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Reward Plus App Review: Worth Using? (Inside Look)

Updated: Jan 25

Introduction to Reward Plus App Review

Today Im diving into something new called Reward Plus this app caught my attention because its all about playing games and earning real money the big question were exploring is whether Reward Plus is actually legit and worth our time Ive decided to take a closer look..!

Overview of the Reward Plus Interface

When I first launched Reward Plus the interface seemed pretty straight forward The design is user friendly and everything you need seems to be right at your fingertips Its a typical setup for an app that promises earnings through games and surveys. What caught my eye was the layout  its clean and easy to navigate which is always a good sign Its set up in a way that makes it simple to understand how to start earning coins and hopefully turn them into real cash.

Coin Balance and Minimum Cashout Details

After logging in I noticed my account balance at the top of the screen  Im starting off with 3200 coins Now the interesting part is the cashout structure. The minimum cashout is 20 cents which seems pretty low and accessible but when I tapped on the payout button I realized that the actual minimums for PayPal and Amazon are higher It seems like a small detail but its crucial for understanding how much you really need to earn before you can see any real money.

PayPal and Amazon Withdrawal Options

As I looked deeper into the payout section I saw various withdrawal options For PayPal the minimum cashout is $1.70 for 14000 coins This scales up to $25 for 170000 coins On the Amazon front the minimum is just 3000 coins for $0.30 cents of cash these options give a good range of choices depending on how much youve earned however its important to note that these thresholds are quite different from the initially mentioned 20 cents minimum cashout which adds a layer of complexity to the whole process.

Navigation Tabs Home History and Payout

Navigating through Reward Plus I found the bottom of the screen particularly useful It's where you find three key tabs Home History and Payout the Home tab is your main dashboard showing your current status and options to earn coins. The History tab is pretty handy it keeps track of all your activities and earnings  a good feature for keeping tabs on your progress The Payout tab as youd expect is where you can manage your withdrawals These tabs made the apps navigation pretty intuitive and userfriendly.

Discrepancies in Minimum Cashout Amounts

One thing that stood out to me in Reward Plus was a bit of inconsistency regarding cashout amounts. Initially the app mentioned a minimum cashout of 20 cents but when I explored further the actual minimums for PayPal and Amazon were different For PayPal its $1.70 and for Amazon its $0.30 cents this discrepancy is a bit confusing and something to be mindful of Its important to be clear on these details to set realistic expectations about earning and cashing out..

Earning Money through Surveys

Upon exploring the earning opportunities in Reward Plus I realized that the primary method available right now is through surveys. The app directs you to a survey provider and theres a variety of surveys you can participate in the highest paying survey I saw offered 7000 coins for about 10 minutes of time which is about halfway to the $1.70 PayPal minimum cashout Its important to note that completing surveys doesnt guarantee earnings as disqualifications are common.

Absence of Game Options in Reward Plus

Interestingly, despite Reward Plus being promoted as a platform to earn money by playing games I found no actual game options within the app. The primary focus seems to be on surveys This is a bit misleading based on the apps promotional material which emphasizes gaming If you are expecting to earn coins through gaming activities this might be a bit of a letdown As of now it looks like the gaming aspect might not be implemented yet or its just not available.

Survey Payout Rates and Personal Earnings

When it comes to the payout rates for surveys in Reward Plus Ive noticed they're quite low most surveys offer between 2000 to 3000 coins translating to roughly $0.10 to $0.20 cents in currency there are some that go higher like one I found offering 7000 coins for 10 minutes which is about 85 cents or so In my experience over the last month Ive accumulated 26000 coins Its been a slow grind and Ive been disqualified from a few surveys as well which can be a bit frustrating. But it's worth noting that these surveys are more about small earnings over time rather than quick cash.

Is Reward Plus Legit or a Scam

This is the big question isnt it? From my experience I can say Reward Plus does seem legit the reason I say this is because they did pay me I requested a PayPal withdrawal and it was processed instantly that's a significant point in their favor however whether Reward Plus is suitable for everyone is a different story Its not a quick way to earn money but it does pay out which is crucial.

My Reward Plus Payment Proof

As for the proof of payment from Reward Plus Ive got firsthand experience here I requested a $3.30 PayPal withdrawal after accumulating 26000 coins over a month to my pleasant surprise Reward Plus paid me instantly to my PayPal account This payment was a good confirmation of the apps legitimacy and gave me a sense of trust in the platform.

My Final Verdict on Reward Plus

After spending some time with Reward Plus my final verdict is that its an average to below average paying survey application theres a mismatch between the promotional material and the actual content  the app primarily offers surveys and lacks the promised gaming aspect If youre okay with doing surveys and understanding that earnings wont be substantial it could be an option for you. If youre looking for more substantial earning opportunities or were excited about the gaming aspect Reward Plus might not meet your expectations as always I recommend doing your research and seeing if it aligns with what youre looking.



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