewhere.



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