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Roaster Earn App Review: Is It Real Or Fake? (Real Truth)

Updated: Jan 25

Welcome To My Roaster Earn App Review

As the digital landscape continues to evolve opportunities for online income are more abundant than ever Recently I stumbled upon Roaster Earn a mobile app claiming to offer multiple avenues for earning money Intriguingly the app has vanished from the Google Play Store sparking some curiosity and skepticism In this comprehensive review Ill delve into my first hand experience with Roaster Earn examining its functionalities payout options and ultimately addressing its legitimacy.

What is Roaster Earn?

Roaster Earn is a mobile application that offers users various ways to earn money, from watching videos to completing surveys and micro-tasks. The app features a wide range of offer wall providers, making it a versatile platform for those looking to make some extra cash.

How Does Roaster Earn Work?

Once you launch the app you'll find a user friendly interface displaying your best offers promo offers and account balance at the top of the screen As you scroll down you'll see various offer wall providers a watch videos area and even a VIP game section where you can win credits.

Does Roaster Earn Pay?

Yes, Roaster Earn does pay, but the amount you can earn varies depending on the tasks you complete. The app has a minimum cash-out limit of 25 cents for PayPal, with various other cash-out options available.

Ways To Earn Money On Roaster Earn

Roaster Earn offers a plethora of ways to earn money:

Watching Videos:

You can earn credits by watching videos from various providers.

Completing Surveys:

The app offers a wide range of survey providers.


You can earn credits by visiting websites or joining social media platforms.


The app features scratch games, spinning prize wheels, and more.

Is Roaster Earn Free?

Yes Roaster Earn is free to use However its worth noting that the app is no longer available on the Google Play Store so proceed with caution.

My Personal Roaster Earn Experience

I downloaded Roaster Earn when it was still available on the Google Play Store. The app offers a wide variety of tasks, and I was able to earn $1.30 within 30 minutes, thanks to surveys. The app paid me within 24 hours, making it a legitimate platform in my experience.

Can You Earn Money On Roaster Earn?

Absolutely you can earn money on Roaster Earn However the amount you earn depends on the tasks you choose and the time you invest.

Is Roaster Earn Legit or a Scam?

Based on my experience Roaster Earn is a legitimate platform I was able to cash out 130 to my PayPal account within 24 hours However the apps disappearance from the Google Play Store raises some concerns.

Is Roaster Earn Safe?

While I had a positive experience with Roaster Earn its absence from the Google Play Store makes it hard to vouch for its safety Proceed with caution if you decide to download it from another source.

Is Roaster Earn Real or Fake?

Roaster Earn is real, at least based on my experience. I was able to earn and cash out money successfully.

Withdrawing and Cash Out Experience

The withdrawal process was smooth, with various cash-out options available. I chose PayPal and received my payment within 24 hours.

Roaster Earn's User Interface

The user interface of Roaster Earn is quite straightforward and easy to navigate. When you launch the app you're greeted with a clean layout that displays your best offers promo offers and account balance at the top This makes it easy for users to find what they're looking for without getting lost in a maze of options.

The Role of Advertisements in Roaster Earn

One thing to note about Roaster Earn is the frequent appearance of advertisements, especially when you're playing mini-games or completing tasks. While this is a common feature in free apps, it's something to be aware of as it can sometimes disrupt the user experience.

Currency Conversion Rates

Roaster Earn has its own currency system, where you earn credits for completing tasks. These credits can then be converted into real money. It's essential to understand the conversion rates, as they can vary between different tasks and offer walls. Always compare offer walls to get the best rates.

VIP Game Section

The VIP game section is a unique feature of Roaster Earn that sets it apart from other similar apps. Here you can play minigames to win credits While the earning potential may not be as high as other tasks its a fun way to earn some extra credits.

Gift Card Options

Apart from cashing out through PayPal, Roaster Earn also offers gift card options. In Australia you can get a Netflix card for 300000 credits or a Victoria Secret card for 500000 credits This provides users with more flexibility in how they use their earnings.

Offer Wall Providers

Roaster Earn features a wide range of offer wall providers, making it a versatile platform for earning money. From Offertoro to Ascend Media, the app provides various high-paying offers that you can take advantage of.

Time Investment

While Roaster Earn offers multiple ways to earn money its essential to consider the time investment For example if you're only getting 30 credits per video you watch you'll need to spend a considerable amount of time to accumulate enough credits for cashing out.

Referral Program

Roaster Earn also has a referral program, although the details are somewhat unclear. If you have a large social circle interested in such apps, this could be another way to boost your earnings.

Survey Providers

The app offers a variety of survey providers, each with its own set of rewards. CPX Research, for instance, offers surveys that can give you around a dollar's worth of currency. It's always good to compare the rates across different providers to maximize your earnings.

Payment Speed

One of the strong points of Roaster Earn is the speed of payment. I received my PayPal payment within 24 hours, which is faster than many other similar platforms. This is a significant advantage if you're looking for quick payouts.

The Mystery of its Google Play Store Absence

The fact that Roaster Earn is no longer available on the Google Play Store is puzzling. While my experience with the app was positive, its disappearance raises questions about its long-term reliability and safety.

Roaster Earn's Versatility

One of the most impressive aspects of Roaster Earn is its versatility. Whether you like watching videos completing surveys or even playing games there's something for everyone This makes it a suitable app for a wide range of users with different preferences.

Final Verdict

Roaster Earn offers a wide range of tasks and a user friendly interface making it a viable option for those looking to earn some extra cash However its absence from the Google Play Store raises questions about its legitimacy and safety If you decide to try it proceed with caution.




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