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PlayFi Review: A Legit Way to Get Bitcoin for Free? - Payment Proof

Updated: Sep 26

This PlayFi review for Android will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!


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Is PlayFi Payment Proof and Cash Out Evidence Possible?


Hey everyone it's Vince here welcome to my PlayFi review today we're going to find out if PlayFi legitimate money making application or not hope you enjoy we're on the road to 100K subscribers let's kick this off so this is PlayFi on the Google Play Store it's currently sitting on over a hundred thousand downloads the whole concept of PlayFi is that we can earn free cryptocurrency just by using their application on a daily basis so for today's video I'm going to be testing these features out to show you my results as soon as you turn on PlayFi you'll be greeted to this message tap to start earning once activated we will start earning for 24 hours everyone and this is what the main screen of play5 looks like very very straightforward setup here as you can see it's all laid out very nicely I'm going to go through all of these features on today's video for you we'll start at the top of the screen here as you can see there's a balance area simply tapping on this controller activates the earning mode but now we do have to watch an advertisement so the way that PlayFi works you watch advertisements and in return PlayFi will allow you to start.

Is PlayFi Legit Or a Fake Scam?

Right now you can see my balance is 13.3 of the PlayFi token we'll get into that token later on but for now let me just give back to the other earning methods you can see that there's a usdp balance here which is currently zero this is the usdp stable coin which is pretty much like a one-to-one conversion of a United States dollar we then have the start inviting button so this is what the referral page looks like on PlayFi to actually use PlayFi you will need a referral code so feel free to use mine that's on the screen right now when both you and your teammates are active you get a 25 earning rate increase and as an extra referral bonus you get to keep 10 of their winnings for free without impacting their earnings at all so this is my team at the moment it seems my team has generated about 2.4 of the PlayFi token and they are currently inactive but we can ping them to make them active at the bottom of the screen there's a prize multiplier this is where play5 wants you to invite as many people as possible here you can see players can earn up to 130 percent of an extra earning multiplier based on how many members are currently active on your team you need to have at least six active players though in your team to activate any multiplier bonus let me ping my teammate now and now it says I've just pinged all an active teammates so essentially once you use my referral code we all earn together now there is a draw tickets area here this is where you can spin a wheel and earn various prizes you can see we can either win some tickets or we have earning multipliers.

Let's spin that wheel now okay the wheel has been spun and now another advertisement has played in this circumstance I feel like advertisements are okay and we'll get to the reason why later it seems we've just won a single ticket so I'm going to tap use the ticket this is where PlayFi really shines because you can enter into a sweepstakes area with these tickets and as you can see here there are many many spots for tickets there's a prize pool of up to one thousand dollars every single day given away I'm fairly sure this prize pool is subject to change though but you'll notice that there are many opportunities for you guys to actually enter in this daily prize pool giveaway you just just have to keep spinning that wheel so let me enter in my ticket now this is where you enter in whatever number you think are going to be lucky and there we go my ticket is now officially entered now that that's done I can go back and draw some more tickets but let's get back to the other features you can see here that you can actually claim a power up these little bonus chests will come in handy big time I'm going to tap claim now.

The chest has been opened and now we can claim our 20 earning boost let's tap claim and now the advertisement has played from what I've read these chests are available every single hour so it's best to check back on play5 regularly throughout your day PlayFi states have given away over two hundred thousand dollars to over 140 000 players apparently my region has been picked to have a bigger prize pool so that's interesting now you'll notice at the bottom of the screen here something called offer walls this is the main part of today's video because I'll be personally using the awful Wars for today's video to show you guys the earning process Because the actual PlayFi token itself is not currently publicly listed so there's no real value for it at the moment at least from what I can tell whereas the usdp stablecoin that is something we can actually withdraw which means yes we can actually earn on PlayFi currently it's just not with the tokens themselves and I'm going to show you exactly how you can do that so this is the offer walls page okay and it's very straightforward you have the various different offer wall providers whether it be offer walls themselves or survey walls because yes PlayFi supports surveys now on the offer walls 1 000 coins equals one dollar worth of the usdp stable coin so pretty much one dollar worth of USD.

