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News Pie App Review: Is it Legit? (Full Investigation & Rating)

Updated: Jan 25

Welcome To My News Pie App Review

Hey everyone its Vince here Welcome back to my blog Today I'm diving deep into a moneymaking application that's been making waves recently News Pie If you've ever wondered whether its legit or just another scam this review is for you.

What is News Pie

News Pie is an application where users can access news articles The unique selling point You get paid real life money to read these articles But how does this work Lets delve deeper.

How Does News Pie Work

The concept is simple As soon as you sign up your presented with an article page The longer you spend reading these articles the more pies you earn These pies are News Pies in app currency The more pies you accumulate the closer you get to cashing out real money.

Ways To Earn Money On News Pie

Beyond just reading articles News Pie offers multiple avenues to earn.

Daily Tasks

These seem random but completing them rewards you with pies.

Collection Section

Collect virtual items like lobsters or hams Accumulate enough and you can convert them into pies.

Lottery System

Enter daily and weekly lotteries for a chance to win cash.

Referral System Refer

friends and earn a percentage of their pie earnings.

Bounty and Survey System

Complete offers and surveys to earn a significant number of pies.

Is News Pie Free

Absolutely Signing up and using the app doesn't cost a dime.

My Personal News Pie Experience

Navigating through News Pie was a breeze Its user friendly interface made it easy to understand the various earning methods I was particularly impressed with the multitier offers something I hadn't seen in other apps However while the app boasts many ways to earn it took me a whopping 10 hours to reach the minimum cash out of just one dollar.

Withdrawing and Cash Out Experience

Once I reached the cash out threshold I requested my dollar To my surprise the money arrived in my PayPal account within hours But hers where things got interesting.

Is News Pie Legit or a Scam

The payment I received was from Clip Claps a company I've previously warned about due to payment issues This raised a red flag If Clip Claps manages News Pies payments can we trust News Pies long term reliability.

Is News Pie Safe

While I received my payment promptly the association with Clip Claps makes me hesitant Their history of not paying users correctly is concerning.

Is News Pie Real or Fake

The app is real and it does pay However the time investment to earn is significant I spent 10 hours to earn just one dollar.

Does News Pie Pay

Yes it does But the amount of time it takes to earn a significant amount might not be worth it for many.

Can You Earn Money On News Pie

Definitely But be prepared to invest a lot of time for a relatively small payout.

Additional Thoughts on News Pie

After spending considerable time on News Pie I've gathered some additional insights that might be helpful for potential users.

User Interface and Experience

The design of News Pie is straightforward and user friendly Even if your new to moneymaking apps you'll find your way around easily The app is well organized making it simple to switch between reading news articles completing tasks and checking your earnings.

Earning Potential vs Time Spent

One of the main drawbacks I found was the disparity between the time spent on the app and the potential earnings While there are multiple ways to earn pies the conversion rate to actual cash might not be appealing to everyone especially if you value your time For those looking for a quick buck this might not be the ideal platform.

Community Feedback

Its always a good idea to check out reviews and feedback from other users While my experience was mixed others might have had better luck or found more efficient ways to maximize their earnings However always be cautious and do your research especially when an app has ties to another with a questionable reputation.

Potential for Improvement

News Pie has the potential to be a leading moneymaking app if they address certain issues Increasing the pietas conversion rate or offering more lucrative tasks could make the app more appealing Additionally transparency regarding their association with other companies would build more trust with their user base.

Monetization Strategies of News Pie

Ad Revenue

Like many free apps News Pie likely generates a significant portion of its income from advertisements As users engage with articles and spend time on the platform there exposed to ads which in turn brings revenue to the app This model explains why the payout to users is relatively low the app needs to maintain profitability.

Data Collection and Surveys

The survey system in News Pie isn't just an earning method for users Companies pay platforms like News Pie for market research When users complete surveys they provide valuable data that these companies can use to refine their products or marketing strategies.

The Role of In App Currency

Using an in app currency like pies is a smart strategy for several reasons.

User Engagement

The gamification aspect where users earn and accumulate pies can be addictive It encourages users to spend more time on the app increasing ad exposure.

Flexibility in Payouts

By controlling the conversion rate between pies and real money News Pie can adjust its payout rates based on its revenue ensuring the platform remains sustainable.

The Clip Claps Connection

The association with Clip Claps a platform with a mixed reputation is a double edged sword On one hand it provides News Pie with a tridentate framework to operate On the other it brings along the baggage of Clip Claps past controversies For News Pie to truly thrive it might need to distance itself from such associations and build its own trustworthy brand.

Is News Pie Sustainable in the Long Run

For platforms like News Pie to be sustainable they need to strike a balance between user payouts and revenue generation If users feel there spending too much time for too little reward they'll leave Conversely if the app pays out too generously without generating enough revenue it could go under.

Final Recommendations for Potential Users

Set Realistic Expectations

Understand that while you can earn money on News Pie its unlikely to replace a fulltime Income.

Stay Informed

Keep an eye on user reviews and any news related to News Pie Platforms evolve and its good to be updated.


Don't put all your eggs in one basket If your exploring online moneymaking opportunities try multiple platforms to see which ones work best for you.


While News Pie offers a unique way to earn money the time commitment and its association with Clip Claps make me hesitant to recommend it wholeheartedly It might work better for users in other countries but for me the return on time invested was too low.



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