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RevCash: My Review on Its Legitimacy and Payment Proof

Updated: Jan 25

Hey everyone Vince here Today I’m back with another review and this time I’m exploring RevCash an application that promises to reward you for completing surveys playing games and offers I’ll take you through the entire app show you how it works and share my personal experience with it Lets get started.

Introducing RevCash

RevCash is a mobile application that operates on a coinbased system linked to Coinbase currency The app offers various cash out methods including PayPal Bitcoin Litecoin Visa and even Netflix One hundred coins on RevCash equal one USD dollar but keep in mind that currency conversion rates may vary depending on your country.

Exploring Cashout Methods

Before diving into how to earn on RevCash its essential to understand the cash out methods available In Australia the minimum PayPal cash out is five USD dollars and the maximum is 200 USD dollars Other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Litecoin have different cash out requirements so its essential to check for your preferred method.

Earning Coins on RevCash

Now let’s focus on how to earn coins on RevCash The home screen presents various categories with the Top Offers section showing recommended options based on your location However my preferred method of earning coins on RevCash is by completing surveys which I’ll demonstrate for you.

Surveys BitLabs and CPX Research

RevCash offers several survey providers each with different coin reward amounts Two popular ones are BitLabs and CPX Research BitLabs surveys generally pay between 50 cents to a dollar while CPX Research offers higher paying surveys ranging from 50 cents to two dollars However CPX Research has higher disqualification rates.

Offer Walls Lootably and Offertoro

RevCash also features offer walls that allow you to install applications and complete various tasks to earn coins Lootably and Offertoro are two such providers but keep in mind that the payout rates may differ based on your location Make sure to investigate each offer wall to find the best deals for your time.

Daily Coins and Variable Coins

RevCash has a Daily Coins section where you can watch short videos to earn V Coins These V Coins can be exchanged for RevCash coins However the conversion rate is unfavourable so it might not be the most efficient way to earn Additionally the Variable Coin feature where you watch ads for coins isn’t very rewarding either.

Weekly Leaderboard System

RevCash offers a weekly leaderboard system based on your weekly coin generation The more coins you generate in a week the higher you’ll rank on the leaderboard and the more coins you can earn as a reward.

My Cash Out Experience

I decided to withdraw one dollar worth of Litecoin cryptocurrency from RevCash which took about an hour to earn through completing surveys While my earning rate was low I successfully received the payment in my Coinbase wallet within five minutes.

Pros and Cons of RevCash


Multiple cash out methods including cryptocurrencies

Offers surveys games and other tasks to earn coins

Legitimate payments via PayPal and cryptocurrency wallets


Variable coin conversion rates are not favourable

Survey disqualification rates can be high

Earning rates may vary significantly depending on your location

Conclusion Is RevCash Worth It

RevCash offers various opportunities to earn coins through surveys games and offers While its a legitimate moneymaking application its effectiveness depends on your location age and gender Survey disqualification rates and low earning rates may be discouraging for some users Consider trying it out if you’re looking for extra income but manage your expectations based on your country’s earning potential.

Join RevCash and Explore the Possibilities

If you’re interested in giving RevCash a try you can find the app on your app store Remember to check out different earning methods and offer walls to maximize your earnings.

Stay Updated and Informed

As with any moneymaking app its essential to stay updated with RevCashs latest features and changes Keep an eye on the apps community and social media channels to stay informed about the best earning opportunities.



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