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Is Money App Cash Rewards a Legit Way to Earn $5 or a Waste of Time?

Updated: Jan 25


Money App Cash Rewards is an application that promises money through surveys, completing offers, and playing games. In this blog post review, Today I will share my honest opinion about Money App Cash Rewards and whether it's worth the time investment.

Understanding the Currency System:

So if you did not know the currency system works in credits, with 1,000 credits equal to one dollar. The minimum cash-out is five dollars worth of PayPal, but this may vary depending on the user's country. Also something to note is that that daily check-ins only reward users with 23 credits, which I believe is not worth the time investment.

Offers and Tasks:

The app has an Offers tab, which includes a check-in task area, where users can get 23 credits daily just for checking in. I dislike these types of little add-ons to applications because he believes they don't reward users what they deserve for watching an advertisement. For example I watched a video ad and only received two credits, which is far from the minimum cash-out amount.

Comparing Offer Walls:

If you are to compare the app's different offer walls, such as the Fantastic, Wow, Awesome, and Super Surveys walls you will understand why it's essential to compare the offer walls against each other to ensure users get their return on investment for the time they spend on the app. I also provides an example of a scratch magic offer, which is only offering up two dollars worth of currency for the exact same offer that another app paid him seven dollars for.

Earning Through Invites:

Users can invite people to Money App Cash Rewards and earn 100 credits per friend that joins and completes two offers from any offer wall.

Final Verdict: Is Money App Cash Rewards Legit and Worth Your Time?

In my opinion, Money App Cash Rewards is a disappointing money-making application, and users will be wasting too much time trying to achieve the minimum cash-out of five dollars. While I do believe that the app will pay users compared to other money-making applications out there, it's not worth the time investment due to the low-paying offers and surveys. Again something to always keep in mind is that depending on your country your experience is going to change heavily.



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