I have a total of five different awful walls here in Australia you'll also notice there's a five percent bonus for some of these offer Walls by looking at the surveys area you can see there's three survey providers available one offering a 15 bonus and another offering a 10 bonus so you're really want to look out for these bonuses to maximize your earning potential let's go through some of these awful walls now so you can see the potential earnings within them first let's look at frozen peas so Frozen Peaks seems like a standard offerable provider okay just remember one thousand of the coins equals one dollar worth of USD essentially so that's something you have to keep in mind here while you're scrolling through these offers simple as that I mean that's the best way I feel like you can convert the currency in your head because you might even find the same offer on another offer wall that pays you better which I know is pretty crazy once you think about it but that's just how it works next we have golden desert again golden desert just seems like a very basic straightforward offer wall provider I do appreciate when money making apps at least put the effort in to have various different offer wall providers because I feel like a lot of them really don't do this which kind of limits the earning potential on there but obviously just keep scrolling down and trying to find the one that you think will pay you the most for your time

Next we have Paradise Beach this is the offer tour at offer wall by the way in play for fire they just give these offer walls different aliases I guess they make them kind of unique in their own way but yes it is offertoro guys so you've probably all dealt with offertory before in the past here you can see the various prices that I can get for completing various offers on operator we have Village Farm Village Farm seems to have better offers for me at least here in Australia than offertoro does interesting enough that's why I say shopping around is so important everyone it's pretty crazy man how much these offerable providers will differ from each other when it comes to prices they're willing to give you last up we have hyper Island hyper Island seems pretty straightforward as well you simply just go down the list and pick whatever one you think is worth your time for the coin ratio so just remember you want to try and get the best return on investment when it comes to offer walls always now with the surveys let's check out jungle Arena so this is polefish ladies and gentlemen we've all dealt with pole fish in the past as you can see here their survey offers aren't really paying that much when it comes down to it we're looking at about 10 cents to 30cm per survey on pole fish so I would probably skip whole fish on PlayFi.

Next we have mystery Gorges now this is CPX research which usually gives the highest paying surveys from any survey provider so we can see here you're looking at about 63 cents on average for the surveys on CPX research the only problem is when it comes to surveys there's a very high percent chance you're going to get disqualified which is a big pain everyone but at least they have CPX research on here we then have dreamy peers and that's bitlabs guys so we're all familiar with bitlabs as well bitlabs actually does surprise me sometimes because they could have some surveys that have at least between a dollar to 50 cents worth of currency like you look at this one here one dollar for 13 minutes of our time but again no guaranteed we're not going to get disqualified Hi-Fi also has a system here where if they reach 1 million players the earnings going to go 50 slower you can see here this big graph showcasing how slow it's all going to get when it comes to earning their tokens so that's why it's best to jump on early before everyone else start now realistically unless you have a big team here on PlayFi you're not really going to be earning that much currency right now.

The main reason why I use it is for the usdp cash out that's why they really want you to enter into the giveaway draws there's nothing wrong with that because I know a lot of people out there do like these Sweepstake giveaway applications now tapping on the withdrawal button brings you to your earning history and the withdrawal page so right now it states I have zero dollars but that's because I completed an awful War last night and completed a survey for 63 cents now did I actually get paid my money from play5 well everyone I'm very happy to say I cashed out to my coinbase account where they gave me multiple options of different cryptocurrencies to cash out from and I was paid literally instantly my cryptocurrency so yes everyone in my opinion playify is 100 legit at the time of this recording something that you guys need to know though I think if you make over ten dollars or so of currency on this application at one or if you win one of the big prizes or to even claim some of your referral bonuses you'll need to submit your kyc which is know your customer AKA your identification for verification so some people may not like that but I would personally specifically use PlayFi for completing surveys and offers to earn quick cryptocurrency every single day hope I helped someone out there please be sure to check out my YouTube channel and website of course we are on the road to 100K subscribers cheers again everyone I'll see you all tomorrow for another review.

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