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Is the Poll Cash App Survey Program Worth Your Time and Effort? My Experience

Updated: Jan 25

Introduction To Poll Cash Review

Hey there it's Vince and welcome to my review of Poll Cash. It's a survey application that promises to give you a decent amount of money. Today I'm going to give you an honest rundown of the app and my experience with it!

What is Poll Cash?

When you first launch Poll Cash you'll see your available surveys at the top of the screen. In my case I had Bitlabs, CPX Research, Tap Research and Poll Fish. However depending on your country the surveys may differ.

Profile Area and Credit System

Next you have your profile area where you can add your photo or officially log into the application to earn credits. You can also invite your friends to Poll Cash to earn 10% of their earnings but this option was locked on a silver level which i'll talk more on that later.

Cash Out Options

At the bottom of the screen you'll see the shop icon which takes you to the available gift card cash out area. In some countries PayPal may also be an option. Poll Cash has categorized its gift cards and you can find options for entertainment, retail, and wellness. For example I had Kohl's and Woolworths gift cards under retail, PlayStation and Xbox under entertainment, and Priceline Pharmacy under wellness. The cashout value varies depending on the country and the gift card selected.

Account Level and Survey Earnings

The XP system is where the level system comes into play. I'm currently at the bronze level which only allows me to earn loyalty points from polls, profile, and daily logins. As you level up you can earn more bonus cash and unlock more options such as the offer wall section.

Paid Surveys

Let's check out Tap Research for example. The average price range for each survey on Tap Research varies, and the earnings increase with the rank of your account. The highest survey I had available at the time of testing was a 10-minute one for 5,600 credits, while the lowest paying ones were around 2,000 or 3,000 credits. Bit Labs was a little more reasonable, with a three minute survey willing to pay me 10,500 credits.

Is Poll Cash Real Legit or a Fake Scam?

In my opinion not all surveys are worth your time, especially if they're low paying. However if you complete more surveys, you'll earn more experience, which increases your overall earnings in the future when you level up.

Poll Cash is a legitimate survey application that can help you earn some extra money. Just keep in mind that it's country dependent, and the earnings and gift cards vary. Also the amount of money you earn depends on the level of your account and the surveys you take.

Did I Get Poll Cash Payment Proof?

I did not have to get any Poll Cash payment proof for today's review because I am confident that the application is legit and will actually pay you for your time as it comes from a reputable company.



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